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270) of the/

202) in the/

112) to the/

110) to be/

90) I am/

86) of a/

80) in a/

77) of his/

76) I have/

73) at the/

69) I was/

63) for the/that I/

61) with a/

58) of my/

56) all the/

55) the same/

53) and the/it is/

52) which I/

50) of her/

49) with the/

48) by the/

46) of this/out of/upon the/

45) of their/that he/

41) is a/

40) a man/was a/

39) my own/that the/

38) a very/from the/in his/

37) I had/he was/into the/of it/

36) a great/in their/

35) a little/on the/to make/

34) and I/such a/

33) and a/as I/he is/

32) one of/to me/

31) is the/of our/

30) did not/he had/of all/which he/

29) the world/

28) It is/it was/to a/to my/

27) have been/of them/to have/

26) I could/I shall/could not/of life/so much/the most/the whole/

25) and that/do not/in her/in this/part of/

24) From my/of that/own Apartment/said I/the other/to their/which was/you have/

23) had been/

22) I found/but I/those who/

21) account of/by a/into a/to give/

20) according to/as the/as to/he has/in my/is to/man of/told me/when I/who are/

19) I must/as he/him to/in all/of your/she had/the said/their own/they are/was not/who was/

18) and in/has been/his own/in which/not to/that is/the next/there is/who had/with great/

17) and was/at my/but the/came to/end of/have a/is not/may be/me and/me in/that she/that they/that you/the first/the room/way of/which is/which they/

16) I saw/and to/be a/for a/in that/life and/of one/says he/to see/would have/you are/

15) I would/In the/a certain/are to/as a/had a/if he/in an/it and/of these/one who/same time/shall be/should be/than the/that of/that we/the following/the great/was the/which are/who is/with him/

14) I do/I thought/Sir Harry/and therefore/any other/at this/me that/of being/sort of/such as/that it/there are/to him/to take/up the/we are/will not/with an/

13) I know/I went/all that/as you/does not/from his/he would/him a/me to/of an/of those/she was/that there/the company/upon his/very much/was in/when he/who has/whom I/will be/with all/with his/

12) I did/I should/I think/a good/an hour/and have/and what/as they/for which/gave me/if they/in our/is that/of men/state of/the family/the greatest/the rest/there was/to her/to his/use of/

11) I will/Mr. Bickerstaff/When I/a young/and you/at a/began to/but he/come to/in any/in your/made me/me with/much as/of it./of such/of what/the good/the second/the young/this morning/to all/to say/upon a/upon him/we were/which the/would not/

10) I ordered/There is/a long/a sudden/an old/as she/as well/each other/for I/have no/if I/if you/in it/instead of/is in/is now/is so/it as/it in/make it/me he/me the/might be/not a/on a/on his/so many/some time/soon as/that all/that are/that was/the best/the door/the last/the time/them and/they had/they were/to go/to this/upon my/was so/we have/well as/which reason/which we/who have/with me/

9) He is/He was/I can/I cannot/I find/The first/This is/a kind/a lady/about the/all his/among the/and is/and it/and then/and would/apt to/as much/at his/at their/be the/before I/being a/but that/by which/from a/give me/has made/in one/is an/it. I/make a/me for/must confess/my great/no more/not be/not know/old man/persons of/reason I/said he/she is/such an/that a/the country/the hand/the morning/the upper/them to/think of/this reason/though I/though he/time to/to it/to one/to show/to what/was very/went to/where I/which she/which were/with her/with so/would be/you must/you will/

8) I I/I take/Sheer Lane/a gentleman/a manner/a word/after the/air of/all my/and if/and with/any of/are not/as any/as soon/at present/be so/but a/by my/design to/ever since/for his/for some/for their/have made/he could/her eyes/her own/him in/him with/how to/is very/it by/like a/make him/me a/meet with/men of/my sister/of quality/of which/or two/pair of/rest of/right hand/sight of/since I/tell you/that if/that which/the children/the eyes/the lower/the more/the old/the only/the petticoat/the very/them in/they have/to look/to that/to you/up and/up in/upon her/upon me/upon which/upper end/was to/which has/with their/you do/you may/you see/you shall/you to/

7) Apartment October/As for/I heard/I knew/I may/I never/I observed/I remember/I told/I took/In short/It was/The next/Upon which/able to/above the/am to/an account/and my/and others/and so/and told/are a/are the/as if/as it/at last/at six/because I/before you/by their/deal of/for an/for if/for my/for that/for you/good fortune/got into/great deal/had not/had the/hand and/has a/he came/he did/he who/he will/heard a/her to/him his/his right/hours of/if it/is no/is nothing/it has/it to/know that/leave to/made a/man and/man to/manner of/me at/me into/me very/morning and/most of/my heart/myself in/of death/of him/of so/on this/order to/sat down/see a/see the/sense of/so very/song you/the little/the man/the middle/the persons/the place/the table/them with/those of/till he/till the/to find/to read/to sit/to speak/to tell/very good/very great/was an/was one/were to/what I/what he/what is/what they/when she/when they/when we/with that/with which/you that/young man/

6) At the/But I/For this/I sat/I see/I then/Upon the/You are/a few/a mind/an air/and by/and had/and his/and not/and took/any one/arrived at/at that/brought in/but as/but in/by that/by this/can be/care of/company in/enough to/eyes of/fit to/for her/for it/for this/forced to/from their/from whence/give you/go on/going to/habit of/had no/half a/have all/have given/have often/head of/her I/her countenance/him at/him that/honour and/in order/in such/insomuch that/is as/is my/is said/is well/it be/it for/kind of/life to/like the/man who/many of/me an/more than/no one/no other/not but/not the/now in/occasion to/of any/of great/of mankind/of me/of no/of reason/of time/of us/old friend/on in/one was/out the/pleased with/possession of/rather to/resolved to/room where/said she/said to/seemed to/she could/so far/so that/take upon/that had/that have/the day/the different/the evening/the father/the gentleman/the hours/the latter/the mind/the night/the pleasures/the sight/the sun/the third/the top/the world./there were/this evening/this matter/thought I/thought it/to acquaint/to an/to come/to do/to keep/to know/to us/told you/up to/upon it/us in/used to/we may/what was/what we/when the/when you/which had/while I/while the/who were/whom they/with much/with such/within the/without being/woman of/you and/you sing/young lady/your song/

5) Apartment November/As I/But as/For which/He answered/I believe/I desired/I felt/I made/I might/I perceived/I say/If you/In this/Lillie to/On the/The girl/There are/This was/We were/a common/a design/a passion/a smile/a state/a thousand/a woman/acquainted with/all its/all of/all this/am a/am afraid/am not/an age/an exact/and after/and an/and are/and as/and has/and having/and her/and make/and such/and upon/any in/appeared in/are all/are apt/are now/are such/as are/as little/as we/at present./be of/be very/beauty and/been so/been the/before the/but by/but to/but what/by her/by his/by no/capable of/case of/company with/conduct of/delight in/eldest son/employed in/fall into/fear of/filled with/for fear/for these/for what/found he/from her/from my/full of/gentleman who/give him/given to/guilty of/has had/have had/have not/have taken/have told/having been/he knew/he might/her for/her head/him as/him but/him for/him from/him the/his life/his petition/his whole/if she/in every/in some/into his/into my/is one/it I/it a/know how/knowledge of/lower end/made his/made of/man in/man was/me I/me by/me of/memory of/men in/middle of/mind to/more of/much more/must know/my face/my friend/my head/my life/my old/myself to/need not/no sooner/not have/not think/not without/o'clock in/observe that/observe the/observed that/of age/of each/of many/of mind/of mine/of nature/of people/of several/of them./of thought/on my/only to/opinion of/or a/or in/orders to/ought to/person who/pleased to/point of/power of/regard to/say to/says I/see me/service to/shall give/so I/so and/so little/sometimes in/that by/that day/that his/that in/that will/the arts/the benefit/the discourse/the fair/the head/the honour/the person/the present/the subject/these two/they did/they may/this kind/this time/thought of/to bed./to carry/to each/to enter/to hear/to me./to our/to some/to think/to those/to which/told her/top of/towards the/turn of/twenty years/under the/up with/upon such/us to/very few/very well/want of/was at/was going/was now/were the/which you/who I/who appeared/with it/with some/with this/world and/world is/would make/you would/your petitioner/

4) After this/Apartment December/Apartment June/Great Britain/I came/I entered/I gave/I only/Mr. Lillie/That is/The whole/This I/This gave/Upon this/We are/You may/a beautiful/a cane/a coach/a dead/a family/a fine/a month/a more/a natural/a person/a point/a resolution/a round/a second/a sister/a story/a thing/advantage of/after a/after which/