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How can I retrieve my original, initial definition for "developer program" which was rejected? I need to retrieve that verbiage so I can begin working on a Wikipedia entry. Thank you.

01:24, 2 February 2012

Under the History tab of the entry, click the date for the version that you want. You probably want this one then.

01:34, 2 February 2012


We want to create a Wikipedia entry for "developer program."

Developer programs are a $billion+ industry. Google it.

Little public information is available because all programs compete for same developers and they don't share technology or best practices information.

Many developer program attempts fail as a result. It appears to be solely a technical problem; technology is the easy part. Most developer program people learn this the hard way, and we hope to use Wikipedia to help educate the industry.

We simply are looking for a venue for to educate people. The approach we hope to take requires input for everyone in the industry and we need your advice. We understand the Wikipedia processes. Instead, we are looking for some insights. Who can we talk with?

Thank you.

Mark Hayward, +1 (512) 218-1001 x607

21:18, 15 March 2012


I think you should ask for help at Wikipedia's Help desk. I am only a Wiktionary administrator and all I know is that Wikipedia is a more appropriate place for the stuff you want to do than Wiktionary.


03:35, 16 March 2012