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  • (UK): IPA(key): /ˈtɹɪstɹəm/
  • (US): enPR: trĭstrəm, trĭsträm, trĭstrăm

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name, variant of Tristan.
    • 1759 Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy, 1:XIX:
      But of all names in the universe he had the most unconquerable aversion for Tristram;--he had the lowest and most contemptible opinion of it of any thing in the world,--thinking it could possibly produce nothing in rerum natura, but what was extremely mean and pitiful: - - - --In a word, to behold such a one, in his old age, ill-fitted for troubles, ten times in a day suffering sorrow;--ten times in a day calling the child of his prayers Tristram!-- Melancholy dissyllable of sound! which, to his ears, was unison to Nincompoop, and every name vituperative under heaven.