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There are verbs ending in -eh₂- too, though; this suffix formed the basis of the Latin second conjugation in -āre. But it's true that this is a noun and not a verb, so the definition should be that of a noun.

I'm not sure which page to place it at. Ringe reconstructs the word as *ákʷeh₂ but specifically mentions that it is of post-PIE date, and can't be reconstructed for PIE proper. I don't know why he says that, though. In any case there are many words for which some linguists reconstruct *a and others reconstruct *h₂e, so we should probably choose one or the other (I favour using *a). Or we could use a special notation to indicate that it could be either... I have seen some editors use a capital *A for that. This may be worth discussing in the BP though.

CodeCat21:57, 28 October 2012