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Hello there! My name is ElMosquitoRápido! You may call me Mosquito or Mozzie for short!

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Rhymes:Dutch:-aːmər (en) - Livermorium (lb) - Flerovium (lb) -

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Francium (lb) - Radium (lb) - Radon (lb) - Actinium (lb) - Thorium (lb) - Protactinium (lb) - Uran (lb) - Neptunium (lb) - Plutonium (lb) - Americium (lb) - Curium (lb) - Berkelium (lb) - Californium (lb) - Einsteinium (lb) - Fermium (lb) - Mendelevium (lb) - Nobelium (lb) - Lawrencium (lb) - Rutherfordium (lb) - iao (na) - Gott (na) - nga (na) -

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nl:acceptéieren (lb) - nl:laachen (lb) -