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Celestian + power. Celestian, a deliberate misspelling of celestial (of the stars), and power (Physical force or strength).


  • IPA(key): [səlɛstiɑnˈpɑuʋər]
  • Template:X-SAMPA
  • (file)

Proper noun[edit]

Celestianpower (plural: "The wonderful thing about Celestianpowers is ... that I'm the only one)

  1. A semi-notable Wiktionarian from Stroud, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    Hello, Celestianpower! How art thou this fine even?
    ¡Hola, Celestianpower! ¿Qué tal ahora?


  • "Celestianpower: There's no en. bureaucrat here on IRC, is there?
    Pill, 23rd May, 2006.
  • "Celestianpower: I can do the consonants but not the vowels properly"
    Sam Pointon, 23rd May, 2006

Usage notes[edit]

Most often used in the singular.


  • CP (colloquial)