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coin alignment coin bank coin battery coin blanks coin box coin cell coin changer coin clock coin collecting coin collection coin collections coin collector coin collectors coin cover coin dealer coin dealers coin design coin die coin dies coin flip coin flipping coin flips coin grading coin hoard coin hub coin magic coin manipulation coin mechanism coin mint coin mints coin money coin must be flipped coin operated coin operated rides coin orientation coin phrase coin press coin purse coin rolls coin silver coin slabbing coin slot coin system coin telephones coin test coin the term coin toss coin tosser coin tosses coin trick coin walk coin-op games coin-op video arcade coin-operated arcade game coin-operated recording booth coin-operated video games coinage alignment coinage metal coinage metals coinage town coincidence circle-readings coincidence circuit coincidence counting coincidence detection coincidence detectors coincidence of wants coincidence points coincidence theory coincident presidential election coincidentia oppositorum coinductive data type coined term coined the term coining die coining is frequently profitable coining mint coining of the term "genocide" coining the phrase coining the term coir fibre coir spinning coital alignment technique coital aninsertia coital exanthema coital exanthema virus coital fantasy coitus interfemoris coitus interruptus coitus interuptus coitus more ferarum coitus plug coitus reservatus coitus à cheval coitus à mammilla coitus à unda coke batteries coke bottle coke bottle styling coke gas coke oven coke oven gas coke ovens coke problem coke production coke studios coke whore coke yards coker units coking coal coking coal concentrate coking iron coking supplies col d'Allos col legno cola nut kola nut cola kola nut cola bottles cola de mono cola drink cola drinks cola gigantean cola nut cola nuts cola wars cola-and-Mentos reaction colax map of monads colchón de arvejas cold agglutinin cold agglutinins cold air damming cold air intake cold air intakes cold air mass cold air masses cold air vortex cold and hot working cold and warm phases cold atoms cold bath cold beer cold beer stores cold beet soup cold bending cold blast cold blood cold blooded cold boot cold call cold calling cold calls cold camera cold case cold cases cold cathode cold cathode display tubes cold cathode fluorescent cold cathode fluorescent lamps cold cathode ion gauge cold cathodes cold cereal cold chain cold chains cold chills cold chisels cold colors cold compression therapy cold continental air cold cracking cold cream cold cut cold cuts cold dark matter cold deck cold decking cold dew cold dish cold drawing cold drawn cold emission cold engine cold feet cold filtered cold finger cold flame cold flex temperature cold foam cold forming cold frame cold frames cold front cold front storm cold frontal rains cold fronts cold fusion cold game cold gas thruster cold gas thrusters cold hammer forged cold hardiest palms cold hardiness cold hardy cold iron cold knife cone biopsy cold knife conization cold launch cold launched cold light cold luncheon meats cold maceration cold mechanical working cold medicine cold mirrors cold moulded cold neutron cold nodule cold offset press cold ones cold open cold opened cold opening cold openings cold packs cold panned process cold pasteurization cold plane cold plasma cold potato cold press offset cold pressed cold process cold reader cold reading cold receptors cold remedy cold rolled cold rolling cold room cold rooms cold sea cold seep cold seeps cold shock cold shoe cold shutter cold sleep cold smithing cold smoked cold snap cold sores cold spot cold spots cold springs cold stabilization cold standby cold steel cold storage cold store cold stores cold stress cold surges cold sweaty cold temperate cold trap cold traps cold treatment cold turkey cold type cold war cold warrior cold warriors cold water cold water extraction cold water fisheries cold water flat cold water treatment cold waters cold wave cold waves cold weapon cold weapons cold weather cold weather boot cold weather boots cold weather gear cold weather rule cold weather warfare cold weld cold welding cold work cold worked cold working cold-blast furnace cold-cathode fluorescent bulb cold-core low cold-core system cold-hardy palms cold-rolling technology cold-water flat cold-water-only apartment cold-weather gear coldest temperature achieved on earth coldest weather in decades coldwater aquarium coldwater elimia coldwater fish cole crops cole slaw colectivo 60 colegia imperial colfosceril palmitate colic branch colic branch of ileocolic artery colic impression colic surface colic valve colica dextra colicky pain coliform bacteria coliform index colinear map colipase-dependent lipase coliphage λ colistimethate sodium collaborated environment collaboration album collaboration client collaboration network collaboration platform collaboration service collaboration software collaboration solution collaboration solutions collaboration tools collaboration with the enemy collaborationist administration collaborationist government collaborative album collaborative art collaborative authorship collaborative blog collaborative blogs collaborative commerce collaborative communications collaborative computing collaborative creation collaborative design collaborative development model collaborative divorce collaborative editing collaborative editor collaborative effort collaborative efforts collaborative family law collaborative fiction collaborative filter collaborative filtering collaborative filtering systems collaborative governance collaborative groups collaborative law collaborative learning collaborative learning work collaborative learning-work collaborative mapping collaborative method collaborative music project collaborative planning collaborative planning software collaborative problem-solving collaborative projects collaborative real-time editor collaborative reanalysis collaborative roleplaying collaborative software collaborative software development management system collaborative software development model collaborative systems research collaborative tools collaborative virtual environment collaborative visualization collaborative work collaborative working collaborative workspace collaborative writers collaborative writing collaborative writings collaboratively written collaborator forces collaboratori di giustizia collage artist collage assemblies collage film collage novel collage novels collage theorem collagen disease collagen diseases collagen fibers collagen fibrils collagen helix collagen implants collagen injections collagen vascular disease collagen vascular diseases collagenous colitis collagenous fibers collagenous network collagenous tissues collapse action collapse crater collapse intepretations collapse of a star collapse of civilization collapse of communism collapse of the cod stocks collapse of the home console industry collapse of the industry collapse of the sugar economy collapse of the video game industry collapse of the wavefunction collapse of their national retail chains collapse theories quantum mechanics collapse time collapsed catastrophically collapsed due to infighting collapsed stars collapsed trachea collapsed veins collapsible batons collapsible steering column collapsing pulse collapsing star collapsing trachea collar bone collar bones collar cells collar chokes collar counties collar days collar holding five loaded mini shotgun shell mounts collar nails collar number collar numbers collar rot collar stays collar stiffener collar stiffeners collar surrounded by explosive shells collar tie collar turned up collard greens collared carpetshark collared dogfish collared dove collared lemming collared lemmings collared lemur collared lizard collared lizard family collared peccaries collared peccary collared shirts collared sparrowhawks collaring of an open manifold collateral adjective collateral ancestor collateral arteries collateral attack collateral because collateral branch collateral branch of the imperial family collateral circulation collateral consequences collateral consequences of criminal charges collateral contract collateral contracts collateral damage collateral descendant collateral digital arteries collateral effect collateral eminence collateral estoppel collateral fibres collateral fissure collateral ganglia collateral harm collateral imperial line collateral intercostal branch collateral lateral ligament collateral ligament of knee-joint collateral ligaments collateral line collateral lineage collateral pathway collateral signals collateral source doctrine collateral source rule collateral succession collateral sulcus collateral taker collateral trigone collateral veins collateral vessels collateral warranties collateral-trust certificate collaterale fibulare collateralis ulnaris inferior collateralised debt obligations collateralized debt obligation collateralized debt obligations collateralized loans collateralized mortgage obligation collateralized mortgage obligations collating order collating sequence collect call collect calls collect points collect stamps collect taxes collectable card game collectable card games collectable coins collectable miniatures game collected and burned his writings collected by collected edition collected editions collected electronically collected folk tales collected letters collected more money collected volume collected volumes collectible action figure game collectible and trading collectible art collectible card collectible card game collectible card games collectible cards collectible coins collectible dice game collectible figure collectible item collectible miniature game collectible miniature games collectible miniature wargames collectible miniatures game collectible miniatures games collectible playing marble collectible shells collectible stamp collectible trading card collectible trading card game collectible trading card games collectible village collectif Égalité collectin liver 1 collectin of 43 kDa collectin of 46 kDa collectin placenta 1 collecting a toll collecting area collecting cards collecting duct collecting duct system collecting ducts collecting fossils collecting interest on loans collecting mushrooms collecting of back issues collecting rare and antique books collecting signatures collecting societies collecting society collecting stamps collecting system collecting tubes collecting tubule collection accounts collection agencies collection agency collection and preparation collection attorneys collection catalog collection catalogs collection centers collection class collection classes collection database collection development collection of art collection of artistic ruins collection of ballads collection of debts collection of essays collection of external intelligence collection of hadith collection of his short stories collection of marbles collection of photos collection of poetry collection of problems collection of rules collection of science fiction collection of sermons collection of short stories collection of sources collection of symptoms and infections collection of taxes collection of the same name collection of the tribal laws collection of verse collection of wives collection plate collection proceedings collection units collection vehicles collections agency collections catalogs collections of hadith collections policy collections repository collectionwise normal collectionwise normal spaces peoples' collective rights peoples' rights collective peoples' rights collective action collective action theory collective actions collective agreement collective agreements collective agriculture collective amnesia collective awards collective bargain collective bargaining collective bargaining agreement collective bargaining agreements collective bargaining negotiations collective bargaining unit collective behavior collective behaviour collective being collective belief collective community collective consciousness collective creation collective creature collective culture collective decision-making collective decisions collective defence collective defense collective delusion collective diffusion collective disagreement collective disloyalty collective dismissals collective distributed decision making collective effervescence collective electron theory collective excitation collective excitations collective experience collective farm collective farming collective farms collective farmyards collective good collective grammatical number collective guilt collective hallucination collective housing collective hysteria collective identity collective improvisation collective intelligence collective intelligences collective invention collective investment collective investment funds collective investment scheme collective investment schemes collective investment vehicles collective investments collective joy collective landscape collective leadership collective learning collective living collective marks collective melodic playing collective membership mark collective membership marks collective memories collective memory collective memory and reconciliation collective mind collective model collective modes collective motion in nuclei collective municipality collective name collective network collective noun collective nouns collective novel collective number collective number of ants collective ownership collective persecution collective phenomena collective pitch collective predicate collective presidency collective pseudonym collective pseudonyms collective psyche collective punishment collective punishments collective reality collective recursion collective representation collective representations collective responsibility collective rights collective robotics collective security collective sin and guilt collective society collective subconscious collective switching costs collective taxi collective taxies collective taxis collective text collective theatre company collective trade mark collective trade marks collective trademarks collective unconscious collective unconsciousness collective violence collective works collective-bargaining agreements collectively accused collectively bargain collectively bargained collectively brainstorm collectively exhaustive collectively farmed collectively intelligent collectively organised collectively own collectively owned collectively owned and operated collectively punished collectively responsible collectivisation of agriculture collectivised agriculture collectivised farms collectivist anarchism collectivist anarchist collectivist anarchists collectivist oligarchy collectivist perspectivalism collectivist planning collectivité d'outre-mer collectivité départementale collectivité sui generis collectivité territoriale collectivités d'outre-mer collectivités territoriales collectivization of agriculture collectivization of farms collectivization program collectivize agriculture collectivized agriculture collectivized farming system collector and express lanes collector and watcher of birds collector coins collector distributor lanes collector distributor roadways collector items collector lanes collector of customs collector of folklore collector of internal revenue collector road collector roads collector-base junction collector-distributor lanes collector-distributor ramp system collector-distributor road collector-distributor roads collector-to-express transfer collectors item collectors items collectors of coins collects stamps college football American football college American football college a cappella college administrator college admission college admissions college admissions process college aid college airwaves college algebra college alternative college and graduate school college and university college and university instructors college and university ranking college and university rankings college application college athlete college athletic college athletic programs college athletics college ball college baseball college baseball venues college basketball college basketball fan interactive facility college basketball player of the year college bowl college bowl games college boys college campus college campuses college career college cats college chapels college choir college club college consolidation loans college contestants college counseling college credit college credits college days college dean college deferments college degree college degrees college districts college dorm college dormitory college draft college dropouts college education college entrance exam college entrance exams college entrance exams. college experience college fairs college fest college fests college flashbacks college football college football awards college football game college football history college football players college football post-season game college football program college football rivalries college football rivalry college football version college football's college for women college fraternities college fraternity college free agent college fund college game college graduate college graduates college hockey college hoops college house college houses college humor college humor magazine college humor magazines college ice hockey college instructor college lacrosse college level college library college loans college logic college major college marching bands college matriculation college men's basketball college newspaper college newspapers college of advanced education college of art college of art and design college of cardinals college of education college of further education college of music college of pharmacy college of the same name college or university college paper college play college porters college prep college prep school college prep schools college preparation college preparatory college preparatory education college preparatory high school college preparatory high schools college preparatory program college preparatory school college preparatory schools college preperatory college president college presidents college professor college professors college programs college quarterback college racing college radio college radio music college radio station college radio stations college ranking college rankings college reunion college rivalries college rivalry college rivalry games college rock college rockers college rugby college scarves college scholarship college scholarships college sides college soccer college softball college spirit college sport college sports college station college stations college student college student personnel college students college system college team college telecourses college tennis college town college towns college township college transcript college tuition college van burgemeester en wethouders college with primarily black students college wrestler college wrestling college yells college-age adults college-board scores college-educated people college-level body college-level writing college-preparatory school colleges and universities colleges of higher education collegia musica collegial body collegial magistracy collegial structure collegiate a cappella collegiate accreditation collegiate athlete collegiate athletics collegiate baseball collegiate basketball collegiate career collegiate chapel collegiate chapter collegiate church collegiate churches collegiate churchs collegiate fellow collegiate football collegiate foundation collegiate framework collegiate fraternities collegiate fraternity collegiate game collegiate gothic collegiate governance collegiate groups collegiate hockey collegiate hockey leagues collegiate institute collegiate institutes collegiate institutions collegiate learning institute collegiate level collegiate level, collegiate men's basketball collegiate newspaper collegiate newspapers collegiate pranks collegiate ranks collegiate rowing collegiate rugby collegiate school collegiate shag collegiate side collegiate soccer collegiate softball collegiate sport collegiate sports collegiate sports rivalry collegiate structure collegiate student athletes collegiate team collegiate universities collegiate university collegiate women's basketball collegiate women's player of the year collegiate wrestler collegiate wrestling collegium musicum colles diableres colli artery colli costæ colli muscle colliculus facialis colliculus nervi optici colliculus seminalis collide head on collide head-on collide in heavy fog during takeoff collide in mid-air collide in midair collided head-on collided in mid-air collided into the rear collider experiments collides head-on collides in flight collides in mid-air collides with a truck collidine p-toluenesulfonate colliding and merging colliding beam accelerators colliding galaxies colliding plane wave colliding plane waves collie breed collie dog collier brig collier brigs collieries staff colliery bands colliery viewer colliery was colligative properties colligative property collige virgo rosas collimate light collimated beam collimated beam of light collimated light collimating lens collimating mirrors collimating sights collimation error collinear antenna array collinear antenna arrays collinear hoe collinear points collineation group collins glass collinwood mansion collision accident collision attack collision attacks collision avoidance collision avoidance equipment collision avoidance systems collision avoidence collision cross section collision damage waiver collision detection collision domain collision domains collision frequency collision hulls collision induced throw collision montage collision physics collision prevention collision problem collision resistance collision resistant collision resolution collision resolution scheme collision studios collision theory collision warning system collision with earth collision zone collision-induced dissociation collision-resistant hash function collision-resistant hash functions collisional broadening collisional excitation collisional excitations collisional family collisional plate boundaries collisional radiative models collisional ring collisions detected collocation method collocation methods collodion albumen collodion process collodion wet plate process colloid chemistry colloid emulsion colloid form colloid mills colloid oncotic pressure colloid osmotic pressure colloid thrusters colloid vibration current colloidal crystals colloidal dispersion colloidal dispersions colloidal gold colloidal oatmeal colloidal osmotic pressure colloidal particles colloidal silica colloidal silver colloidal suspension colloidal suspensions colloidal synthesis colloidal systems colloquial expression colloquial language colloquial speech colloquial term colloquial term of endearment colloquial usage colloquial use colloquialism that refers to the human female genitalia colloquium papers collostructional analysis collum femoris collum mallei collusion charges collusive and fraudulent suits collusive suit collusive witnesses collège d'Autun collège échevinal colo claw fish coloanal anastomosis coloanal pull-through colobine monkeys colobium sindonis colobus monkey colobus monkeys colocation center colocation centers colocation centre colocation centres colocation facilities colocation facility colombian congress colombian cuisine colombian electric ray colombian folkloric singer colombian mythology colombian peso colombian poet colon character colon classification system colon cleansers colon hydrotherapy colon irrigation colon lymphoma colon polyp colon polyps colon screening colonat partiaire colonel commandant colonel general border settlement colonial administration colonial administrator colonial administrators colonial ages colonial ambitions colonial and commercial empire colonial anemones colonial animal colonial animals colonial architectural style colonial architecture colonial army colonial artillery colonial assembly colonial authorities colonial blue colonial breeder colonial breeders colonial buildings colonial charter colonial civil servant colonial coat of arms colonial commodity fiat colonial competition colonial conflict colonial culture colonial days colonial domination colonial domination and exploitation colonial economics colonial empire colonial empires colonial encounter colonial epoch colonial era colonial era music colonial exhibition colonial exhibitions colonial expansion colonial experience colonial exploit colonial exploitation colonial flag colonial forces colonial gothic colonial government colonial governor colonial history colonial home colonial homes colonial house colonial houses colonial imperialism colonial interests colonial invaders colonial irregular troops colonial language colonial legacy colonial legislatures colonial literature colonial lobby colonial marine colonial marine invertebrates colonial masters colonial mentality colonial mercantilism colonial militia colonial mindset colonial missions colonial nesters colonial occupation colonial office colonial officer colonial old city colonial organism colonial outposts colonial past colonial period colonial periods colonial plantation colonial policy colonial politics colonial ports colonial possession colonial possessions colonial power colonial powers colonial produce colonial punishment colonial racism colonial rebellion colonial regime colonial reproduction colonial revival colonial rule colonial rulers colonial rules colonial secretary colonial service colonial settlement colonial settlers colonial societies colonial spanish colonial state colonial state governments colonial style colonial system colonial territories colonial territory colonial theory colonial ties colonial time colonial times colonial trade colonial troops colonial wading birds colonial war colonial war of independence colonial warfare colonial wars colonial world colonialist economy colonic bacteria colonic irrigation colonic polyps colonic resection colonies and territories colonies in antiquity colonies of insects colonies on outer planet moons colonies per milliliter colonies were confederated colonisation or "planting" colonise the rest of the world colonised period colonization factors colonization of the continent colonization of the objects in the outer solar system colonization of the outer solar system colonization plans colonization projects colonization ships colonize space colonized asteroids colonized health care workers colonized people colonized the region colonizing power colonizing powers colonizing space colonnaded portico colony collapse disorder colony counter colony counters colony cylinder colony drop colony drop operation colony forming units colony governments colony growth colony houses colony of bees colony of circus freaks colony ship colony ships colony stimulating factors colony treasurer colony worlds colony-forming units colony-stimulating factor colony-stimulating factor receptor colony-stimulating factors color absorption color additives color adjectives color adjustment color adjustments color agnosia color alphabet color amber color analyst color analysts color anomia color balance color banding color bar color barrier color bars color bearer color bleeding color blind color blind racism color blindess color blindness color breed color breeders color breeds color broadcast color buffer color burst color calibration color cast color center color centers color changelings color changing lenses color channel color channels color charge