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fr Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
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  • If it's useless, it means it shouldn't be here; if it's useful, it doesn't necessarily mean it should be here.
  • “prescriptivism vs. descriptivism” is a false dichotomy.
  • “deletionist vs. inclusionist” is a false dichotomy. I want everything that belongs in a dictionary, and I don't want anything that doesn't belong in a dictionary.
  • I'd say that that “that” that you wrote is superfluous.
  • You can have a look at my contributions here.
  • nonstandard: prescriptively correct, but rarely used and queer-sounding to almost everybody; proscribed: prescriptively incorrect, but commonly used
  • About unattested inflected forms: is it a bug (corpus deficiency) or a feature (unused form)?


Todo list[edit]

  1. create a Appendix:Tsakonian Swadesh list
  2. OR Appendix:Hellenic Swadesh list, and fuse Appendix:Mycenaean Greek Swadesh list, Appendix:Ancient Greek Swadesh list, Appendix:Greek Swadesh list
  • Add example sentences for all Ancient Greek entries

Keep an eye on[edit]


Ideas which I'm thoroughly incapable of implementing myself[edit]

  • enable some new "Preferences"
    • favorite order of grammatical cases in declension tables
    • favorite ordering of senses: chronological/etymological (obsolete senses first), or practical (most common senses first)
    • two versions of each entry: a linguistic one (etymology header first; uses of labels such as (ergative), etc.); a simpler one, oriented towards language learners. But they have to depend from each other; data for the simpler one automatically extracted from the linguistic?
  • allow simultaneous output of transcription and transliteration
  • be able to invoke individual Swadesh lists in comparative pages (Swadesh lists for families)