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general assembly general assembly of the kirk general assignment general atonement general audience general authorities general authority general auxilliary presidencies general availability release general average general aviation general aviation airport general aviation and general aviationaircraft general aviators general bacterial porins general base general biology general body of creditors general budget general business - pre-law general business strike general cargo general census general chapter general characters of general chase general chemistry general church council general circulation model general circulation models general classification general cognitive ability general combining ability general commissioner general concept inclusions general conference general conference of the church general conferences general confession general congregations general consensus general conspiracy arguments general consul general contracting general contractor general contractor or prime contractor general contractors general convention general corps general council general councils general counsel general counsels general counter-offensive in the south general court martial general court-martial general covariance general crisis general damages general de brigada general declaration general definition of limit general delivery general denial general dentistry general dentists general deputies general description of general designers general deterrence general didactics general difference polynomials general disaster general discharge general discomfort general discussion general district court general ecclesiastical councils general economic equilibrium general economic equilibrium theory general editorial magazine general education general education diploma general education or core education general education requirements general election general election earlier that month general election held in that same year general election held that year general election later that month general election later that year general election of that year general election of the following year general election one year later general election that followed general election that year general election the following year general election victory general election which followed general elections general elections took place general electorates general en chef general engineering general entertainment general entertainment format general entertainment station general epistles general equilibrium general equilibrium macroeconomic models general equilibrium models general equilibrium of the macroeconomy general equilibrium theory general equity general excise tax general factor general factor of human mental ability general feature format general fertility rate general field marshal general form general formula general formula for a 3 × 3 rotation matrix in terms of the axis and the angle general formulation of the equipartition theorem general frame general function libraries general fund general glut general government general grammar general grocery general gymnastics general health general history general hospital general hospitals general incorporation law general industry general infection general informative programs general insurance general insurrection general intellectual ability general intelligence general intelligence factor general intelligence factor loaded g-loaded general intelligence) general intent general interest general internal medicine general internists general ion channel general journal general judgment general judicial system general jurisdiction general jurisprudence general knowledge general law general law township general learning difficulties general ledger general ledger codes general ledgers general liability general line general linear group general linear group over finite fields general linear groups general linear methods general linear transformation general linguist general linguistics general logic general lyceum general management general manager general managers general market general matrix eigenvalue equation general meaning of cutting general mechanics general medal count general medical general medical practice general medical practitioner general medicine general meeting general meeting of shareholders general meetings general mercantile general merchandise general merchandise store general merchandising business general method general midterm election general migration general mobilization general motors general musters general nationwide strike general news reporting general novitiate general number field sieve general obligation bond general obligation bonds general obligation debt general of artillery general of brigade general of cavalry general of division general of infantry general of panzer troops general of the army general officer general officer commanding general officers general or "Great" council general order general orders of a sentry general out-patient clinics general packet radio service general pardon general paresis general paresis of the insane general partner general partners general partnership general partnerships general physician general plan general png-color-mode general position general possibility theorem general power rule general practice general practice physician general practices general practioner general practitioner general practitioners general press general price index general priesthood general principle of relativity general principles general principles of law general problem general procurator general properties general protection fault general protection faults general provost general public general public channel general public interest general public offering general purpose general purpose bombs general purpose boxcars general purpose classroom block general purpose computations general purpose computer general purpose graphics processing unit general purpose languages general purpose machine gun general purpose machine guns general purpose macro processor general purpose markup languages general purpose modeling general purpose register general purpose registers general purpose technology general quarters general quintic equation general quirks mode general railroad law general rank general rate general recursive function general relativistic general relativistic cosmological model general relativistic metrics general relativistic transformations general relativity general relativity references general relativity theory general relativity theory of gravity general release general resource graph general result general results on geometric 3-manifolds general resurrection general retainer general retreat general revelation general revenue general rule processing general rules general sales agent general salute general school general science general seating general secretaries of the party general secretary general secularisation general security services general sejm general sejmik general selection model general semantics general services general set theory general society general solution general somatic afferent general somatic efferent general staff general staff officer general standards general standards mode general statewide election general statutes general store general storekeeper general stores general stores issue ship general stress general strike general strikes general structure general studies general study competence general superior general superiors general surgeon general surgeons general surgery general surgical general symplectic group general synod general synods general system description language general systems general systems theory general term general terms general theories of relativity general theory general theory of relativity general theory of verbal humor general theory of verbal humour general ticket general tickets general topologists general topology general tort principles general trade union general transcription factor general transcription factors general type general union general unionism general unions general uprising general variational methods general visceral efferent general warrant general warrants general welfare general welfare clause general will general work stoppage general-interest newspaper general-purpose general-purpose bomb GP bomb general-purpose GP bomb general-purpose bomb general-purpose bombs general-purpose computer general-purpose government general-purpose hall general-purpose machine gun general-purpose machine guns general-purpose modeling general-purpose operating systems general-purpose processors general-purpose programming language general-purpose programming languages general-purpose programs general-to-specific search generale colloquium generalised binomial coefficients generalised compound generalised compounds generalised constraint generalised continued fractions generalised cost generalised f-mean generalised feedback shift register generalised hyperbolic distribution generalised hyperbolic distributions generalised metric generalised other generalised phrase structure grammar generalised suffix tree generalised time reversible generalist and specialist species generalizability theory generalization argument generalization of meaning generalization of notion “derivative” for types generalization principle generalizations to higher dimensions generalized "displacements" generalized "forces" or extraordinary generalized algebraic data type generalized algebraic datatypes generalized almost complex structure generalized binomial series generalized binomial theorem generalized canonical correlation generalized chain rule generalized charts generalized circle generalized cohomology theory generalized complex geometry generalized complex manifold generalized complex manifolds generalized complex numbers generalized complex structure generalized complex structures generalized continued fraction generalized continued-fraction generalized continuum hypothesis generalized coordinate generalized coordinates generalized dihedral group generalized discrete element method generalized edema generalized eigenfunction generalized eigenfunctions generalized eigenspaces of unbounded operators generalized eigenvalue problem generalized eigenvectors generalized epilepsy with febrile seizures plus type-3 generalized estimating equation generalized expected utility generalized f-mean generalized flag manifolds generalized force generalized forces generalized function generalized functions generalized game generalized games generalized gradient approximation generalized harmonic number generalized heptagonal number generalized hypergeometric functions generalized hypoxia generalized impedance converter generalized interval arithmetic generalized inverse generalized keyboard generalized least squares generalized least-squares generalized linear phase generalized lymphadenopathy generalized mean generalized mean inequality generalized means generalized method of moments generalized minimal residual method generalized momentum generalized n-gons generalized network generalized nondeterministic finite state machine generalized orthogonal group generalized other generalized paresis of the insane generalized pentagonal number generalized pentagonal numbers generalized phrase structure grammar generalized polyadic quantifier generalized position generalized position coordinates generalized processor sharing generalized quadrangle generalized quadrangles generalized quantifier generalized quantifiers generalized quaternion generalized quaternion group generalized scalar potential generalized scale-free models generalized second-price auction generalized singular value decomposition generalized special orthogonal group generalized star height problem generalized survey propagation generalized symmetry generalized symmetry concept generalized theory of gravitation generalized theory of martingales generalized uncertainty principle generalized valence bond generalized variable length integers generalized velocities generally accepted accounting practice generally accepted accounting principles generally accepted accounting principles generally accepted auditing standards generally always sharp, pointy, or hot generally considered difficult generally covariant generally pleased generally positively received characters generally recognized as safe generally recognized as safe generally regarded generals at sea generals de brigade generate a natural partial order generate content generate electricity generate power generate random numbers generate reports generate water, air, soil and produce generated at the mill generated by generated code generated collection generated controversy generated mathematically generated using fractals generates content procedurally generates fire generating capacity generating electricity generating energy generating exponential variables generating facilities generating facility generating fire or heat generating function generating functional generating functional analysis generating functions generating matrix generating plant generating power generating randomness generating set generating set of an algebra generating station generating stations generating trigonometric tables generatio spontanea generation "X" generation and corruption generation descendent generation gap generation gaps generation groups generation loss generation mean analysis generation mix generation name generation names generation of electricity generation of hydrogen generation phase generation prefix generation ship generation ships generation spaceship generation stage generation time generation times generation-recombination noise generation-skipping transfer tax generational accounting generational change generational collector generational conflict generational differences generational garbage collection generational garbage collector generational names generational order generational scavenging generational ship generational ships generational starship generations book generations of mesh networks generations of quarks and leptons generations of war generative art generative cell generative computer programming generative fluid generative gland generative glands generative grammar generative grammarians generative grammars generative hyphae generative linguist generative linguistic generative linguistics generative model generative modelling generative models generative music generative organs generative philosophy generative politics generative programming generative reproduction generative rules generative sciences generative scientists generative semanticists generative semantics generative sequence generative spiral generative statistical models generative syntacticians generative syntax generative system generative systems generative techniques generative topographic mapping generator cart generator expressions generator gas generator matrices generator matrix generator polynomials generator potential generator sets generator wizards generators and relations generators of electricity generał broni generał brygady generał dywizji generic "one" generic "you" generic 'you' trademark revoked generic or genericized (trademark still in force) trademark revoked or genericized (trademark still in force) generic trademark revoked or genericized (trademark still in force) generic adjective ergodic generic alternatives generic antecedents generic arguments generic array logic generic brand generic brands generic characters generic checklist generic city generic classes generic consistency generic context generic conventions generic currency sign generic cyclic polynomial generic description generic descriptor generic domain generic domain name generic drug generic drugs generic equivalents generic extension generic extensions generic fantasy setting generic fibre generic filter generic filters generic flatness generic game generic gemination generic group model generic interval generic intervals generic laboratory generic level generic masculine generic medications generic medicine generic medicines generic models generic modules generic name generic name for all gas pumps generic names generic one generic or private label brands generic payoffs generic pharmaceutical generic pharmaceuticals generic pharmaceutics generic phone numbers generic point generic points generic prescription drugs generic product generic production generic products generic programming generic property generic queries generic reference generic role-playing game generic role-playing game system generic role-playing game systems generic routing encapsulation generic rules generic scalar transport equation generic scale steps generic slanting method generic smoothness generic strategies generic term generic top-level domain generic top-level domains generic trademark generic types generic ultrapowers generic use of the trademark generic versions generic word generic you generically finite generically intersect generically surjective genericised trade mark genericised trademark genericised trademarks genericised tradename genericized reference genericized trade mark genericized trademark genericized trademarked genericized trademarks generous government contracts genesis of alchemy genesis of soils genesis philosophy genestealer hybrids genet cats genetic aberration genetic acceleration genetic affiliation genetic affinity genetic algorithm genetic algorithms genetic alteration genetic analysis genetic and chromosomal disorders genetic and environmental factors genetic anthropology genetic anticipation genetic architecture genetic assimilation genetic association genetic association study genetic background genetic barcode genetic basis for sexual orientation genetic bottleneck genetic bottlenecks genetic breeding program genetic canalization genetic cause genetic causes genetic cellular material genetic chimera genetic choice technologies genetic classification genetic clone genetic code genetic codes genetic component genetic components genetic concordance genetic condition genetic consequence genetic conservation genetic constitutions genetic contribution to intelligence genetic control of enzyme genetic copying genetic counseling genetic counselling genetic counsellor genetic counselor genetic counselors genetic damage genetic defect genetic defects genetic deficiencies genetic deformities genetic deletion genetic deletions genetic descent genetic deterioration genetic determinism genetic deviation genetic diagnosis genetic differences genetic discrimination genetic disease genetic disease resistance genetic diseases genetic disorder genetic disorders genetic distance genetic distances genetic divergence genetic diversity genetic dominance genetic doppelganger genetic double genetic doubling techniques genetic drift genetic duplicate genetic ecology genetic effects of small population size genetic elements genetic emphysema genetic endowment genetic engineer genetic engineered genetic engineering genetic engineering facilities genetic engineering of food genetic engineering of human beings genetic engineers genetic enhancement genetic enhancements genetic epidemiology genetic epistemology genetic equilibrium genetic erosion genetic evidence genetic experiment genetic experimentation genetic factors genetic fallacy genetic fingerprint genetic fingerprinting genetic fingerprints genetic genealogy genetic genealogy testing genetic girl genetic hemochromatosis genetic heterogeneity genetic history genetic hitchhiking genetic homogeneity genetic immortality genetic imprinting genetic in the linguistic sense genetic infantryman genetic inferiority genetic influence genetic information genetic inheritance genetic interaction genetic interactions genetic intervention genetic junk genetic laws of inheritance genetic level genetic libraries genetic lineage genetic lines genetic linguistics genetic linkage genetic linkage map genetic load genetic loci genetic locus genetic make up genetic makeup genetic manipulation genetic manipulations genetic map genetic mapping genetic maps genetic marker genetic markers genetic material genetic materials genetic mechanisms genetic medical history genetic memories genetic memory genetic mixing genetic modification genetic modification of humans genetic modifications genetic molecule genetic mosaic genetic mother genetic mutants genetic mutation genetic mutations genetic operator genetic operators genetic optimization genetic or environmental genetic origin genetic parasexual recombination genetic parents genetic patent genetic pathway genetic phenomena genetic pollution genetic polymorphism genetic polymorphisms genetic predisposition genetic predispositions genetic problems genetic processes genetic profiles genetic profiling genetic program genetic programming genetic purity genetic recessive autosome genetic recombinants genetic recombination genetic recombinations genetic redundancy genetic regulation genetic regulatory network genetic regulatory networks genetic relatedness genetic relationship genetic relationships genetic representation genetic research genetic research on autism genetic researcher genetic researchers genetic resistance genetic resources genetic roots of violence genetic science genetic screen genetic screening genetic screens genetic selection genetic sequence genetic sequences genetic sequencing genetic sex genetic sexual attraction genetic shift genetic skin diseases genetic structure genetic structures genetic studies genetic study genetic subgroup genetic suppression genetic survival genetic susceptibility genetic tampering genetic techniques genetic technologies genetic technology genetic test genetic test results genetic testing genetic tests genetic theory genetic therapy genetic ties genetic trace genetic trait genetic traits genetic transcription genetic transduction genetic transformation genetic transmission genetic treatment genetic tree genetic unity genetic variability genetic variance genetic variants genetic variation genetic variation in taste genetic variations genetic viability genetic views on race genetical theory of natural selection genetically altered genetically altered mice genetically altering genetically augmented human genetically bred genetically close genetically conserved genetically determined genetically distinct populations genetically diverse genetically dominant genetically doubled genetically engineer genetically engineered genetically engineered crops genetically engineered foods genetically engineered impostor genetically engineered life form genetically engineered organisms genetically engineered plant genetically engineered plants genetically engineering genetically enhanced genetically female genetically fit genetically homogeneous genetically homogenous population genetically homogenous wave of population genetically identical genetically isolated genetically knocked out genetically manipulated genetically manipulates genetically modifed genetically modifed organism genetically modified genetically modified genetically modified crops GM crops genetically modified GM crops genetically modified animals and food genetically modified crops genetically modified food genetically modified food crop genetically modified foods genetically modified ingredients genetically modified micro-organisms genetically modified organism genetically modified organism genetically modified organisms genetically modified plant genetically modified plants genetically modified potato genetically modified seeds genetically modified supermen genetically modified sweet corn genetically modified tomatoes genetically modify genetically modifying genetically mutilated genetically polluted genetically predetermined genetically predisposed genetically programmed genetically pure genetically recessive genetically recreated genetically related genetically stable genetically transformed genetically transmitted genetically unrelated genetically very close genetically-advanced superweapon genetically-modified genetically-modified crops GM crops genetically-modified GM crops genetically-modified genetically-modified food GM food genetically-modified GM food genetically-modified genetically-modified foods GM foods genetically-modified GM foods genetically-modified animals genetically-modified crops genetically-modified food genetically-modified organisms geneticaly homogenous population geneticist and neurobiologist genetics and environment genetics and ethics genetics and genealogy genetics experiments genetics foundation genetics of autism genetics of human sexual orientation genetics research genetics screens geneva drive genicular arteries geniculate bodies geniculate body geniculate fibers geniculate ganglion geniculate river snail geniculatum laterale geniculocalcarine tract genie pants genii locorum genioglossus muscle geniohyoid muscle genital ambiguity genital anatomy genital anomalies genital aperture genital area genital arousal genital bisection genital branch genital branch of genitofemoral genital branch of genitofemoral nerve genital cords genital corpuscles genital cutting genital cutting of girls genital diseases genital ducts genital dysmorphia genital herpes genital infection genital insert genital integrity genital intercourse genital kiss genital masculinization genital modification genital modification and mutilation genital mutilation genital mutiliation genital opercula genital organ genital organs genital papilla genital piercing genital piercings genital play genital pore genital pores genital reassigments genital reassignment genital reassignment surgery genital reconstruction surgery genital reconstructive surgery genital retraction syndrome genital ridge genital ridges genital sex genital stage genital surgery genital swelling genital swellings genital system genital tattooing genital tract genital tracts genital tubercle genitival article genitive absolute genitive attribute genitive case genitive caseforms genitive cases genitive construction genitive constructions genitive form genitive marker genitive plural genito-urinary medicine genito-urinary tract genitocrural nerve genitofemoral nerve genitourinary infections genitourinary medicine genitourinary organs genitourinary system genitourinary tract genius award genius grant genius loci genius naïf genius quotient genius sperm bank genki girl genmai tea genoa sail genocidal acts genocidal campaign genocidal conflict genocidal killing genocidal policy genocidal war genocide as a crime under domestic law genocide convention genocide denial genocide development genocide in genocide under municipal laws genocide which occurred there genocides in history genoese language genographic project genome analysis genome annotation genome assembly genome biologist genome data genome duplication genome duplications genome evolution genome mapping genome project genome projects genome rearrangements genome sequence genome sequenced genome sequences genome sequencing genome sequencing projects genome size genome sizes genomic blot genomic clone genomic duplication genomic experimentation genomic imprinting genomic instability genomic insulators genomic island genomic islands genomic libraries genomic library genomic manipulation genomic medicine genomic parasites genomic phylostratigraphy genomic region genomic science genomic sequence genomic sequencing genotype and phenotype genotype frequencies genotype frequency genotype-phenotype distinction genotype-phenotype map genotypic assay genre b.goode genre composition genre conventions genre criticism genre fiction genre fictions genre film genre films genre literature genre novels genre of anecdotes genre of fiction of the same name genre of music genre of romance genre of science fiction genre painter genre painters genre painting genre paintings genre pictures genre pieces genre romance novels genre scenes genre specific films genre studies genre theorists genre theory genre works genre-related references and homages genres and sub-genres genres of music gens de couleur gens de couleur libre gens de couleur libres gens name genset trailer genset trailers gentamicin 2"-nucleotidyltransferase gentamicin 2'-N-acetyltransferase gentamicin 3'-N-acetyltransferase gente nuova gentes maiores gentian family gentian root gentian root Gentiana lutea gentian violet gentisate 1,2-dioxygenase gentisate decarboxylase gentisic acid gentle birth gentleman architect gentleman astronomers gentleman commoner gentleman farming gentleman groom of the royal bedchamber gentleman of horse gentleman of the bedchamber gentleman pensioners gentleman pirate gentleman ranker gentleman scientist gentleman scientists gentleman thief gentleman usher gentlemans club gentlemen reavers gentlemen scientists file manager gentoo penguin gentoo penguins gentry class genu curvatum genu inferiores genu media genu of genu of corpus callosum genu of the corpus callosum genu of the internal capsule genu valgum genu varum Fayray album genuine cross section genuine fortresses genuine knowledge genuine savings genus aedes genus and species genus expansion genus generalissimum genus group genus inquirendum genus of a group genus of an algebraic curve genus of butterfly genus of jumping spiders genus of pirate bugs genus of plant genus of spiders genus one genus page genus theory genus-and-difference definition genus-group name geo extensions geo microformat geo targeting geo-political context geo-political space geo-stationary orbit geocentric cosmology geocentric latitude geocentric model geocentric models geocentric orbit geocentric orbits geocentric theory geocentric universe geochemical anomaly geochemical classification geochemical dating geocoded photo geodemographic segmentation general relativity geodesic anomaly geodesic convexity geodesic curvature geodesic deviation geodesic distances geodesic dome geodesic domes geodesic equation geodesic equations geodesic flow geodesic grid geodesic incompleteness geodesic incompleteness and singularities geodesic manifold geodesic maps geodesic metric space geodesic metric spaces geodesic motion geodesic normal coordinates geodesic path geodesic polyarene geodesic polyarenes geodesic sphere geodesic spheres geodesic spray geodesic survey geodesic vertex geodesically complete geodesically convex