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Unwatched pages is not very successful in providing us with a clue to pages likely to be problematic. The 5000 pages listed don't get past the "A"s. One might expect hundreds of thousands of unwatched pages. And yet the pages are updated periodically (last August 10, 2010 - today/).

The code that allows a page to display additions to a category might allow contributors to monitor at least new pages more efficiently, selecting those in which they have special interest or knowledge and allowing us to find the balance of unwatched categories which might need dishwashing treatment. I use the additions-to-category code to monitor about ten popular categories. There is at present no way to track whether additions to a category are being monitored or whether a category has been reviewed. I could imagine that users interested in a category could

category page itself, so some other system to keep track of what any users or "responsible" users (registered? whitelisted? admins?) are monitoring would be helpful. DCDuring TALK 20:57, 10 August 2010 (UTC)