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Notwithstanding their influence, we apprehend, however, that dictionary-makers are on the whole an oppressed race, doomed to more than their due share of obscure drudgery. [] They may have had their romance at home — may have been crossed in love, and thence driven to dictionarying; may have been involved in domestic tragedies — who can say?

About me

Hi. I've been on Wiktionary since mid-2008. My main interest is adding (legitimate) English words that we are missing. I seem to have done rather a lot of this.[1] In particular, I have added missing material from Webster's 1913 dictionary (which has about 80,000 entries); created thousands of entries from lists of scientific terms, such as minerals, soil types, organic compounds, and pharmaceutical drugs; originated Appendix:Unicode; and added various words that I encounter in books, newspapers, and everyday life.

  • Things I like: super-specialised senses of otherwise ordinary words (as in e.g. computing or birdwatching); proper tagging of slang and rare senses; and words beginning with x.
  • Things I hate: blind prescriptivism; made-up phobias; folk etymologies; people with the "agenda" (Islam, Anglo-Saxonism, gender studies, etc., to the exclusion of actual real-world usage); and especially spam and commercial bullshit.
  • Things I know about (to varying degrees): computer science, linguistics, alternative music of 1980s-1990s (Goth, synthpop, rave, techno, etc.), the demoscene, Victorian and Gothic literature, science fiction, film noir, suicide and methods, how to milk a reindeer.

I don't know why I bother but I sometimes waste my time fixing people's idiot grammar and moron commas over on Wikipedia. They need a slap. TRIGGER WARNING!


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