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'ammiyya {prop} (vernacular Arabic)  :: عامية {f} /ʿāmmiyya/ [East], دارجة {f} /dārija/ [West]
ʾiḍāfa {n} (the possessive or genitive construction in Arabic)  :: إِضَافَة {f}
ʾiʿrāb {n} (system of nominal and adjectival case endings of Classical or Qur'ānic Arabic)  :: إِعْرَاب {m}
.NET {prop} (.Net)  :: دوت نت {m} /dut nīt, dot net/
's {particle} (possessive marker)  :: genitive construction is used - the thing owned is followed by the owner in the genitive case - /إضافة iḍāfa/
'umra {n} (a lesser pilgrimage)  :: عمرة {f} /ʿúmra/