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Hi. My Wikipedia user page is located here.

Okay, I'm "officially" offically a Wiktionary editor now. My main interest here is dealing with CJKV entries, also known as Chinese characters or Han characters (Chinese hanzi, Japanese kanji, Korean hanja and now-archaic Vietnamese Hán tự). Lots of work just in that area! So I'm working on it... I'm quite good at dealing with CJKV character understanding and decomposition, although I'm not fluent or native in any of the East Asian languages that use these characters. Otherwise, I'll clean up any little messes or formatting issues I find in wiktionary entry pages. Cheers!

Number of entries Wiktionary currently has - 6,137,713

CJKV entries "audit" progress[edit]

  • General single-character article "audit": 8800/20941 (42.023% - U+7060)
  • Adding Vietnamese Hán tự references (for those not in Unihan db): 512/20941 (2.445% - U+4FFF)
  • Starting Cantonese romanization (jyutping) reading entries: through "gok3"
  • Converting to new unified "Chinese" format: 832/20941 (3.973% - U+5140)