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Top ~400 Frequency of word-pairs in Bruce-Parrington Plans...(crude word parsing & pairing.) I hadn't noticed how often he ends a sentence with "said he." 16 times seems pretty high for such a short piece. Note that this was done case-sensitive ("H" is not "h") nor without punctuation. If the word pair is the same as a word pair at the end of a sentence, the two pairs will each count separately. (See #14 "It is" vs. "it is" coincidentally at the same count...half the time he starts a sentence with "It is". See also "It was" at 18 & 14.)

82) of the/

58) in the/

31) to the/

25) on the/that he/

23) upon the/

21) was a/

19) I have/

18) It was/from the/of a/

17) at the/

16) said he./

14) It is/he had/is a/it is/it was/the papers/with a/

13) in his/of his/to his/

12) He was/and the/there was/to be/

11) Cadogan West/Sir James/he was/that you/with the/

10) and I/has been/the fog/the roof/was the/we were/

9) and then/for the/into the/of it/that I/that it/the plans/would have/

8) He had/I am/I had/I think/Mr. Holmes/There was/and a/said he/that the/to a/which he/would be/you have/

7) He has/He is/There is/and that/could not/have been/in a/is the/must be/on Monday/one of/out of/the office/was no/we are/

6) And yet/Caulfield Gardens/Have you/He said/I will/We have/We will/a little/as I/as a/body was/but the/far as/from his/had been/he could/his head/in this/no doubt/the Underground/the first/the line/the most/the train/the whole/to London/to me/was found/with his/young Cadogan/young man/

5) ' said/But the/Cadogan West./I could/I did/I do/I saw/Let us/Mycroft Holmes/What is/a train/a very/all the/an hour/and he/and there/and yet/at last/be a/be the/but he/by the/can be/could only/did he/did not/do you/fog and/for a/from a/had a/have a/he has/if you/in an/it not/me that/met his/papers to/said Holmes/said that/so far/suppose that/the body/the last/the matter/the office./the other/the room./they are/to my/to you/took the/us to/was not/we can/we had/we have/were the/where the/which I/which we/you will/

4) Holmes had/I shall/I should/I was/In the/James Walter/Monday night/That was/The man/They are/This is/We had/You are/a man/a small/am not/and his/are the/as he/as it/as to/aware that/but I/by a/by his/could be/desired to/do not/had no/had to/have done/he is/he would/he. I/heard of/his own/if it/in its/into a/it I/it must/it. He/key of/man of/must have/of an/of any/of it./of my/of our/of this/over the/roof of/such a/that there/the Bruce-Partington/the Woolwich/the chief/the point/the station/the train./the window/the young/think that/this young/through the/to do/to me./to see/to sell/up the/was so/when he/who had/will be/will suppose/you were/

3) Adventure of/British government./Brother Mycroft/But it/Colonel Valentine/Colonel Walter/Daily Telegraph/Gloucester Road/He saw/He took/I can/I cannot/I knew/I understand/Lestrade and/Mr. Sidney/Oberstein had/Of course/On the/Sidney Johnson/That is/There are/There he/There were/Watson said/We are/We must/Well well/West was/Yes yes/You can/a few/a most/about to/all his/along the/an excellent/an exclamation/and so/and threw/and was/and we/are still/as the/as you/assure you/at Woolwich/at once/before the/came to/can see/clerk in/door of/doubt that/down to/end of/fog was/for me/had some/have come/have never/have to/he not/heard the/here and/him as/his body/his brother/his pocket./idea of/if I/if he/importance of/in London./in my/is certainly/is coming/is no/it open/it were/it would/it. It/it. The/left the/lines of/make it/man who/me to/more essential/motive for/my friend/my own/no ticket/not I/not a/nothing could/of all/of interest/of that/of young/one would/one. He/open and/open the/papers and/papers were/papers which/pocket of/point of/possible for/reached the/reason to/said I/saw the/seen and/shook his/sign of/so much/taken from/that a/that as/that was/that we/the British/the Daily/the building/the carriage/the carriages/the case/the death/the door/the door./the end/the hall/the man/the more/the pocket/the safe./the same/the table./the time/the tunnel/the very/the window./them all/there are/there is/think of/to have/to make/to take/to what/to work/under such/upon a/us with/was at/what we/when we/which it/which was/which would/who was/whole of/will do/with him./with some/would not/would take/you a/you had/your brother/