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elementary school (countable and uncountable, plural elementary schools)

  1. (Canada, US, Philippines, education) A school for children, typically older than toddlers and younger than adolescents. In the U.S., elementary schools cover grades 1 through 5, and the ages of the children are usually 6-11 years. At a minimum, elementary schools will teach basic reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. Historically also used in the UK.
    Synonyms: grade school, primary school
    • 2015, Language, Politics and Identity in Taiwan: Naming China[1], →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 32:
      On one offshore island Wuciou (also Wuqiu), the song of the only elementary school had these lyrics:
      We are the little friends of the frontier, good students of Wuciou elementary school. We are not afraid of stormy winds and frightening waves; bravely and [with] perseverance, we advance forward. Our school is erected on the lonely island of the ocean. We will study hard, and are not afraid of gongfei on the opposite shore.