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Hello and welcome to my English user page!

My native language is Hebrew. I wish to contribute principally to the Hebrew Wiktionary. I've created an account in the English Wiktionary mainly in order to experiment with technical features of Wiktionary, such as Templates and user subpages.

Can't i experiment in my Hebrew account? Unlike English, Hebrew is written from right to left and uses a non-Latin character set. There is increasing support for Hebrew in browsers and other text processing software products. Nevertheless many subtle flaws are still common, in particular when Hebrew text is mixed with text in a left-to-right language. So yes, i can and i do experiment in my Hebrew account. But it's sometimes more convenient to experiment in the English environment.

A case in point is subpages. The internet address (i.e. URL) of my Hebrew Wiktionary user page consists of an initial "Latin" prefix, namely, followed by my user name in Hebrew. It is not easy to get this address typed in the address input field of my browser. It is trickier still to append to this address the name of a subpage.

You are welcome to visit my Hebrew user page and, more generally, the Hebrew Wiktionary project. It's time to brush up your Hebrew...

You may also want to have a peek in my English Wiktionary Book, which is just an impressive name for a list of useful Wiktionary-related links.