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commanding of good and forbidding of evil commanding officer commanding officers commandline parameters commando bridge commando carrier commando company commando course commando frogmen commando raids commando regiments commando skills commando squad commando squadron commando team commando unit commandos marine commecial fishing commedia all'Italiana commedia all'italiana commedia d'arte commedia del arte commedia del'arte commedia dell arte commedia dell' arte commedia dell'Arte commedia dell'arte commedia dell’arte commedia erotica all'italiana commedia erudita commedy film commemorated liturgically commemorating the death commemoration ceremonies commemorative 1-ruble coin commemorative 3-ruble silver coin commemorative buttons commemorative citizenship commemorative coin commemorative coinage commemorative coins commemorative cover commemorative currency commemorative edition commemorative half dollar commemorative issues commemorative plaque commemorative plaques commemorative poem commemorative poems commemorative postage stamp commemorative postage stamps commemorative postal covers commemorative silver dollar commemorative stamp commemorative stamps commemorative €2 coin commenced an attack of their own commencement address commencement ceremonies commencement ceremony commencement exercise commencement exercises commencement of hostilities commencement order commencement speaker commencement speech commencement speeches commendation ceremony commendatorial control commendatory abbot commendatory abbots commensal bacteria commensal bacterium commensal relationship philosophy of science commensurability in mathematics comment and trackback spam comment block comment feature comment from the cat comment is free comment on action comment out comment spam comment syntax comment text commentarial literature commentarial scriptures commentarial text commentaries on that work commentarii de bello gallico commentary audio track commentary track commentary tracks commenting out comments on homosexuality commerce and industry commerce clause commerce defense commerce raider commerce raiders commerce raiding commerce raiding capital ships commerce war commercial advertisements commercial advertising commercial advertising shorts commercial aeroplanes commercial agent commercial agreement commercial air travel commercial aircraft commercial aircraft sales and leasing commercial airline commercial airliner commercial airliners commercial airlines commercial airport commercial airport commercial and industrial loans commercial and music video director commercial announcements commercial application commercial applications commercial area commercial art commercial artist commercial astronaut commercial astronauts commercial at commercial aviation commercial bandwidth commercial bank commercial banker commercial bankers commercial banking commercial banking group commercial banks commercial barter commercial bomb commercial break commercial breaks commercial bribery commercial broadcast commercial broadcasters commercial broadcasting commercial broadcasts commercial building commercial buildings commercial bumper commercial bumpers commercial business commercial card game commercial carrier commercial cave commercial centre commercial centre of the city commercial certificate commercial code commercial college commercial competition commercial construction commercial corn seeder commercial cotton commercial counselor commercial deficits commercial developers commercial development commercial diplomacy commercial disciplines commercial distribution commercial district commercial districts commercial divers commercial diving commercial diving operators commercial driver commercial driver's license commercial driving commercial engineering commercial enterprise commercial enterprises commercial entity commercial exploitation commercial facilities commercial failure commercial farmed fish commercial farmers commercial farming commercial farms commercial firm commercial fish commercial fisheries commercial fisherman commercial fishermen commercial fishery commercial fishes commercial fishing commercial fishing industry vessels commercial flight commercial flight lessons commercial flights commercial food production commercial general liability commercial googlebombing commercial graphics commercial hardcore commercial hemp commercial high school commercial hip-hop commercial historic district commercial hits commercial hubs commercial hunting commercial illustrator commercial importance commercial industry commercial insurance commercial interest commercial interest in space commercial interests commercial interruption commercial invoice commercial jets commercial jingle commercial jurisprudence commercial kitchen commercial large-scale monoculture commercial laser tag commercial laundry commercial law commercial lawyer commercial lawyers commercial leases commercial lending commercial liberalism commercial lines commercial litigation commercial livestock commercial loan commercial loans commercial loft commercial logging commercial mail commercial management commercial manages commercial markets commercial media commercial meltdown commercial merchant fleet commercial model commercial modeling commercial models commercial mortgage commercial mortgage-backed securities commercial mortgages commercial motor vehicle commercial music commercial navy captain commercial nuclear power plants commercial off the shelf commercial off-the-shelf commercial off-the-shelf commercial off-the-shelf applications commercial office zone commercial on television commercial open source commercial orbital transportation services commercial packaging commercial paper commercial photographer commercial photographers commercial photography commercial pilot commercial pilot certificate commercial pilot licence—aeroplane commercial pilot licence—helicopter commercial pilot's license commercial pilot’s certification commercial planning commercial plants commercial pop tunes commercial popular music commercial portraits commercial posters commercial power supply commercial printer commercial printing commercial product commercial production commercial products commercial programs commercial promotion commercial properties commercial property commercial publishers commercial purposes commercial radio commercial radio broadcasters commercial radio networks commercial radio station commercial radio stations commercial real estate commercial record commercial register commercial relations commercial research commercial rights commercial salt harvesting commercial scale commercial sector commercial service commercial sex commercial sexual exploitation commercial sexual exploitation of children commercial ships commercial signage commercial single commercial skipping commercial software commercial sorghum commercial space commercial space travel commercial spaceflight commercial spaceports commercial species commercial speech commercial sponsors commercial sprawl commercial star commercial stations commercial strategy commercial strip commercial style commercial success commercial surrogacy commercial television commercial television stations commercial town commercial track commercial traffic commercial transaction commercial treaties commercial treaty commercial truck commercial trucks commercial two-way radios commercial value commercial values commercial vehicle commercial vehicles commercial vendor commercial venturer commercial ventures commercial vessel commercial vessels commercial voice-over commercial voice-overs commercial waste commercial wastes commercial website commercial websites commercial whaling commercial white-paper writer commercial whiting commercial world commercial yeast commercial-oriented music commercialization of renewable energy commercialization of space commercialization stage commercially available for manufacturers commercially fished commercially harvested commercially important commercially in confidence commercially viable commercially-viable "talking pictures" commercium book commercium song commercium songs commis chef commissary general commission area commission based government commission basis commission de toponymie commission form of city government commission form of government commission government commission investigating alleged corruption commission merchant commission of array commission of enquiry commission of inquiry commission of the peace commission of war commission-earning financial advisors commissioned army officer commissioned as an officer commissioned officer commissioned officer rank commissioned officers commissioned rank commissioned score commissioner for aid commissioner for oaths commissioner manager type commissioner of agriculture commissioner of array commissioner of baseball commissioner of deeds commissioner of education commissioner of excise commissioner of motor vehicles commissioner of police commissioner of public works commissioner of revenue commissioner of the treasury commissioners of array commissioners of northern lights commissioning editor commissioning pennant commissioning scrolls commissive moods commissural fibers commissural ganglia commissure of brain commissures of medulla spinalis commissures or canthi commit a crime commit bit commit charge commit conflict commit suicide commit the first sin commitment ceremonies commitment ceremony commitment cermony commitment ordering commitment oriented development commitment scheme commitment to peace commits suicide committ perjuryand committal hearing committal procedure committal proceeding committed a coup d'état committed adultery committed against humanity committed by a group committed effective dose equivalent committed effective dose equivalent committed indefinitely committed progenitors committed relationship committed suicide committed suicide by multiple gunshots committed suicide on camera committed upon parts of the country committee area committee areas committee hearings committee of citizen committee of correspondence committee of inquiry committee of machines committee of military officers committee of national defence committee of observation committee of public safety committee of safety committee of the committee of the poor committee of the whole committee on emancipation committee on foreign affairs committee rooms committee staffers committee stage committees for particular areas committees of correspondence committees of the poor committees of the whole committing an indignity to a dead body committing attrocities committing genocide commo wire commodities advisor commodities brokerage firm commodities exchange commodities exchanges commodities futures commodities index commodities market commodities markets commodities salesman commodities trade commodities trader commodities trading commodity aestheticism commodity auctions commodity broker commodity chain commodity chemical commodity chemicals commodity computer commodity computers commodity exchange commodity exchanges commodity fetish commodity fetishism commodity flows commodity futures commodity good commodity hardware commodity market commodity markets commodity meat commodity money commodity of exchange commodity plastic commodity plastics commodity pool commodity pools commodity price index commodity price indices commodity prices commodity reification commodity riots commodity risk commodity swap commodity tick commodity trade commodity trading commodity value commodity-backed currency commodore 64 commodore admiral common action common adder common affair common agouti common agoutis common agricultural policy common alcohol fuel mixtures common alphabet common ancestor common ancestor of chess common ancestors common ancestry common application common arable fields common asparagus beetle common aspen common assault common barn owl common base common base amplifier common base current gain common battery sizes common bean common bean weevil common beans common bellowsfish common beta emitters common bile common bile duct common blue common blue violet common boarfish common boas common bond common border common borders common box turtle common broom common brown lemur common brushtail possum common brushtail possums common buckeye common buckthorn common bullseye common bully common bunt common buttonbush common buzzard common cardinal vein common carotid common carotid arteries common carotid artery common carp common carpet beetle common carrier common carriers common cathode common cattail common cause common cause variation common centroid common channel signalling common characteristics common characteristics of common charges common chimpanzee common chimpanzees common chord modulation common citizenship common civil law common clam worm common class common cobra common cold common collector common comparisons common consent common contractual fund common control common core common cormorant common coset common crane common cranes common crime common criteria common crossbill common cuckoo common currencies common currency common cuttlefish common dab common dace common daisy common dandelion common data bus common defence common defense perimeter common denominator common dental germ common descendants common descent common design common design type common design types common dialog boxes common digital veins common disaster common discus common disease-common variant common divisor common dodder common dolphin common dolphin-fish common dolphinfish common dolphins common draft common drain common duckweed common duiker common eagle ray common eagle rays common eastern crane common effects common eider common eiders common elder common electoral roll common elements common emitter common entrance common envelope binaries common equity common era common errors common ethanol fuel mixtures common exercise position common extensor tendon common external tariff common facial common facial vein common factor common fibular common fibular nerve common flexor tendon common flicker common folklore common foreign and security policy common foreign policy common fractions common freshwater goby common frog common frogs common front common fruit fly common furniture beetle common furniture beetles common galaxias common gamma chain common garter snake common gate common gecko common gender common genets common given name common glasswort common goal common goblins common goldeneye common goldeneyes common goldfish common good common goosefish common grace common grave common greenbriar common ground common ground communication technique common groundsel common guillemot common guillemots common gull common hatchetfish common hawthorn common hepatic artery common hepatic duct common hermit crab common home common hornwort common horse-chestnut common house mouse common house spider common housefly common ideology common iliac common iliac arteries common iliac artery common iliac lymph nodes common iliac vein common iliac veins common iliac vessels common in fiction common informers common infrastructure common integument common interest community common interest developments common interface common interosseous artery common ion effect common ivy common jollytail common journey common juniper common junipers common keelback common kestrel common kestrels common king snake common kingfisher common kingsnake common knotgrass common knowledge common knowledge common krait common lancehead common land common lands common language common language of science common languages common langur common law common law assistant common law copyright common law court common law legal systems common law mark common law marriage common law marriages common law partner common law relationships common law rule common law system common law systems common law wife common law world common lawjurisdictions common laws common lawyer common lawyers common ligament common lilac common lime common ling common lizard common logarithm common logarithms common logic common loon common loons common lynx spiders common man common market common markets common marmosets common masses common measurement framework common merganser common meter common methods common metre common midpoint common mild blasphemy common milkweed common millet common minimum programme common minnow common misconceptions common misspelling of "Pittsburg" common mistake common mode common mode currents common mode electrical noise common mode rejection common mode signal common model common molecules common monarch common monkshood common monster common moorhen common multiple common muntjac common murre common murres common mushroom common myna common mynahs common name common names common navelwort common nighthawk common noddies common nomenclature common nominals common notions common noun common nouns common nuisance common numerals common oak common object request broker architecture common on clockfaces common opening sequences common operating systems common operation common opinion common opossum common otter common outs common overlordship common ownership common palm civet common palmar digital common palmar digital arteries common palmar digital artery common palmar digital branch common palmar digital nerves of median nerve common palmar digital veins common pantheon common parlance common parts common pasture common path common path interferometer common pathway common penalty common penile artery common penny common people common periwinkle common peroneal common peroneal nerve common peroneal nerves common person common pheasant common place book common places common plan common platform common pleas common pleas court common pleco common plecos common pochard common point common point of view common pool good common pool resource common pool resources common poorwills common powers common practice common practice harmony common practice music common practice period common progenitor common programme of policy common properties common property common property resource common prostitute common pufferfish common punishment common purple sea snail common purpose common purslane common quail common rail common rail diesel common rail diesel engine common rail direct injection common random string model common raven common redpoll common redshank common reed common reeds common reference string model common relative risk common remora common resource common resurrection common return common rhea common rheas common rhesus monkeys common rhetorical question common rights common rock-rose common rockrose common roll common room common rooms common root rot common roots common roughy common routes common rue common sage common salt common sandpiper common sawfish common school common school districts common schools common scold common sea-buckthorn common seal common seals common sedge common sense common sense assumptions common sense behavior common sense conservative common sense ethics common sense knowledge common sense ontology common sense philosophy common sense realism common sense reasoning common sensibles common sensism common share common shareholders equity common shares common shelduck common ship class common shovelnose ray common shrew common shrimp common shrimps common side-blotched lizard common skate common skink common slipper shell common smelt common snipe common snook common sole common song bird common source common source of debate common species common speech common spiny mouse common spoken language common spotted orchid common spotted orchids common standards common starfish common starling common starlings common state name common stingaree common stock common stocks common stretch common subexpression elimination common subexpression evaluation common sundew common swift common swordtail common teal common tenure common tern common terns common test common theme common time common toad common toadflax common tone theorem common tones common tree frog common tropes common truss common tunnel common tunny common turnip common twayblade common uncertainties common use facility common utility ducts common value common value auction common vampire bat common variable immunodeficiency common vernacular common vetch common view of data common viper common volar digital nerves common volar digital veins common vole common warts common wasp common wasps common welfare common wheat common whipping common whitefish common wisdom common written form common yabbies common yabby common year common years common yellowthroat common yellowthroats common yew common zebra common- and special-causes common-ion effect common-law 'marriage' common-law copyright common-law couples common-law court common-law husband common-law husbands common-law marriage common-law marriages common-law partners common-law relationship common-law spouse common-law unions common-law wife common-law wives common-mode failure common-mode interference common-mode noise common-mode rejection common-mode rejection ratio common-mode rejection ratios common-mode signal common-pool resource common-pool resources common-practice period common-rail direct injection commonly accepted commonly accepted boundary of space commonly accepted citation protocol commonly available sets commonly called commonly compared with shepherds commonly exported commonly known commonly misunderstood lyric commonly owned commonly used commonly used gamma emitting isotopes commonners rights commonplace book commonplace books commonplace objects commons-based peer collaboration commons-based peer production commonsense knowledge commonsense knowledge bases commonsense knowledge problem commonsense reasoning commonwealth attorney commonwealth campus commonwealth campuses commonwealth games commonwealth of independent states commonwealth power to run commonwealth realms commonwealth sales tax commonwealth status commonwealth was partitioned commotio cordis communal affairs communal aggregation communal apartment communal basis communal breeding communal charter communal college communal constituencies communal constituency communal council communal councils communal forests communal franchise communal garden communal gardens communal governments communal grave communal graves communal harmony communal homes communal house communal household communal housing communal kitchens communal land communal life communal living communal meal communal monasticism communal movement communal prayer communal property communal reform communal reinforcement communal riot communal riots communal roll communal rolls communal roosting communal school communal settlement communal settlement communal settlements communal showers communal society communal system communal tables communal tension communal territories communal totalism communal village communal violence communal voting communaute d'agglomeration communauté d'agglomération communauté d'agglomération d'Hénin-Carvin communauté d'agglomération d'Évreux communauté d'agglomération du bassin d'Aurillac communauté de communes communauté de l'agglomération d'Annecy communauté urbaine communauté urbaine d'Arras communautés d'agglomération communautés de communes communautés urbaines administrative division intentional community semicircular canals commune associée commune communities commune council commune councillors commune movement commune ranch commune rurale commune sanctorum commune with nature communes de plein exercice communes indigènes communicable disease communicable diseases communicans anterior communicans fibularis communicantes cervicales communicate discreetly communicate information to the press anonymously communicate visually communicate with submarines communicate with submerged submarines communicated to those who came to sleep communicating between different systems communicating branch communicating branch to the ciliary ganglion communicating sequential processes communicating spiritual medium communicating unconsciously communicating veins communicatio idiomatum communication accommodation communication acts communication aid communication and intention communication antennas communication arts communication between cultures communication book communication bypass communication cable communication campaign communication channel communication channels communication circuit communication circuits communication committee communication complexity communication cord communication design communication device communication devices communication disorder communication disorders communication endpoint communication engineering communication equipment communication for social change communication game communication he seemed to have with animals communication in science communication interception communication lag communication lines communication link communication links communication management communication manager communication media communication medium communication methods communication minister communication model communication network communication networks communication networks and protocols communication noise communication of social insects communication overhead communication personnel communication plan communication processes communication protocol communication protocols communication satellite communication satellites communication science communication sciences communication scientist communication security communication skills communication software communication source communication structures communication studies communication styles communication system communication systems communication technologies communication technology communication theory communication tower communication towers communication trenches communication with submarines communication-based train control communications agency communications and media studies communications between airports communications blackout communications center communications channel communications channels communications controller communications device communications director communications disorders communications engineer communications engineering communications equipment communications fiber communications focal point communications hardware communications headset communications industry communications intelligence communications intercept communications jamming communications lasers communications link communications management communications masts communications media communications monitoring communications net communications network communications networks communications office communications officer communications plan communications privacy communications program communications protection communications protocol communications protocols communications radio communications receiver communications receivers communications relay communications relay satellite communications revolution communications satellite communications satellites communications science communications security communications service providers communications software communications subsystem communications system communications system engineering communications systems communications technologies communications technology communications techology communications terminal program communications theorist communications theory communications tower communications towers communications vehicle communications writings communicative action communicative approach communicative arts communicative competence communicative dances communicative functions communicative language teaching communicative methods communicative purposes communicative rationality communicative reason communicative strategies communicator badge communion bread communion chant communion cups communion for all people communion of saints communion of the two natures communion rail communion rails communion seasons communion service communion spoon communion table communion under both kinds communion wafer communion wafers testis et funiculi spermatici communis muscle communism star communist activity communist agent communist aggression communist anarchism communist anarchist communist anarchists communist authorities communist bloc communist block communist collapse communist collective communist countries communist country communist coup communist crime communist deputies communist deputy communist dictatorship communist dictatorships communist dominated communist economic bloc communist economic system communist economies communist era communist faction communist forces communist form of government communist governance communist government communist guerillas communist guerrilas