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cardiac insufficiency cardiac ischemia cardiac loop cardiac malformations cardiac massage cardiac membrane cardiac monitor cardiac monitoring cardiac monitors cardiac murmurs cardiac muscle cardiac muscle automaticity cardiac muscle cells cardiac muscles cardiac myocyte cardiac myocytes cardiac nerve cardiac nerves cardiac notch cardiac nursing cardiac orifice cardiac origin cardiac output cardiac pacemaker cardiac pacemaker cells cardiac pacemakers cardiac pacemaking cardiac pacing cardiac patch cardiac pathology cardiac physicians cardiac plexus cardiac problems cardiac pump cardiac rehabilitation cardiac resuscitation cardiac resynchronization devices cardiac resynchronization therapy cardiac resynchronization therapy device cardiac rhythm cardiac rhythm disorders cardiac sarcoma cardiac septa cardiac septal closure cardiac shunt cardiac sonographers cardiac sounds cardiac sphincter cardiac stiffness cardiac stimulants cardiac stress cardiac stress test cardiac stress testing cardiac stress tests cardiac surgeon cardiac surgeon's cardiac surgeons cardiac surgery cardiac surgical services cardiac syncope cardiac toxicity cardiac transplant cardiac transplant surgery cardiac transplantation cardiac troponins cardiac tumours cardiac ultrasonography cardiac valve cardiac valves cardiac ward cardiacus inferior cardial arrhythmia cardiff giant cardigan sweater cardigan sweaters or world- cardinal directions or world- directions cardinal or world- directions cardinal addition cardinal and ordinal directions cardinal arithmetic cardinal assignment cardinal beetles cardinal bird cardinal bishop cardinal bishops cardinal clothing cardinal compass points cardinal d'Amboise cardinal dates cardinal deacon cardinal direction cardinal direction calculus cardinal direction color cardinal directions cardinal elector cardinal electors cardinal exponentiation cardinal family cardinal fish cardinal flower cardinal flowers cardinal function cardinal gems cardinal in petto cardinal invariants cardinal laws cardinal legate cardinal letters cardinal ligament cardinal ligaments cardinal marks cardinal nephew cardinal nipote cardinal number cardinal numbering cardinal numbers cardinal numerals cardinal point cardinal points cardinal presbyter cardinal priest cardinal priests cardinal principles cardinal protector cardinal red cardinal relative cardinal rule cardinal scale cardinal signs cardinal sinuses cardinal spline cardinal successor operation cardinal symptom cardinal symptoms cardinal tetra cardinal tetras cardinal utility cardinal veins cardinal vicar cardinal virtue cardinal virtues cardinal vowel cardinal vowels cardinal-nephews of anti-popes cardinalatial biretta cardinalatial church cardinalatial in commendam cardinality equals variety cardinality function cardinality of the continuum cardinality of the real numbers cardinality of the reals carding combs carding machine cardio kickboxing cardio toxicity cardio-facio-cutaneous syndrome cardio-metabolic care cardio-thoracic surgeon cardio-thoracic surgery cardio-vascular fitness cardio-vascular medicine cardio-vascular system cardio-vascular workout cardiod microphone cardioembolic stroke cardiogenic mesoderm cardiographs surgeon cardioid proofs cardiology diagnostic tests and procedures cardiophrenic angle cardiopulmonary bypass cardiopulmonary bypass cardiopulmonary collapse cardiopulmonary disease cardiopulmonary diseases cardiopulmonary function cardiopulmonary resuscitation cardiorespiratory systems cardiothoracic medicine cardiothoracic surgeon cardiothoracic surgery cardiotrophin 1 cardiotrophin-like cytokine cardiovascular and thoracic surgery cardiovascular biology cardiovascular center cardiovascular centre cardiovascular computed tomography cardiovascular death cardiovascular defect cardiovascular depression cardiovascular disease cardiovascular diseases cardiovascular disorders cardiovascular drugs cardiovascular events cardiovascular exercise cardiovascular health cardiovascular machines cardiovascular medicine cardiovascular physiology cardiovascular regulation cardiovascular research cardiovascular surgeon cardiovascular surgeons cardiovascular surgery cardiovascular system cardiovascular systems cardiovascular toxicity cardiovascular training cardiovertor defibrillator cardivascular or blood toxicant cardo maximum cardo maximus cards bridge cards speak cards speak cards were cut cardstock counters cardstock paper cardueline finches care bear care bears care center care facility care for the elderly care home care homes care in the community care leavers care of care of address care of animals care of children care of residents care of the brood care of the elderly care of the sick care packages care plan care planning care plans care services for the elderly care taker cabinet care taker government care value base care workers care-free reentry careening hulk career achievement career advisor career ambassador career and technical student organization career army officer career assessment career average career batting average career break career coaching career college career colleges career counseling career counselor career counselors career criminal career development career development centers career diplomat career fair career fairs career figures career guidance career identity career interest career interests career ladder career man career management career money list career officer career planning career portfolio career soldier career staff career structure career studies career technology career training career transitions career victories career wickets career woman career women career-ending match career-spanning compilation career-technical training careers advisor careers management training careful limiting procedure careful task analysis carefully staged careless driving carers of elderly people cares only about money caret navigation caret notation caret wing caretaker cabinet caretaker capacity caretaker coach caretaker coaches caretaker government caretaker governments caretaker head coach caretaker manager caretaker managers caretaker ministry caretaker mode caretaker period caretaker prime minister caretaker regime caretta caretta carfree area carfree movement carfree zone carfree zones cargo air service cargo aircraft cargo airline cargo airline's cargo airlines cargo barque cargo bay cargo bicycle cargo bikes cargo capacity cargo carrier cargo carrier addition cargo carriers cargo container cargo containers cargo cult cargo cult programming cargo cult science cargo cult software engineering cargo cults cargo deck cargo flight cargo flights cargo freighter cargo freighters cargo gliders cargo handling cargo helicopter cargo helicopters cargo hold cargo holds cargo jets cargo liftgate cargo liner cargo liners cargo loader cargo net cargo only airline cargo operations cargo pants cargo plane cargo planes cargo planethat cargo pockets cargo port cargo protein cargo shifting cargo ship cargo ships cargo shorts cargo steamer cargo system cargo terminal cargo terminals cargo terminus cargo theft cargo trailer cargo trailers cargo train cargo trains cargo transit containers cargo transport cargo truck cargo trucks cargo van cargo vans cargo vessel cargo vessels cargo-cult science cargo-cult technology caribbean green caribbean islands caribbean stud poker caribou parkas caricature carving caricature of himself caridoid escape reaction caridoid facies carillon bells caring for a child caring for farm animals caring for offspring caring for others carioca society carless days carley floats carlike handling carline thistle carline thistle root carlos mencia carlsbad twinning carmel apples carmen figuratum carmen saeculare carmina figurata carmine red carminic acid carnage on the road carnal desires carnal knowledge carnal law carnal sin carnal sociology carnal urges carnassial shear carnatic music carnatic musician carnatic singers carnation revolution carnauba palm carnauba wax carne asada carne asada fries carne de chango carne de porco à alentejana carne de sol carnelian granite carnitine 3-dehydrogenase carnitine acyltransferase carnitine decarboxylase carnitine deficiency carnitine dehydratase carnitine parmitoyltransferase carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase carnival attractions carnival barker carnival float carnival floats carnival game carnival games carnival geek carnival glass carnival glass lampshade carnival music carnival parade carnival ride carnival rides carnival season carnival-style games carnival-type games carnivals and festivals carnivore food carnivorous activity carnivorous beetle carnivorous dinosaurs carnivorous fungi carnivorous marsupial carnivorous plant carnivorous plants carnivorous sponge carnivorous trees carnosine synthase carnot cycle carnot efficiency carny spiel carob bean carob gum carob gums carob tree carob trees carol of the bells carol service carol singers carol singing carolina bays carolina elktoe carolingian court school carom angle carom billiard balls caron or háček carotene 7,8-desaturase carotenoid biosynthesis - general carotenoid pigments carotici externi caroticotympanic arteries caroticotympanic artery caroticotympanic branch caroticotympanic nerves caroticotympanicus inferior caroticus internus carotid arch carotid arteries carotid artery carotid baroreceptors carotid bifurcation carotid bodies carotid body carotid body cell carotid body chemoreceptors carotid canal carotid endarterectomies carotid endarterectomy carotid ganglion carotid glomus carotid groove carotid massage carotid of glossopharyngeal carotid or anterior wall of carotid pulse carotid puncture carotid reflex carotid sheath carotid sinus carotid sinus reflex carotid sinus reflex death carotid sinus stimulation carotid sinus syncope carotid sinuses carotid siphon carotid siphon and bifurcation carotid stenting carotid triangle carotid vessels carousel feeding carousel fraud carousel horse carousel organ carousel projectors carousel pump carousel slide projector carp bream carp family carp skip-up carpal artery carpal articular surface carpal bone carpal bones carpal joint carpal ligament carpal spasm carpal tunnel carpal tunnel syndrome carpal-tunnel syndrome carpathian brook lamprey carpe diem carpe frite carpe noctem carpel tunnel carpenter ant carpenter ants carpenter bee carpenter bees carpenter frog carpenter saw carpenter shop carpentry device carpentry square carpet anemones carpet bag carpet bagger carpet baggerism carpet bagging carpet bags carpet beater carpet bedding carpet beetle carpet beetles carpet binding carpet bomb carpet bombers carpet bombing carpet bombing raids carpet bombings carpet burns carpet cleaning carpet factory carpet fitter carpet flowers carpet freshener carpet lift carpet lifts carpet page carpet pages carpet python carpet pythons carpet railways carpet rule carpet shark carpet sharks carpet slippers carpet snake carpet snakes carpet sweeper carpet tacks carpet viper carpet vipers carpet weaving carpi dorsale carpi radialis carpi radialis muscle carpometacarpal articulations carpometacarpal joint carpometacarpal joints carpometacarpeœ dorsalia carpool lane carpool lanes carpronium chloride carr woodland carrageen moss carrara marble carrascos pines carrel desk carrer d'Aragó carrer d'Àlaba carreras de cintas carriage and wagon carriage bolt carriage driving carriage for sorting letters carriage hat carriage horses carriage house carriage houses carriage jacking carriage lamps carriage lift carriage maker carriage makers plane carriage of goods carriage of goods by sea carriage or coach carriage proteins carriage return carriage returns carriage service provider carriage trade carriage way carriage-control tape carriages for passengers carrick bend carrick mat carried her bat carried his bat carried his head carried his own head carried interests carried off into captivity carried on horseback carried out attacks carried to term carrier air wing carrier aircraft carrier arrested landings carrier bag carrier bags carrier battle group carrier battle groups carrier borne carrier class carrier concentrations carrier current carrier current system carrier cycles carrier envelope offset control carrier free carrier frequencies carrier generation carrier generation and recombination carrier grade carrier group carrier hotel carrier hotels carrier is suppressed carrier leakage carrier level carrier mobility carrier oil carrier oils carrier on-board delivery carrier onboard delivery carrier operations carrier pidgeons carrier pigeon carrier pigeons carrier power carrier protein carrier proteins carrier qualifications carrier qualify carrier recombination carrier recovery carrier recovery circuit carrier road carrier rocket carrier rockets carrier selection carrier selection code carrier sense carrier sense multiple access carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance carrier sense multiple access with collision detection carrier services carrier ship carrier signal carrier specialists carrier squelch carrier squelch or noise squelch carrier strike group carrier suppressed carrier suppression carrier synchronization carrier system carrier systems carrier task force carrier task force operations carrier task forces carrier task group carrier to noise ratio carrier tone carrier wave carrier waves carrier-envelope offset carrier-grade network carrier-neutral datacentre provider carrier-to-interference ratio carrier-to-noise ratio carrier-to-noise-and-interference ratio carriers carts carriers of electrical charge carriers of one copy carriers or teamsters carries more blood carrion beetle carrion beetles carrion crawler carrion crawlers carrion crow carrion flies carrion flower carrion flowers carrizo or giant reed carronade cannon carrot and stick carrot cake carrot cakes carrot coffee carrot color carrot curls carrot diagrams carrot family carrot juice carrot mottle virus carrot puddings carrots sotè carrovelism world cup carry a concealed firearm carry a concealed weapon carry away sloop carry bit carry bypass adder carry coals carry complete adder carry concealed weapons carry enough fuel carry flag carry guns carry his bat carry it openly carry look-ahead adder carry look-ahead adders carry lookahead carry lookahead adders carry me seed carry messages carry on fighting carry on luggage carry out carry out a census carry save adder carry select adder carry skip adder carry the bat carry the other's baby carry their child carry trade carry-on luggage carry-save adder carryback loan carrying a concealed weapon carrying angle carrying capacity carrying concealed weapon carrying concealed weapons carrying costs carrying freight carrying her own head carrying his bat carrying his severed head carrying of concealed weapons carrying returnees carrying the bat carrying value carrying water carrying weapons carryover basis carryover effects cars are not allowed cars to the periphery carse lands cart horses cart pulling cart ruts cart-wheel hat carta testamento cartage theft cartaliginous fish carte blanche carte blanches carte de identitate carte de visite carte géologique carte orange cartel chiefs cartera vencida cartes de visite cartes de visites cartesian coordinates rectangular coordinates cartesian rectangular coordinates cartesian closed cartesian closed categories cartesian closed category cartesian closure cartesian coordinate cartesian coordinate robot cartesian coordinate robots cartesian coordinate system cartesian coordinate systems cartesian coordinates cartesian diver cartesian equation cartesian geometry cartesian grid cartesian power cartesian product cartesian product of graphs cartesian product of sets cartesian products cartesian right-handed coordinate system cartesian skepticism cartesian squares cartesian tensor cartesian tree cartesian-closed categories cartesian-closed category cartilage associated protein cartilage cells cartilage development cartilage is afterward replaced by bone cartilage lacunae cartilage of cartilage of septum of cartilage of the auricula cartilage of the pinna cartilage of the septum cartilage oligomeric matrix protein cartilage piercings cartilages of cartilages of the trachea cartilaginis cricoideæ cartilaginis cricoideœ cartilaginous bar cartilaginous capsules of cartilaginous ear-capsules cartilaginous fish cartilaginous fishes cartilaginous frame-work of cartilaginous nasal capsule cartilaginous portion cartilaginous rings cartilaginous vertebral column cartilago septi nasi cartographic aggression cartographic data cartographic generalization cartographic measurement cartographic modeling cartographic projection cartographic school cartographic technique cartoon artist cartoon bomb cartoon character cartoon characters cartoon characters and dolls of the same name cartoon cheese cartoon continuity cartoon controversy cartoon crisis cartoon division cartoon drawings cartoon film cartoon films cartoon frolics cartoon monkey cartoon museum cartoon music cartoon network cartoon of the same name cartoon panel cartoon physics cartoon riots cartoon scandal cartoon series cartoon series of the same name cartoon spin-off cartoon strip cartoon strips cartoon studio cartoon television program cartoon television series cartoon television series of the same name cartoon villain cartoon violence cartoon writer cartoon-like humans cartoonishly distorted cartridge box cartridge case cartridge cases cartridge casing cartridge clips cartridge combinations cartridge disk drives cartridge lifter cartridge media cartridge port cartridge system cartridge tape cartridge-based equivalent cartridge-based video games caruncula lacrimalis carunculae hymenales carunculae myrtiformes carunculæ hymenales carvacrol me ether carve turn carve turns carve wood carved altarpiece carved ceilings carved corbel carved depictions carved form wood carved heads carved nephrite carved royal tombs carved scroll carved stone carved stone balls carved stones carved texts and figures carved trees carved up carved with a likeness carved wooden carveol dehydrogenase carvers screw carving in wood carving knife carving knives carving turn carvomenthyl acetate carvone oxide carvonic acid carvyl acetate caryophyllene oxide cas de conscience cas number casa de carreteros casa dos estudantes casa particular casaba melon casas particulares casbene synthase cascade algorithm cascade amplifier cascade amplifiers cascade correlation algorithm cascade effects cascade failure cascade merge sort cascade of rejecters cascade particles cascade pathways cascade reaction cascade reactions cascade system cascading effect cascading failure cascading failures cascading fountain cascading gauge theory cascading interactions cascading release cascading rollback cascading rollbacks cascading style sheet cascading style sheets cascading systems failure cascading waters cascara sagrada cascoded current sources case against it case alignment case analysis case arguments case at law case badge case based reasoning case capacities case citation case citations case coloring case control studies case controls case declension case definition case ending case endings case examples case fans case fatality case fatality rate case folding case furniture case government case grammar case harden case hardened case hardening case hardening compound case histories case insensitive case law case law reporter case law reporters case laws case management case manager case managers case marked case markers case marking case method case mod case modders case modding case modification case modifications case mods case number case of anthrax case of first impression case of letters case officer case officers case or controversy case presentation case preserving case record case report case report form case reporter case reports case round case sensitive case sensitivity case series case shot case stacking case stated case studies case study case study houses case suffix case summaries case supervised case system case teaching case theory case would be closed case-based pedagogy case-based reasoning case-bearer moth case-by-case analysis case-cohort study case-control studies case-control study case-controlled study case-fatality rate case-fatality ratio case-law reports casebook method cased hole completions casein kinase 1 casein kinase 1, epsilon casein kinase 2 casein kinase 2, alpha 1 polypeptide casein kinase 2, beta polypeptide casein paint casein-free diets caseless ammunition caseless round casemate battleships casemate ironclad casement windows caseous necrosis cases and controversies cases annually cases of sexual abuse casewise deletion cash access cash account cash accounts cash advances cash and cash equivalents cash back cash balance cash balance plan cash balances cash basis cash basis accounting cash benefits cash card cash carriers cash coin cash concentration cash conversion cycle cash cow cash cows cash crop cash cropping cash crops cash discounts cash dispenser cash dispensers cash dispensing machine cash drawer cash economy cash equivalence cash equivalents cash flow cash flow diagram cash flow from operations cash flow loan cash flow matching cash flow statement cash flow waterfalls cash flows cash for asking questions cash for comment cash for comment affair cash for crisps cash for honours cash for peerages cash for questions cash game cash games cash in circulation cash in hand cash in transit cash inflows cash injection cash machine cash machines cash management cash method cash method taxpayer cash nexus cash on delivery cash operational cost cash option cash out cash payoffs cash point cash prize cash register cash registers cash reserve ratio cash reserves cash solvent cash straps cash stream cash surrender value cash till cash transfers cash value cash values cash-based economy cash-crop production cash-flow hedging cash-for-questions affair cash-out refinance cashback website cashes in cashew chicken cashew nut cashew nuts cashier booth cashier service cashiers checks cashmere goat cashmere goats cashmere wool cashmere woolen casing column casing hanger casing hangers casing shoe casing string casing strings casino and bingo hall casino and bingo parlor casino barge casino boats casino business partner casino cage casino chip casino chips casino complex casino designers casino gambling casino game casino games casino gaming casino host casino junket casino licenses casino markers casino pit casino runner casino ship casino style casino token casino tokens casino vessels casinos online casio guitar casio keyboard casio nihilist casio watch cask ale cask ales cask beers cask conditioned cask he found in a walled-up room in the basement of a villa cask strength cask wine cask-conditioned ales casket girls casket match casket of relics caspase 1 caspase 10 caspase 11 caspase 3 caspase 4 caspase 5 caspase 8 caspase 9 caspase recruitment domain caspases 7 casper disaster caspian sea caspofungin acetate casquette d'Afrique cass-soy pellet cassata siciliana cassation court cassava bread cassava cake cassava flour cracker cassava green mite cassava hay cassava hay-urea pellet cassava root cassava tree cassegrain reflector cassegrain telescope cassete tape bicycle part cassette adapter cassette album cassette albums cassette compilation cassette culture cassette deck cassette decks cassette demagnetizer cassette drive cassette interface cassette label cassette magazine cassette maxi single cassette maxi-single cassette mutagenesis cassette only cassette player cassette players cassette port cassette recorder cassette recorders cassette revolution cassette scandal cassette single cassette singles cassette tape cassette tape storage cassette tapes cassette underground cassette version cassette zine cassettes tapes cassia bark cassia gum cassia leaf cassia lignea cassia oil card game cassus belli cast a tie-breaking vote cast acrylic cast album cast albums cast alloy cast and characters cast auditions cast basalt cast bell cast box smoothing-iron cast coinage cast drawing cast earth cast in-situ concrete cast iron cast iron became widespread cast iron cookware cast iron gates cast iron pipes cast iron skillets cast iron tools cast iron-fronted buildings cast irongas cast irons cast list cast lots cast member cast members cast metal cast net cast nets cast of characters cast off cast on cast out cast out cast out worms cure worms cast out cure worms cast out demons cast out devils cast out many demons cast part cast recording cast recordings cast reliefs cast shadows cast steel cast stone cast summoning magic cast thick iron cast welding cast-iron architecture cast-iron buildings cast-iron commercial buildings cast-iron constructions cast-iron stove cast-iron stoves cast-steel plow casta genre caste affiliation caste discrimination caste politics caste pollution caste practices caste society caste structure caste system caste systems castellated architecture castellated nut castellated nuts castellum aquae caster angle caster board