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Open issues[edit]

  1. Should topic flattening happening in non-English categories?
    • Currently implemented to flatten in the same cases as {{nav}}
  2. How should the zh/zh-cn/zh-tw situation be handled?
    • Introduce a parent lang lookup mechanism; seems like too much work for the few cases this happens in
    • Hard-code exceptions for known cases? Would be localized to Template:topic cat parents
  3. What should be done about the fact that lang=zh produces "Mandarin", but the lang=zh categories are really "Chinese" supercategories, not Mandarin?

Transition plan[edit]

  1. Redirect Template:nav to Template:topic cat
  2. Collect data about all existing parent/child topic relationships and populate subpages of Template:topic cat parents
  3. Replace uses of Template:catboiler
  4. Use a bot to go through all uses of Template:nav and remove redundant langname and parent parameters
    • Possibly change {{nav}} to {{topic cat}}
  5. Find uses of "description" parameter and create subpages or redirects under Template:topic cat description
  6. Find remaining awkward descriptions and add subpages or redirects under Template:topic cat description
  7. Find existing topic categories that are not using any of the topic category templates based on the full parent tree and a search of all the language-prefixed categories and add {{topic cat}}