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electronic waste electronic works of art electronic wrist tags electronic writing electronic x-rays source electronic yellow pages electronic-industrial music electronica artists electronica band electronica music electronica musician electronical fetters electronically controlled electronically count electronically created music electronically encoded electronically excited electronically fuel injected electronically fuel-injected electronically scanned array electronics and communication engineering electronics and telecommunication electronics assembly electronics circuit simulation electronics circuit simulator electronics company electronics contract manufacturer electronics countermeasure electronics design electronics discount store electronics engineer electronics engineering electronics engineers electronics in music electronics industry electronics intelligence electronics magazine electronics manufacturer electronics manufacturing electronics manufacturing services electronics ratings electronics recycler electronics simulation electronics stores electronics supplies electronics system operators electronics testing device electrons and positrons annihilated electrons in metals electronuclear force electrooptic modulation electrooptic modulator electroosmotic flow electrophilic addition electrophilic additions electrophilic allyl shift electrophilic allyl shifts electrophilic aromatic substitution electrophilic aromatic substitutions electrophilic chlorination electrophilic halogenation electrophilic substitution electrophilic substitution reaction electrophilic substitution reactions electrophonic effect electrophoretic deposition electrophoretic light scattering electrophoretic mobilities electrophoretic mobility electrophoretic separation electrophysical agents electrophysiologic study electrophysiologic tests electrophysiological experiments electrophysiological methods electrophysiological recording electrophysiological signals electrophysiological studies electrophysiologically active electrophysiology study electropneumatic action electropneumatic markers electropneumatic paintball gun electropneumatic paintball guns electropneumatic paintball marker electropneumatic paintball markers electroporation therapy electropositive plasma electropotential series electrorheological fluid electrorheological fluids electroshock gun electroshock guns electroshock therapy electroshock treatment electroshock treatments electroshock weapon electroshock weapons electroslag welding electrospray ionization electrostatic analyzer electrostatic approximation electrostatic atmospheric ion propulsion electrostatic attraction electrostatic attractions electrostatic bonds electrostatic capacity electrostatic charge electrostatic charge imbalance electrostatic charges electrostatic clock electrostatic confinement fusion electrostatic constant electrostatic damage electrostatic deflection electrostatic device electrostatic discharge electrostatic discharges electrostatic field electrostatic fieldmeters electrostatic fields electrostatic force electrostatic force constant electrostatic force microscope electrostatic force microscopy electrostatic forces electrostatic generating or friction electrostatic generating machine or friction machine electrostatic generating or friction machine electrostatic generator electrostatic generators electrostatic grid electrostatic headphones electrostatic induction electrostatic influence machines electrostatic interactions electrostatic ion cyclotron wave electrostatic ion thruster electrostatic ion thrusters electrostatic leak detection electrostatic lenses electrostatic levitation electrostatic loudspeaker electrostatic loudspeakers electrostatic machine electrostatic machines electrostatic motor electrostatic photocopying electrostatic potential electrostatic potential charges electrostatic potential energy electrostatic precipitation electrostatic precipitator electrostatic precipitators electrostatic repulsion electrostatic screening electrostatic sensitive devices electrostatic shield electrostatic similarity electrostatic speaker electrostatic speakers electrostatic stabilization electrostatic systems electrostatic unit electrostatic units electrostatics overlay electrostrictive polymers electrosurgical hemostat electrotechnical engineer electrotechnical exhibition electrothermal chemical guns electrothermal response electrothermal rocket electrotyped plates electrovacuum solution electrovacuum solutions electroweak baryogenesis electroweak epoch electroweak field electroweak force electroweak gauge symmetry electroweak group electroweak interaction electroweak interactions electroweak observables electroweak scale electroweak symmetry electroweak symmetry breaking electroweak theories electroweak theory electroweak unification elefant records elegans var elegans elegans  species  subgroup elegant clarkia Clarkia unguiculata elegant myotis elegant tern elegant terns elegantly simplify elegiac couplet elegiac couplets elegiac distich elegiac dystic elegiac music elegiac poetry elegiac tradition elektra sturmschnell elektro optical elektrychka train elemenatry school element 43 element 86 element 88 element 89 element 90 element 91 element 93 element codes element leader element management system element management systems element motion element name element naming controversy element of a set element of area element of earth element of fire element of nature element of scientific method element of sign element of surprise element of the composition element of water element of wind element or process element spells element status code element symbol element uniqueness element uniqueness problem elemental abundances elemental analyses elemental analysis elemental architecture llc elemental carbon elemental composition elemental dipole elemental fire elemental flows elemental force elemental mercury elemental nitrogen elemental planes elemental powers elemental processes elemental selective detector elemental solids elemental source elemental spirit elemental spirits elemental spirits elemental standards elemental table elemental transmutation elemental weapon elemental weapons elementals in fiction elementarily embeddable elementarily equivalent elementary abelian 2-group elementary abelian group elementary age elementary algebra elementary amenable elementary arithmetic elementary body elementary branches elementary calculus elementary catastrophes elementary charge elementary charges elementary class elementary classrooms elementary diagrams elementary divisors elementary education elementary electric charges elementary electrical charge elementary embedding elementary embeddings elementary entities elementary equivalence elementary event elementary events elementary excitation elementary excitations elementary extension elementary extensions elementary form elementary function elementary functions elementary geometry elementary grade elementary grades elementary group theory elementary mathematics elementary matrices elementary matrix elementary mode analysis elementary negro schools elementary number theory elementary operations elementary or primary education elementary p-groups elementary particle elementary particle physicist elementary particle physics elementary particle theory elementary particles elementary program elementary proof elementary proof of the irrationality of π elementary proof that π is irrational elementary pulses elementary quantification theory elementary reaction elementary reactions elementary recursive functions elementary reflector elementary reflectors elementary relations elementary row operation elementary row operations elementary school elementary school building elementary school class elementary schooling elementary schools elementary set theory elementary step elementary steps elementary stream elementary streams elementary submodel elementary submodels elementary substructure elementary substructures elementary symmetric function elementary symmetric functions elementary symmetric polynomial elementary symmetric polynomials elementary teacher elementary teachers elementary topics in fluid dynamics elementary topos elementary unit of charge elements at first loosely associated with al-Qaeda elements in the same group elements of a musical march elements of architecture elements of art elements of jazz elements of writing line dance eleno mome elenolic acid elephant "crushing" elephant and mammoth ivory elephant beetles elephant bird elephant birds elephant calf elephant carrying an ancient obelisk elephant clock elephant corridor elephant ear elephant ears elephant folio elephant garlic elephant graveyard elephant graveyards elephant gun elephant guns elephant hawkmoth elephant hunting elephant ivory elephant joke elephant man elephant named "Rosie" elephant polo elephant rat elephant repeller elephant rifle elephant seal elephant seals elephant shrew elephant shrews elephant slaughter elephant test elephant trainer elephant tree elephant trunk elephant tusk elephant warriors elephant yam elephant-shooting musket elephantnose fish eletroweak unification eleutherococcus senticosus elevated blood pressure elevated cholesterol levels elevated commuter railway elevated cradle neckbreaker elevated cutter elevated drive sprocket elevated footbridge elevated freeway elevated highway elevated line elevated lines elevated master streams elevated mixed layer elevated neckbreaker slam elevated or surface elevated passenger railroads elevated platform elevated potassium elevated powerbomb elevated privileges elevated pulse elevated rail elevated rail cars elevated rail line elevated railroad elevated railroads elevated railway elevated railway lines elevated railway station elevated railways elevated rail­roads elevated respiratory rate elevated rims elevated roadway elevated sound levels elevated station elevated stations elevated street elevated structure elevated structures elevated subway elevated subway train elevated to nearly divine status elevated track elevated train elevated train line elevated train service elevated trains elevated transaminases elevated walkways elevation contours elevation head elevation of about 40 m below sea level elevation of blood pressure elevation of boiling point elevation summary elevation wheel elevator algorithm elevator and horizontal stabilizer tips elevator assembly elevator automation systems elevator effect elevator inspectors elevator manufacturing company elevator music elevator muzak elevator operator elevator operators elevator research rocket elevator school elevator seeks elevator shaft elevator shafts elevator shoes elevator sort elevator speeches elevator surfing elevator test tower elevator trim eleven bombs eleven chords eleven dimensions eleven of them were shot or hung eleven people indicted eleven plus eleven plus exam eleven plus transfer test eleven records eleven schools and colleges eleven years ago eleven years before eleven years later eleven years of warfare eleven-plus exam eleventh amendment eleventh and eleventh centuries eleventh century eleventh century BC eleventh chapter eleventh cousin once removed eleventh day eleventh district eleventh districts eleventh dynasty eleventh episode eleventh grade eleventh house eleventh largest named impact crater eleventh millennium eleventh national championship eleventh official film eleventh regional branch eleventh rib eleventh ribs eleventh season eleventh sura eleventh through nineteenth elf fire elfin forests elicit information eligibility criteria eligibility for naturalization eligibility test eligible bachelor eligible dividends eligible pass receivers eligible receiver eligible receiver's eligible receivers eligible to sit eligible to vote eliminate imaginaries eliminate poverty eliminate the middleman eliminate the penny eliminated their own currency eliminates quantifiers eliminating poverty elimination blackjack elimination communication elimination constant elimination final elimination half life elimination half-life elimination match elimination matrix elimination number elimination of dominated strategies elimination of double letters elimination of quantifiers elimination order elimination puzzles elimination races elimination reaction elimination reactions elimination rounds elimination rules elimination runoff elimination system elimination tag team match elimination theory elimination three-way match elimination tournament elimination tree elimination-based tournament eliminative induction eliminative materialism eliminative materialists eliminative materialism eliminativist materialism elin o’Hara slavick elite bureaucracy elite circle elite class elite commodities elite consensus elite division elite family elite football program elite force elite forces elite group phase elite household elite military units elite national league elite palace guard elite player program elite politics elite round elite schools elite soldiers elite theorists elite theory elite troops elite umpire elite units elitist advertisement elitist education elixir of eternal life elixir of immortality elixir of life elixir of youth elixir poisoning elixir vitae elizabethan architecture elk or wapiti elk river file snail elk test elk warning signs elkhorn coral elkhorn coral barrier reef ellagic acid ellagic acids ellipsoid calculus ellipsoid method ellipsoid methods ellipsoid of revolution ellipsoidal harmonics ellipsoidal mirrors ellipsoidal model ellipsoidal reflector spotlight ellipsoidal reflector spotlights elliptic boundary value problem elliptic boundary value problems elliptic cohomology elliptic complex elliptic curve elliptic curve cryptography elliptic curve discrete logarithm elliptic curve factorization elliptic curve groups elliptic curve method elliptic curve primality proving elliptic curve primality test elliptic curve techniques elliptic curve technology elliptic curve-based elliptic curves elliptic cylinder coordinates elliptic cylindrical coordinates elliptic differential equation elliptic differential operator elliptic differential operators elliptic electronic filters elliptic equation elliptic equations elliptic fibration elliptic fibrations elliptic filter elliptic function elliptic function field elliptic function of the first kind elliptic functions elliptic gamma function elliptic genera elliptic genus elliptic geometries elliptic geometry elliptic hypergeometric series elliptic integral elliptic integrals elliptic integration elliptic manifolds elliptic modular form elliptic modular forms elliptic modular function elliptic modular functions elliptic modulus elliptic one elliptic operator elliptic operators elliptic orbit elliptic orbits elliptic partial differential equation elliptic partial differential equations elliptic rational function elliptic rational functions elliptic regularity elliptic space elliptic spaces elliptic springs elliptic surface elliptic surfaces elliptic trajectory elliptic umbilic elliptical clause elliptical construction elliptical constructions elliptical galaxies elliptical galaxy elliptical geometry elliptical morphology elliptical motion elliptical orbit elliptical orbits elliptical paths elliptical perforations elliptical polarization elliptical theory elliptical to orbicular elliptical trainers elliptical wing elliptical wings elliptically polarized ellipticity of the polarization elliptinium acetate elliptization conjecture elm bark beetle elm bark beetles elm ear fungus elm leaf beetle elm leaf beetles elm mottle virus elm tree elm trees elm yellows elm-leaf beetle elma tatlısı elo rating elocution movement elongate their arms elongate-gland springsnail elongated alternated cubic elongated alternated cubic honeycomb elongated coins elongated dipyramid elongated hexagonal dipyramid elongated labia elongated labia minora elongated nut elongated pentagonal dipyramid elongated pentagonal gyrobicupola elongated pentagonal gyrobirotunda elongated pentagonal gyrocupolarotunda elongated pentagonal orthobicupola elongated pentagonal orthobirotunda elongated pentagonal orthocupolarotunda elongated pyramid elongated square dipyramid elongated square gyrobicupola elongated square pyramid elongated stitch elongated stitches elongated triangular bipyramid elongated triangular dipyramid elongated triangular orthobicupola elongated triangular prismatic elongated triangular prismatic honeycomb elongated triangular tiling elongating the stitches elongation factor elongation factor 2 kinase elongation factors eloquent cortex eloquent horseshoe bat eloquent variation elsewhere in this article elsholtzia ketone elsholzia ketone eluki bes shahar eluting stent elution time eluvial deposits eluvial horizon elven beings elven city of the same name elven guardians elven pantheon em dash em dashes em minas ao vivo em width em- or en-quad character ema datsi email abuse email address email addresses email art email attachments email authentication email bankruptcy email bombs email campaigns email client email clients email encryption email filtering email filtering programs email filters email forwarding email groups email headers email hoax email hoaxes email hosting email hosting service email hubs email lists email marketing email messages email newsletter email newsletters email panel email server email servers email signature email signatures email spam email spammer email spamming email spoofing email systems email technology email virus emamectin benzoate emanate from her personally emanation of the state emanational cosmology emanationist theory emanations of the state emancipate the serfs emancipate them emancipated convict emancipated minor emancipated minors emancipation and abolition emancipation bodice emancipation edicts emancipation from slavery emancipation of about 20 million privately held serfs emancipation of labour emancipation of minors emancipation of serfs emancipation of slaves emancipation of the dissonance emancipation of the serfs emancipation of the slaves emancipation proclamation emancipation reform emancipatory politics emap plc emarginate dogwinkle embalming cache embalming chemicals embalming fluid embalming pipe embalming solution embankment dam embankment dams embankment type earth-fill embargoed interview embark on the adventurous path of conquest embarked flag officer embarked on a project embarrassing accidents embarrassing sex scandal embarrassingly parallel embassy bombing embassy bombings embassy counsellor embassy for extraterrestrials embassy hostage crisis embassy security guard embattled there embedded and dedicated computer embedded applications embedded audio embedded chip embedded clauses embedded complex languages embedded component embedded computer embedded computer system embedded computer systems embedded computers embedded computing embedded computing and control systems embedded contact homology embedded controller embedded database embedded design embedded development tool embedded device embedded devices embedded documentation generator embedded electronics embedded energy embedded fonts embedded in the plane embedded indexing embedded interpreter embedded journalist embedded journalists embedded links embedded media embedded memory embedded microprocessor embedded minicomputers embedded minimal surfaces embedded narratives stories within a story embedded networked sensors embedded objects embedded on a mountain embedded operating system embedded operating systems embedded options embedded planar graphs embedded processor embedded processors embedded pushdown automaton embedded pushdown automatons embedded reporter embedded reporting embedded resource embedded servo embedded software embedded software design embedded submanifold embedded submanifolds embedded surface embedded system embedded systems embedded systems development embedded tags embedded tax cost embedded tax costs embedded taxes embedded technology extended embedded timecode embedded uses embedded value embedded-atom method embedding diagrams embedding dimension embedding effect embedding of degree n embedding or immersion embedding theorem embedding theorems embittered rivalry emblem book emblem books emblem glyph emblem of purity emblematic portraits emblems of belief for placement on government headstones and markers emblems of state embodied agent embodied cognition embodied cognitive science embodied communication embodied embeddedness embodied energy embodied mind embodied mind theory embodied music cognition embodied philosophy embodied psychology embodied system embodied view embodied water embodiment and objects embodiment of true love embodiment of truth embolic strokes emboliform nuclei emboliform nucleus embolismic month embourgeoisement thesis embrace all cultural and religious celebration embrace and extend embraced and extended embraced desires embroidered decorations embroidered patch embroidered patches embroidery and sewing embroidery frame embroidery hoop embroidery stitch embroidery stitches embroiled in allegations embryo adoption embryo cloning embryo colonists embryo development embryo donation embryo drawings embryo dunes embryo experimentation embryo implantation embryo proper embryo sac embryo space colonization embryo space colonization starship embryo splitting embryo transfer embryo transfers embryogenic development embryoid bodies embryoid body embryologic development embryological development embryological physiology embryonal carcinoma embryonal cells embryonal development embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal tumor embryonic cell carcinomas embryonic cells embryonic cleavage embryonic cloaca embryonic death embryonic development embryonic diapause embryonic disk embryonic ectoderm embryonic epiblast embryonic hemoglobin embryonic myosin heavy chain 3 embryonic pole embryonic rests embryonic shells embryonic shield embryonic stage embryonic stem cell embryonic stem cell lines embryonic stem cell research embryonic stem cells embryonic stem cells without embryonic destruction embryonic stem-cell research embryonic structure embryonic structures embryonic transfer embryonic yolk stalk embryotic sex determination emel magazine emepronium bromide emerald ash borer emerald cut emerald doves emerald flower scarab emerald gladiator emerald green emerald green betta emerald mithrax crabs emerald shiner emerald toucanet emerald tree boa emerald tree boas emerald tree monitor emerged as a modern science emergence delirium emergence of early capitalism emergence of life emergence of modern economic thought emergence of new species emergence of rationalism emergence phenomena emergence theory emergence topology emergency action messages emergency action principles emergency acts emergency agencies emergency alarm emergency alert system emergency and critical care emergency and critical care medicine emergency and disaster communications emergency and disaster management emergency arbitration emergency ascent emergency assistance emergency baptism emergency beacons emergency bed service emergency blankets emergency bleeding control emergency brake emergency brakes emergency broadcast emergency broadcast system emergency broadcaster emergency button emergency caesarean section emergency call emergency calls emergency care emergency care facilities emergency care practitioners emergency casualty movement emergency centers emergency certification bill emergency checklist emergency commission emergency communications emergency conference emergency contraception emergency contraceptive emergency contraceptive pills emergency currencies emergency decree emergency decrees emergency department emergency department trauma rooms emergency departments emergency dispatch emergency ejection emergency equipment emergency era emergency escape emergency escape ramps emergency evacuation emergency evacuations emergency executive powers emergency exit emergency exits emergency first aid emergency flotation device emergency forces emergency frequency emergency government emergency health services emergency hostels emergency hotline emergency households emergency housing emergency intervention number emergency landing emergency landings emergency lane emergency law emergency laws emergency legislation emergency light emergency lighting emergency lights emergency location transponder, emergency locator transmitter emergency locator transmitters emergency management emergency management system emergency medical emergency medical assistance emergency medical calls emergency medical care emergency medical evacuation emergency medical evacuations emergency medical personnel emergency medical responder emergency medical response emergency medical service emergency medical service emergency medical servicees emergency medical services emergency medical technician emergency medical technicians emergency medical treatment emergency medicine emergency medicine technology emergency motion emergency movements of a casualty emergency networks emergency number emergency officials emergency operation emergency operations emergency operations center emergency operator emergency or involuntary commitment emergency period emergency personnel emergency phones emergency physician emergency physicians emergency plan emergency planning emergency planning and management emergency plans emergency population warning emergency population warnings emergency position-indicating radio beacon emergency position-indicating rescue beacons emergency power generators emergency power system emergency power systems emergency power unit emergency powers emergency preparedness emergency procedure emergency psychiatric emergency radio emergency radio beacon emergency radio locator beacon emergency rations emergency relief emergency rescue emergency rescue service emergency responders emergency response emergency response agencies emergency response team emergency response unit emergency road service emergency roadside assistance emergency room emergency room physician emergency rooms emergency rule emergency schedule emergency scheduling emergency service emergency service dispatcher emergency service number emergency service personnel emergency service phone numbers emergency service vehicles emergency service workers emergency services emergency services dispatcher emergency services number emergency shelter emergency shelters emergency shipyard emergency shut-offs emergency shutdown system emergency special session meeting emergency standalone emergency starter emergency stop emergency switch-off emergency technicians emergency telecommunications emergency telephone emergency telephone number emergency telephone numbers emergency telephone service emergency telephones emergency transmitter emergency trauma surgery emergency treatment emergency truck escape ramps emergency vehicle emergency vehicle equipment emergency vehicle lighting emergency vehicles emergency visits emergency warning emergency warning system for vehicles emergency workers emergency-exit slope emergent algorithm emergent algorithms emergent behavior emergent behaviors emergent behaviour emergent church emergent church movement emergent coastal emergent coastline emergent coastlines emergent computation emergent concept emergent critical processes emergent curriculum emergent democracy emergent diseases emergent dualism emergent evolution emergent gameplay emergent gaming emergent gravity emergent landform emergent materialism emergent norm theory emergent organisation emergent organizations emergent patterns emergent phenomena emergent philosophy emergent physicalism emergent plant emergent plants emergent processes emergent properties emergent property emergent strategy emergent structure emergent structures emergent system properties emergent systems emergent technology emergent theory emergent vegetation emergent viruses emerging church emerging church movement emerging companies emerging company emerging conflict emerging countries emerging country emerging disease emerging environmental concerns emerging field emerging industrial economy emerging infectious disease emerging infectious diseases emerging international power emerging market debt emerging markets debt emerging media emerging nations emerging number of residents emerging powers emerging sciences emerging superpower emerging superpowers emerging technologies emerging technology emergy algebra emergy methodology emergy synthesis emeritus bishop emeritus fellow emeritus professor emeritus status emery ball emery board emery boards emery cloth emery paper emery pitch emesis basin emic and etic emigrant ballad emigrant ballads emigrant communities emigrants from these areas emigrated shortly afterwards emigrated there emigrated to emigrating to emigre circles emilium tosilate eminal vesicles eminence grise eminence of occipital bone eminence of tympanic cavity eminent domain eminent hindi writer and philosopher eminent scientists eminentia arcuata eminentia articularis eminentia conchae eminentia saccularis eminentia triangularis emissary vein emissary veins emission band emission bands emission caps emission coefficient emission control emission controls emission credits emission cross-section emission factor emission factors emission fees emission filter emission inspection emission inventories emission inventory emission laws emission levels emission line emission lines emission nebula emission nebulae emission of a second electron emission of pollutants emission peak emission peaks emission permits emission reduction controls emission reduction credit emission reduction credits emission regulations emission scenarios emission security emission source point emission spectra emission spectrometry emission spectroscopy emission spectrum emission standard emission standards emission star emission taxes emission test emission test and vehicle safety test emission test cycle emission test cycles emission theory emission theory of vision emission trading emission type