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My JavaScript does many automated edits for me, when I am editing. I've developed these over the last few years, whenever I've made similar edits a few times. I am gradually the features to WT:PREFS so that others can check boxes on that page, rather than trying to comprehend the JS.

Many of these are convenience items, where the list of possibilities is entered for me...especially in the inflection templates. For this reason, this JavaScript can never be used in a fully automated fashion. Whenever automated changes are made, the [Show changes] button is pressed and the differences must be reviewed before saving.

"Minor fmt" or "fmt" errors are corrections to various whitespace, on the same line as a heading, after the last equal sign. Whitespace after the heading is vandalism to exploit the known bug of messing up the section-edit count. (Subsequent edits done by clicking the right-most column [edit] tag will usually edit the wrong section, if the whitespace is left after the last equal sign.) If it looks like I'm only making trivial whitespace edits, rest assured, I'm not.

Languages are wikified/dewikified according to the arcane "top-40" languages list that someone maintains.

Many bogus headings are automatically renamed to the more standard headings. Most headings are corrected to "Sentence case" instead of "Title Case."