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I have been contributing to Wiktionary for a while now, so I probably should create a user page with more than just the Babel listing. I am originally from the United States, but moved to New Zealand 15 years ago. I am retired, which is why I have so much time to waste on contribute to Wiktionary. I have always loved language and linguistics, from the time I first took a linguistics class in high school, but ended up getting my Bachelor's degree and Masters degree in Psychology and my PhD in mathematics.

As a Wiktionarian, I tend to be an inclusionist. If a word is in use, I think it has a place in Wiktionary, even if I (or someone else) don't like it (such as my pet peeve, the phrase I could care less). I enjoy hunting down difficult-to-find citations and the meanings of obscure words. What I do NOT like is getting into arguments over whether something is a use or a mention, and I sometimes find the rule about durably archived sources frustrating, because I think it should be about whether there is sufficient evidence of the use of a word, not about legalistic wrangling on where that evidence is found.

Currently, I am spending most of my time in Requests for definitions in English entries.