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164) of the/

84) in the/

57) to the/

48) to be/

45) and the/it is/

34) of knowledge/

33) which is/

28) that the/

27) the mind/

26) and not/

25) have been/

23) for the/

22) of a/the other/

21) That the/the same/

20) the nature/

19) is a/is not/

18) as the/of man/they have/to make/

17) and that/is the/

16) not to/that which/

15) by the/of their/there is/

14) as it/hath been/is no/nature of/of things/that they/the one/with the/

13) OF THE/may be/that it/the world/

12) Of the/according to/and so/in that/of God/of his/

11) by way/is but/mind of/of all/of those/such as/the first/upon the/way of/which they/

10) BEING THE/as in/if it/not in/of them/of wits/to a/

9) and in/and of/and to/as to/but a/have not/in their/is to/it be/out of/that if/that is/those that/to have/which I/will be/

8) and a/because it/been in/but in/in a/is in/it was/it were/manner of/not only/of man's/some of/than to/the like/the true/their own/which are/which have/which the/wits and/

7) And therefore/a man/as well/be a/but by/but the/found out/if any/if they/in his/is true/it may/knowledge is/make a/men have/not the/of that/of this/should be/the knowledge/the most/the state/to any/to give/to that/variety of/was not/when the/

6) And that/It is/OF KNOWLEDGE/TO THE/a thing/all the/and yet/as a/as is/at the/be that/but to/direction to/discovery of/he was/in some/it will/knowledge but/make it/man shall/must be/not so/of particulars/of such/or to/part of/particulars and/state of/that have/the direction/the effect/the end/the impediments/the latter/the work/there are/use and/what is/when he/when they/

5) I do/I have/Let the/That there/a body/able to/and more/and then/and therefore/any man/are the/as if/as that/but as/certainty and/direction is/for a/for as/from the/have a/he hath/his own/if the/impediments which/in this/inquisition of/is more/it hath/knowledge and/knowledge of/knowledge that/light and/light of/like a/many of/men to/most part/not be/not for/of God's/of light/of nature/of necessity/of one/of several/of some/of these/on the/one of/or the/power and/set down/so many/than the/that a/that in/that there/the course/the eye/the former/the parts/the senses/the two/themselves to/they are/they had/things and/towards the/use of/was the/whereby it/words and/would have/yet nevertheless/you are/

4) And the/And this/IN THE/Idols of/KNOWLEDGE BEING/THE IMPEDIMENTS/a further/a true/amplification of/appetite of/as may/as we/be found/be the/both of/by a/by that/course of/do not/good and/have used/he shall/idols of/in all/in itself/in regard/in such/into search/into the/invention of/is like/is of/it in/kinds of/knowledge in/knowledge which/man and/man in/man's life/matter of/mind and/natural philosophy/nature and/no less/no man/no true/not by/not that/of good/of interpretation/of it/of men/of mind/of natural/of pride/of sciences/of words/parts of/sign of/spirit of/succession of/such a/than that/that this/that whiteness/the Idols/the best/the creatures/the divine/the great/the invention/the king/the manner/the manuscript/the more/the rest/the second/the sign/the time/the use/the very/them in/them to/thereof as/things to/things which/this is/to discover/to his/to say/to seek/to some/to think/to this/true that/vain and/well as/whereof the/which hath/which he/which it/will of/with a/works and/yet are/you to/

3) 1603 and/A SMALL/AND IN/And if/But as/But if/But yet/CHAPTER THE/For as/God hath/God is/HATH BEEN/I call/I may/I mean/I should/I will/IF I/IMPEDIMENTS OF/IS TO/In the/LIKE UNTO/OF WITS/SMALL FRAGMENT/THE END/That they/a matter/about the/action and/adverse to/after the/air and/all his/all knowledge/all other/also to/and blackness/and further/and generation/and give/and is/and knowledge/and labours/and most/and observation/and other/and sciences/any effect/any knowledge/are to/as before/as have/attain to/axioms of/be more/beaten to/because the/becometh white/both in/but have/but not/but that/but with/call the/causes which/colours and/conclude that/condition of/direction be/do I/due to/easy to/effect is/else but/enter into/error and/errors and/errors of/experience and/experiences and/find out/for whiteness/forms of/from God/from particulars/give a/had the/hand and/have found/have sought/he that/humour of/if there/if we/in colour/in it/in matter/in music/inquiry of/instances of/is much/is nothing/is one/is said/is that/is when/it would/kind of/kingdom of/knowledge for/light to/made a/made of/maketh the/man as/man should/man to/men's wits/mind to/more worthy/motion of/much in/natural and/natural knowledge/natures which/no great/no knowledge/no not/no such/not a/not been/now to/of Aristotle/of an/of another/of any/of art/of new/of power/of sense/of time/of tradition/of use/of which/one science/one that/one which/opinion of/or any/or else/or no/or proportion/or shall/order or/other side/other two/our purpose/out and/out to/over the/pleasure and/point of/quality of/quantity of/reason of/search and/search of/seem to/shall be/shall not/sixth direction/so it/some one/sort of/strength of/subject to/such an/than air/than an/than in/that all/that are/that hath/that knowledge/that men/that use/the air/the amplification/the ancient/the axioms/the greatest/the infinite/the light/the line/the new/the original/the particulars/the point/the power/the rule/the sense/the several/the spirit/the third/the vanity/the variety/the white/the whole/the year/there be/there hath/therefore this/these four/they be/they were/they would/this work/those which/though not/to action/to an/to another/to call/to come/to induce/to our/to receive/to such/to teach/true but/truth and/truth of/up and/upon a/we see/we should/were in/were to/where the/whereby the/which if/which we/will give/will never/with them/with which/yet the/you may/you shall/your direction/