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learned doctors of theology learned helplessness learned immunity learned journal learned journals learned knowledge learned societies learned society learned words learner autonomy learner drivers learner plates learner-centered approach learning a human language learning abilities learning aid learning aids learning algorithm learning algorithms learning and developmental disabilities learning and exploration space learning and teaching it learning assistants learning behaviour learning by doing learning by rote learning by teaching learning by watching learning challenged learning classifier systems learning classifiers learning communities learning community learning computers learning content learning content management systems learning curve learning curve effects learning curves learning cycle learning design learning differences learning difficulties learning disabilities learning disability learning disabled learning disorder learning disorders learning economy learning effects learning from positive examples learning game learning logs learning management software learning management system learning management systems learning methods learning music by ear learning object learning objects learning of languages learning or cognitive disability learning organisation learning organization learning organizations learning outcomes learning paradox learning pathway learning pathways learning process learning program learning psychology learning resources learning rule learning science learning sciences learning space design learning strategies learning strategy learning stretch learning style learning styles learning systems learning technology learning their language learning theories learning theory learning to learn learning to read lease agreement lease contract lease holding lease purchase contract lease territory lease-and-buyback agreements leased access leased line leased lines leased telecommunication lines leased territory leased-time basis leasehold estate leasehold estates leasehold improvements leasehold reform leaseholders of estates leash laws leasing company leasing costs leasing rates leasing transactions least absolute deviation least absolute deviations least action least action principle least adjustment least bittern least cisco least common denominator least common multiple least common multiples least concern least cost least cost planning methodology least cost routing least densely populated least developed least developed countries least developed country least developed nations least element least five million years least fixed point least fixed points least fixpoint least flycatcher least grebe least horseshoe bat least interventionist least mean square error least mean squares least mean squares least nor a greatest element least populous least populous incorporated town least privilege least quadratic non-residue least recently used least recently used least restrictive environment least restrictive means least sandpiper least significant least significant bit least significant bits least significant byte least significant digit least significant value bit least splanchnic nerve least squares least squares fitting least squares index least squares inference least squares method least squares regression least surface area least tern least terns least upper bound least upper bound axiom least upper bound principle least upper bound property least upper bounds least user access least weasel least weasels least-cost path least-motion arguments least-significant bit least-significant bits least-squares estimation least-squares estimator least-squares minimization least-squares regression least-squares spectral analysis leather and studs leather armour leather bar leather cannons leather chemicals leather community leather counter-culture leather craft kits leather crafting leather culture leather daddy leather fashion leather fetish leather fetishism leather fetishist leather flower leather garments leather glove leather gloved leather gloves leather glue leather goods leather hard leather helmet leather industry leather jacket leather jacketed leather jackets leather making leather men leather merchant leather motorcycle jackets leather oak leather painting leather pride leather seats leather shoe brake leather shoes leather strap leather straps leather subcultural leather subculture leather tanners leather tannery leather tanning leather thong leather worker leather workers leather working leatherback sea turtle leatherback sea turtles leatherback turtle leatherback turtles leathermen and leatherwomen leathery grunter leave employment leave his body leave his home country leave in large numbers leave no trace leave nothing but footprints leave of absence leave pass leave the city leave the country leave the party leave the solar system leave their mark on leave to appeal leave to enter leave to remain leave-one-out cross-validation leave-one-out method leavened bread leavened dough leavened products leavening agent leavening agents leaves her awake leaves him leaves of absence leaves on the line leaves the breasts bare leaving gleanings for the poor leaving group leaving groups leaving his position to take care of his daughter leaving no trace leaving school leaving the body leaving the human body at will lebanese cuisine lebes gamikos lebetes gamikoi lebiiskyi language lechazo asado leche asada leche caspi leche flan leche quemada lecithin cholesterolacyltransferase lecithin citrate lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase lecithin-retinol acyltransferase lectern desk lectern desks lectin affinity chromatography lectin pathway lectio divina lecture appearances lecture circuit lecture course lecture hall lecture halls lecture series lecture theatre lecture theatres lecture tour lecturer in economics lecturer strike lectures for young people led astray led off led the league led the league in points led them led to an alternative term ledebouriella root ledger line ledger lines ledum groenlandicum ledum palustre lee helm lee shore lee shores lee side lee sides lee troughs lee wave lee waves leech line leek soup leela charitra leet courts leet speak leeward island leeward side left action left adjoint left adjoints left alternative left anatomical lobe left and far left left and liberal antisemitism left and right left and right adjoints left and right banks left and right bookends left and right cerebral hemispheres left and right channels left and right in politics left and right limits left and right pulmonary veins left anterior descending left anterior descending left anterior descending artery left anterior descending coronary artery left anterior fascicular block left anti-KPD communist left anti-Semitism left arm left arm orthodox left arm orthodox spin left arm orthodox spinner left arm spin left arm spin bowler left arm spinner left arm unorthodox spin left arm wristspinner left arrow left associative left atria left atrial left atrial appendage left atrial branch left atrial myxoma left atrioventricular opening left atrium left auricle left auricula left auricular appendix left back left backs left bank left biceps left brain left branch of the pulmonary artery left bronchial arteries left bronchomediastinal trunk left bronchus left bundle branch block left carotid left centre left circumflex artery left circumflex artery left circumflex coronary artery left click left colic left colic artery left colic flexure left colic vein left common carotid left common carotid artery left common carotid artery in thorax left common iliac left common iliac artery left common iliac vein left communism left communist left communists left continuous left coronary left coronary artery left coronary plexus left cosets left current left cusp left defender left derived functors left deviationism left distributive left division left ear pierced left eigenvectors left eser left exact left exact functor left exit left extremity of the liver left eye dominant left field left fielder left fielders left flank left footed left front left full back left full-back left fullback left gastric left gastric artery left gastric vein left gastro-omental artery left gastro-omental vein left gastroepiploic left gastroepiploic artery left gastroepiploic branch left gastroepiploic vein left group left guard left half left halfback left hand left hand drive left hand isomer left hand path left hand pedal left hand rule left hand side left handed left handed batsman left handed specialist left handedness left heart left hemisphere left hemispheric left hereditary left him in a coma left hippocampus left his body to science left his heart left hook left ideal left idealism left ideals left identity left in the wilderness left industry left innominate vein left internal thoracic artery left inverse left inverses left lateral aortic glands left lateral lobe left leaning left liberal left libertarian left lifting property left lobe left lobe of the liver left lower quadrant left luggage left lung left main left main bronchus left main coronary artery left mainstem bronchi left margin left margin of heart left marginal left marginal arteries left marginal artery left marginal vein left midfield left midfielder left module left modules left nationalist left null space left nullspace left of center left of centre left of centre populist left of splenic flexure of left of the mainstream left on base left or right tackle left order topology left ovarian vein left political periodicals left posterior fascicular block left posterior ventricular vein left pulmonary artery left pulmonary branch left quotient left realism left realist left realists left rear triangle left recurrent nerve left recursion left regroupment left regular grammars left regular representation left renal left renal vein left renal vein entrapment left right asymmetry left right inertial reference system left rotation left sagittal fossa left semimedial left shift left side left side of the equation left singular vector left splanchnic nerves left subclavian left subclavian artery left superior intercostal vein left superior vena cava left suprarenal left suprarenal vein left tack left tackle left temporoparietal junction left testicular vein left the church left the party left the region left the track left to die left to right left to right shunt left triangular left triangular ligament left triangular ligaments left tributary left unar left vena cava left venous valve left ventricle left ventricles left ventricular left ventricular assist device left ventricular dysfunction left ventricular ejection fraction left ventricular failure left ventricular outflow tract obstruction left ventricular pressure left ventricular systolic impairment left views left wing left wing back left wing politics left wing social researcher of the same name left wing terrorist left wing-back left wingback left winger left wingers left- to right-hand left-Noetherian ring left-arm bowler left-arm chinaman left-arm fast bowler left-arm orthodox left-arm orthodox bowler left-arm orthodox spin left-arm orthodox spinner left-arm slow bowler left-arm spin left-arm spinner left-arm unorthodox spin left-arm wrist spin left-branching syntax left-exact functors left-eye dominance left-eye flounder left-foot braking left-hand man left-hand path left-hand ramps left-hand rule left-hand side left-hand side, right-hand side left-hand threaded left-hand tributary left-handed anti-neutrino left-handed batsman left-handed coordinate system left-handed isomer left-handed knockout hook left-handed material left-handed materials left-handed opening batsman left-handed pitcher left-handed quarks left-handed sewer flute left-handed specialist left-handed specialists left-handed thread left-invariant vector field left-leaning politics left-radical policies left-rear tyre failure left-right axis left-right clashes left-right cleavage left-right confusion left-right coordination left-right dichotomy left-right distinction left-right division left-right model left-right models left-right political spectrum left-right politics left-right spectrum left-right symmetry left-skewed distribution left-to-right and top-to-bottom left-to-right mark left-to-right shunt left-wing activists left-wing conspiracies left-wing government left-wing liberal left-wing parties left-wing party left-wing political left-wing political parties left-wing political views left-wing politically left-wing politics left-wing press left-wing socialists left-wing union left-wing views lefteye flounder lefteye flounders leftist groups leftist guerillas leftist guerrillas leftist heaps leftist military coup leftist movement leftist opponents leftist parties leftist political coalition leftist political ethic leftist political movements leftist politics leftist publications leftist tree leftist-guerrilla activities leftmost derivation leftwing christian leftwing christian democratic party leftwing politics lefty specialist leg aids leg armor leg band leg before leg before wicket leg bones leg braces leg break leg break bowler leg breaker leg breaks leg bye leg byes leg callipers leg capture one shoulder powerbomb leg conformation leg cradle suplex leg curl leg cutter leg cutters leg drop leg drop bulldog leg dropping leg drops leg edema leg extension leg extensions leg fetish leg fracture leg glance leg hair leg hold traps leg injury leg iron leg irons leg lamp leg lariat leg lifts leg locks leg muscles leg of lamb leg out leg pads leg pain leg press leg pressing leg raises leg rattles leg ropes leg shaving leg side leg slip leg spin leg spiner leg spinner leg spinners leg spinning leg spreader leg spreaders leg stump leg theory leg trap sunset flip powerbomb leg ulcers leg vises leg warmers leg wrap leg yield leg-break and googly leg-break bowler leg-hold trap legacy admissions legacy analysis legacy applications legacy carrier legacy carriers legacy code legacy compatibility legacy costs legacy encoding legacy encodings legacy languages legacy mode legacy port legacy preference legacy preferences legacy software legacy software systems legacy students legacy support legacy system legacy systems legacy tools legacy writing legal "persons" legal domination rational domination legal rational domination legal abortion legal academic legal academics legal act legal action legal actions legal actions concerning treaty rights legal activist and fellow legal acts legal adulthood legal advice legal adviser legal advisor legal advisor's legal advisors legal age legal age limit legal age of consent legal agreement or contract legal aid legal aid lawyer legal aid society legal alien legal analyst legal and governmental system legal and illegal residencies legal and security enterprises legal and social benefits of traditional marriage legal and social status legal appeals legal argument legal aspects legal aspects of computing legal aspects of transsexualism legal assistance legal assistant legal assistants legal authority legal ban legal bar legal battle legal battles legal behavior legal black hole legal blackmail legal boilerplate legal brief legal briefs legal canons legal capacity legal capital legal career legal case legal cases legal causation legal chronicler legal citation legal citations legal clerk legal clinic legal clinics legal code legal codes legal coding legal compulsion legal concept legal concepts legal concerns legal consent legal consequences legal construct legal consultant legal consulting legal contexts legal continuity legal controls legal controversy legal corporation legal costs legal counsel legal counselor legal court dress legal covenants legal currency legal custody legal custom legal damages legal death legal debate legal decision legal defense legal defense fund legal defense funds legal definition legal definition of genocide legal deposit legal deposit libraries legal deposit library legal description legal determination of water claims legal dictionary legal director legal disability legal disclaimers legal discourse legal discovery legal dispute legal disputes legal doctrine legal doctrines legal document legal document assistants legal documents legal domination legal downloads legal drama legal dramas legal dress legal drinking age legal duty legal education legal effect legal egalitarianism legal emancipation legal enactments legal encyclopedia legal entities legal entitlement legal entity legal equality legal error legal estate legal estates legal ethics legal evidence legal evidence and inference legal exception legal execution legal executions legal executive legal executives legal expert legal experts legal expiration legal fee legal fees legal fiction legal flow legal force legal formalism legal forms legal forum legal framework legal gambling legal guardian legal guardians legal guardianship legal hermeneutics legal hierarchy legal historian legal history legal holiday legal holidays legal houses of prostitution legal humanism legal humanist legal humanists legal idealism legal identity legal immigrants legal immigration legal immunities legal immunity legal incapacity legal indemnity legal inference legal informatics legal information legal infrastructure legal injunction legal instrument legal instruments legal interest legal interpretation legal interpretivism legal investigation legal investigations legal issues legal issues of cannabis legal journal legal jurisdiction legal jury legal justification for the use of force legal language legal legitimacy legal lettering legal lexicography legal liability legal limbo legal limit legal limitations legal majority legal malpractice legal marijuana legal matters legal maxim legal maxims legal mechanism legal memorandum legal merit legal minors legal monopolies legal monopoly legal moralism legal mortgage legal motion legal motions legal music downloads legal name legal names legal nationalism legal naturalism legal no-right legal norm legal norms legal notice legal notices legal nullity legal nurse consultants legal nurse consultation legal obligation and authority legal obligations legal observers legal office legal officer legal officers legal ontology legal opinion legal opinions legal order legal organisation legal origins theory legal pad legal pads legal paper legal paper size legal parity legal peers legal penalties legal periodical legal periodicals legal permanent resident legal person legal personality legal personhood legal persons legal persons in public law legal philosopher legal philosophers legal philosophy legal phrase legal play legal pluralism legal policing legal policy of repression legal positivism legal positivist legal positivists legal power legal practice legal precedent legal precedents legal preemption legal principle legal principles legal privilege legal problems legal procedure legal procedures legal proceeding legal proceedings legal process legal process outsourcing legal processes legal procurator legal profession legal professional legal professional privilege legal professional privilege legal professionalism legal professionals legal professions legal programs legal prohibition legal property legal protection legal protection of access to abortion legal protections legal psychology legal punishment legal purge legal purposes legal questions legal rationality legal realism legal realist legal realist movement legal realists legal reasoning legal reasoning and interpretation legal recognition legal recognition of sign language legal records legal redress legal reference libraries legal reformer legal reformers legal release legal relief legal remedies legal remedy legal rendition legal reporter legal represenation legal representation legal request for discovery legal requirements of making gifts legal research legal research and writing legal residence legal resident legal residents legal responsibility legal restrictions legal right legal rights legal risk legal rule legal rulings legal same-sex marriages legal scholar legal scholars legal scholarship legal schools of thought legal science legal secretaries legal secretary legal security legal segregation legal sense legal separation legal service legal service of process legal service plan legal services legal settlement legal settlements legal size legal sized legal smoking age legal society legal specialist legal specialists legal squabbles legal standing legal status legal status of slaves legal status of transsexuals legal statute legal studies legal successor legal successor state legal sufficiency legal sufficiency review legal suit legal suite legal suits legal support legal suspense thriller legal syllogism legal system legal systems legal technicality legal tender legal term legal term of art legal terminology legal terms legal terrorism legal tests legal theories legal theorist legal theory legal theory and practice legal thriller legal thrillers legal title legal titles legal to be carried legal traditions legal translation legal transplants legal treatise legal treatises legal troubles legal use of force legal validity of slavery legal wager legal ward legal warrants legal work legal working age legal writer legal writing legal wrong legal year legal-size paper legal-sized paper legalisation of all drugs legalisation of cannabis legalisation of casino gambling legalisation of drugs legalisation of gay marriages legalisation of marijuana legalise casino gambling legalise it legalised same-sex marriage legalistic claim legalistic procedures legality of abortion to save a woman's life legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons legality of unilateral provincial secession legalization groups legalization of abortion legalization of all drugs legalization of cannabis legalization of drugs legalization of gay marriage legalization of hemp legalization of marijuana legalize marijuana legalize same-sex marriage legalized abortion legalized abortion and crime effect legalized gambling legalized marijuana legalized piracy legalized prostitution legalizing cannabis legally adjudicated legally adjudicated newspaper legally adopted legally allowed legally binding legally binding contract legally blonde legally change her name legally change their gender legally changed his name legally changing her name legally competent legally dead legally deceased legally declared dead legally defined legally downloading legally emancipated legally executed legally frivolous legally incompetent legally indigent legally insane legally liable legally neutral legally null legally protected legally recognized legally registered legally responsible legally separated legally-binding international agreements legate a latere legatine council legatine councils legation asylum legato phrasing legato picking legatus a latere legatus legionis legatus natus legatus pro praetore legbrace fascination legbrace fetishism lege artis legend below legend cars legend drugs legend films legend of the basilisk legend section legend tripping legendary aircraft legendary album legendary beasts legendary being legendary beings legendary bird legendary claims legendary creature legendary creatures legendary description legendary fight legendary founder of the city legendary history legendary kings legendary magician legendary narratives legendary phoenix egg legendary progenitor legendary resting place legendary saga legendary sagas legendary singer and actress legendary sorcerer legendary stadium of the same name legendary suit of armor legendary sword legends and lore legends car legends of a later date legends of saints leger de main leges barbarorum leges sanguinis leges sumtuariae legged robot leghemoglobin reductase leghold trap leghold traps legion of honor legion of honour legionary eagles legionary infantry legionary style of warfare legislate from the bench legislation banning ownership of all handguns legislation proposing amnesty legislation to cap roaming charges legislation to legalize same-sex marriage legislative act legislative action legislative acts legislative adviser legislative and judicial pay raise legislative assemblies legislative assemblies of the states legislative assembly legislative assembly of legislative assistant legislative attempts legislative autonomy legislative basis legislative bill legislative bills legislative bodies legislative body legislative branch legislative branch of government legislative branches legislative building legislative caucus legislative chamber legislative circonscriptions legislative collection legislative committee legislative confirmation legislative council legislative council of the united province legislative councillor legislative councilor legislative councils legislative department legislative district legislative districts legislative election legislative election of that year legislative election of the same month legislative election of the same period legislative election of the same year legislative elections legislative elections of this year legislative ethics legislative facts legislative forum legislative governing body legislative hearings legislative history legislative initiative legislative inquiries legislative institution legislative intent legislative issues legislative lobby legislative majority legislative oversight legislative pay raise legislative pay raise bill legislative power legislative powers legislative procedure legislative procedures legislative process legislative processes legislative redistricting legislative resolution legislative route legislative routes legislative seat legislative seats legislative session legislative solutions legislative staffer legislative statute legislative system legislative term limits legislative tracking legislative union legislative update legislative veto legislative vetoes legislative violence legislature broadcaster legislature building legislature elections legislature to remove the executive legislatures of the states legit heat political science legitimate contest legitimate expectation legitimate expectations legitimate front