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低い (hikui): short stature

87: year that Star Trek: The Next Generation began syndication.


  • 2 years (4 semesters) of formal Japanese education, plus a great deal of self study.
  • Amateur editorial skills; have edited a book and archived a museum.
  • A good grasp of how language and language learning work.
  • A burning desire to know all things Japanese. I have been obsessed with Japan for years. I have been there once for two weeks (way too short). I plan to go there to live once I complete school in America.


  1. Editing all (common) kanji pages, including readings, part of speech if the kanji by itself is a word, and common compounds
  2. Creating/editing said compounds
  3. Creating/editing hiragana entries for all words and kanji readings (not particularly concerned with romaji pages)
    The ultimate goal is a working Japanese-English Wiktionary comparable to published dictionaries
  4. Giving Japanese translations to English words