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information Ray Saintonge (Eclecticology) passed away on September 12, 2016.

Number 7

I live in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area, and enjoy learning about all sorts of new things. Words are only one of my many fascinations.

I believe that Wiktionary provides some amazing challenges for doing dictionaries differently, and I'm thrilled to have jumped in on the project´s first day.

Things that I've worked on

  1. How Chinese characters can best be represented in a Latin context;
  2. Tracking, integrating and adapting the Webster 1913 material to suit our purposes;
  3. Developing consistent formats for our articles;
  4. Putting the titles of various attempts at interlanguage indexing into a common format;
  5. Adding strange words and their etymologies as I find them.

Things that I avoid working on

  1. Pronunciations, except where it's necessary to distinguish two meanings of the same word...but I do prefer IPA over SAMPA.
  2. Translations; there are plenty of others who are happy to do that.

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