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1584) of the/

569) in the/

481) to the/

320) by the/

315) of a/

262) to be/

261) and the/

259) that the/

226) of his/

219) on the/

215) with the/

180) from the/

149) at the/

146) the same/

138) for the/in a/

120) it was/to have/

118) which the/

117) have been/

115) it is/

112) of their/

105) as the/

104) that he/

100) which he/

99) had been/

97) in his/

95) as a/

92) of this/

88) in which/

87) he had/

83) with a/

82) to a/

81) they were/

80) his own/of which/

78) of her/

77) the most/

75) one of/was the/

74) he was/those who/upon the/

73) and that/by a/that of/

70) the devil/

67) into the/

66) part of/

65) which they/

64) of an/to his/

63) It is/may be/such a/was a/which was/

62) of those/who had/

61) in their/of witchcraft/

58) out of/

57) she was/

55) did not/

54) under the/

53) of such/when the/

51) against the/

50) and in/that she/

49) their own/

48) him to/

47) as to/

46) has been/of these/that it/that they/the other/

45) account of/among the/and his/was not/

44) in this/supposed to/the whole/

43) for a/might be/or the/

42) and a/which it/

41) all the/species of/the more/to which/

40) as it/of that/the poor/they had/

39) the general/which had/

38) and other/could not/

37) I am/I have/as well/be the/she had/some of/the accused/who were/

36) It was/after the/as he/the first/them to/to her/

35) In the/a man/a very/as they/power of/seems to/

34) and to/course of/existence of/the old/the power/those of/who was/

33) and was/by which/of some/of them/so much/that in/the time/through the/to their/we have/would have/

32) but the/in that/is the/the country/

31) and of/in her/on a/whom the/

30) before the/the evidence/well as/with which/

29) But the/a certain/and as/at least/is a/man of/name of/of all/on his/purpose of/said the/than the/the purpose/there was/to him/to that/which is/which she/

28) according to/called the/during the/evidence of/should be/the case/the existence/the name/the subject/to take/with his/

27) began to/cause of/from a/in some/is not/same time/was in/we are/which we/

26) between the/case of/degree of/like a/number of/subject of/the apparition/

25) by his/could be/her own/means of/not be/not to/of what/that a/the truth/the witches/to believe/to make/to whom/we may/while the/

24) and I/and at/at length/from his/had the/sense of/the following/to them/

23) a person/and their/belief in/had not/in all/it may/of my/of whom/the Church/the house/the human/when he/where the/

22) He was/about the/death of/him in/him the/of one/of witches/on this/rather than/seemed to/than to/that this/the belief/the cause/the ghost/the law/the story/them and/to see/to this/would be/

21) and it/by their/he could/he would/of any/old woman/the author/the person/the present/the said/the witch/the year/them in/was to/were the/which were/whom he/

20) Thome Reid/a great/a witch/and who/appeared to/at a/came to/character of/concerning the/for his/had a/mode of/more than/must have/on such/so that/state of/the crime/the patient/the people/the supposed/the world/them as/they are/to those/was so/whom they/witchcraft and/

19) Church of/and by/and her/and then/and with/appearance of/as we/by some/consequence of/from their/him and/if the/in Scotland/in order/instead of/like the/must be/of it/said to/such as/the course/the fairies/the public/the very/time to/to death/to give/use of/was no/witches and/would not/

18) Margaret Barclay/On the/accused of/and even/as if/as she/be a/by an/end of/her to/is said/story of/the English/the appearance/the celebrated/the common/the great/the place/the usual/to show/upon a/was then/with some/

17) I will/In this/a more/and for/and he/and some/been the/by whom/can be/come to/from which/he said/in an/in such/instance of/knowledge of/might have/of England/on their/persons of/pretended to/should have/that as/that we/the death/the family/the last/upon her/was at/was supposed/were in/what is/which has/which in/who have/

16) Earl of/This was/and others/and when/and which/as an/be found/believe that/but a/but that/had no/he might/if he/in England/influence of/into a/it to/known to/life and/may have/minister of/of Rome/of Scotland/on which/place of/she said/that I/that his/that if/the Christian/the fairy/the like/the number/took place/was called/was that/when she/where he/who in/with her/

15) a crime/able to/as in/at once/charge of/endeavoured to/he saw/in its/in what/it would/nature of/obliged to/of sorcery/that when/that which/the Scottish/the charge/the children/the end/the heathen/the imagination/the king/there is/there were/to all/to an/to do/were not/with him/with such/

14) But in/But it/King of/We have/When the/a word/an account/and so/apparition of/as that/belief of/cases of/declared that/do not/does not/for her/he is/him that/himself to/idea of/likely to/of its/on account/on her/or in/power to/presence of/sort of/spirit of/system of/that there/that was/the church/the nature/the ship/the word/to go/to keep/to our/truth of/used to/were of/when it/when they/which are/which might/will be/

13) There is/a species/all that/an old/and are/and if/and its/as his/at that/be supposed/class of/connected with/could have/derived from/desire to/desired to/disposed to/evil spirits/for their/from that/him by/in one/in other/is in/it as/made a/many of/necessary to/of course/of death/of our/or other/order to/other hand/over the/period of/person of/poor woman/saw the/she would/so far/so many/spirits of/than that/that is/that some/the afflicted/the character/the contrary/the former/the judges/the laws/the means/the mind/the minister/the only/the spirit/the spirits/them with/time of/to say/was by/was one/well known/whom it/with an/with them/within the/

12) At length/I may/Robin Goodfellow/a good/against witchcraft/and those/and were/are not/ascribed to/at this/author of/by her/by those/crime of/enough to/even in/even the/fell under/for this/found in/had seen/have already/have the/having been/he should/her and/his life/history of/if they/imputed to/is to/it must/not the/object of/of Mr./of every/of having/persecution of/person who/possibility of/says the/seen the/such an/that such/that these/the company/the good/the influence/the one/the part/the period/the presence/the rest/the spectre/the spot/the trial/the two/the various/though the/to such/us to/voice of/was now/was of/went to/what was/when I/which I/willing to/with all/

11) She was/a deep/a little/above the/act of/and had/and is/and more/and most/any of/any other/as much/as one/as was/attempt to/but it/confession of/for some/he did/her husband/him as/if she/is still/it had/led to/men of/near the/no doubt/no more/no one/not only/of Satan/of life/of many/of persons/or a/possession of/power and/powers of/said that/seem to/side of/since the/the best/the body/the castle/the clergy/the fire/the highest/the idea/the late/the object/the possibility/the principal/the reader/the unfortunate/the vulgar/though he/till the/time he/to call/to come/to leave/up the/up to/was also/was made/we must/where she/which as/which could/which took/witch and/with those/

10) England and/I had/One of/There was/a few/a similar/acquainted with/also a/and from/and said/and such/and there/answered the/apt to/as I/as those/at first/but he/carried off/considered as/devil and/each other/engaged in/for that/from some/ghost of/have seen/himself was/in any/in consequence/in vain/intercourse with/is called/it has/it in/love of/man and/me and/met with/of God/of James/of certain/of evil/of superstition/one who/or two/place in/poor old/produced by/put to/respecting the/return to/spirits and/still more/subject to/sufficient to/suppose that/that one/that time/the Deity/the King/the Northern/the ancient/the apartment/the art/the door/the earth/the fatal/the ground/the head/the latter/the manner/the next/the persons/the popular/the room/the town/them the/they could/they have/they might/they would/this the/through a/time when/to die/to some/took the/us that/whether the/who has/witches were/with that/with their/with whom/without the/you have/

9) As the/I shall/Mr. Kirke/On this/Reginald Scot/a charge/a general/a large/a most/a poor/a time/a woman/a young/all his/and many/and may/and they/and this/any one/articles of/as of/as usual/at her/beginning of/but as/by Mr./cannot be/credit of/description of/died in/different from/for such/found to/from her/had in/had so/hands of/have a/he himself/head of/himself and/his companion/his head/in itself/in many/in particular/in these/inconsistent with/is also/is no/is now/is so/kind of/laws of/made the/made to/make a/manner in/members of/my own/names of/no longer/not as/of being/of good/of men/of two/opinion of/or to/ought to/permitted to/persons who/reader may/reality of/reason to/reign of/saw a/see the/sense and/she should/ship and/sight of/son of/such occasions/supposed that/than a/that their/the Earl/the Middle/the North/the Roman/the captain/the credit/the elves/the eye/the history/the life/the murder/the neighbourhood/the opinion/the original/the parties/the party/the practice/the queen/the real/the reality/the sea/the spiritual/the use/the vessel/the vision/the young/themselves in/themselves to/this kind/this manner/this subject/though they/time and/to and/to bring/to use/train of/two of/upon this/want of/was accounted/was an/was very/what they/

8) Court of/I was/In a/They were/Witch of/a character/a curious/a number/a short/a sort/a story/a white/accused were/all who/alluded to/also that/an ancient/and ceremonies/and no/and not/and she/and would/appeared in/appears to/at all/at any/at his/attempted to/attention to/be permitted/because the/been a/before he/being the/belief that/brought to/by such/children and/children of/compelled to/confession and/considered the/continued to/could only/credulity of/day of/desirous to/disposition to/execution of/extent of/family of/far from/for which/