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multi-layered effects multi-level analysis multi-level approach multi-level caches multi-level marketing multi-level marketing multi-level marketing business model multi-level memory indirect multi-level parking garage multi-level representation multi-level security multi-level selection multi-level storage multi-level structures multi-lingual droid multi-link design multi-link rear suspension multi-link suspension multi-manager investment multi-master bus multi-master replication multi-media franchise multi-media home entertainment systems multi-media learning centre multi-member constituencies multi-member district multi-member electoral ward multi-member plurality system multi-message billboards multi-methyl-branched acyl-CoA multi-million dollar multi-million dollar settlements multi-modal fission multi-modal fusion multi-modal logic multi-modal study multi-modal transportation multi-mode fiber multi-mode optical fiber multi-mode optical fibers multi-mutation theory on cancer multi-national chain multi-national corporation multi-national corporations multi-national oil companies multi-national state multi-national states multi-operating system multi-organ failure multi-paradigm language multi-paradigm programming language multi-part stationery multi-particle eigenstates multi-party computing multi-party democracies multi-party democracy multi-party elections multi-party negotiations multi-party period multi-party politics multi-party state multi-party system multi-party systems multi-pass compiler multi-pass compilers multi-perpetrator sexual abuse multi-pitch climbing multi-plate clutch multi-plate clutches multi-platform release of the same name multi-platinum album multi-platinum awarded multi-platinum certification multi-platinum selling multi-player computer game multi-player gaming multi-player mode multi-point fuel injection multi-port fuel injected multi-port fuel injection multi-port fuel-injection multi-port injected multi-potent bone marrow stem cell multi-protocol clients multi-protocol instant messengers multi-purpose arena multi-purpose mix vehicle multi-purpose project multi-purpose room multi-purpose ships multi-purpose stadium multi-purpose vehicle multi-purpose vehicles multi-racial elections multi-racial general election multi-rater assessment multi-record deal multi-reference coupled cluster multi-reference coupled-cluster multi-religious country multi-resistant coating multi-role aircraft multi-scale approaches multi-scale image segmentation multi-scale simulation multi-screen cinema multi-script encoding multi-sectoral models multi-sensory approach multi-service provisioning platform multi-site church multi-site churches multi-source agreement multi-species systems multi-spectral image multi-spectral images multi-spectral imaging multi-spectral sensors multi-spectral signatures multi-sport club multi-sport event multi-sport events multi-stage computation multi-stage cosmic ray radiation history multi-stage fitness tests multi-stage flash multi-stage flash distillation multi-stage programming multi-stage rocket multi-stage tournament multi-stage tournaments multi-stages rockets multi-star system multi-station access unit multi-step theory of carcinogenesis multi-storage paradigm multi-storey car park multi-storey car parks multi-storey carpark multi-storey parking multi-storey parking garages multi-story building multi-story buildings multi-story car park multi-story car parks multi-strand wires multi-table tournament multi-tasking environments multi-tasking operating systems multi-tenancy model multi-tenant architecture multi-term systems multi-tier architecture multi-tier architectures multi-tiered model multi-title crossovers multi-touch sensing multi-track diplomacy multi-track recorder multi-track recording multi-track recordings multi-track tape recorders multi-track tape recording multi-tubular boiler multi-unit dwelling multi-unit housing multi-unit recording multi-use path multi-use paths multi-use stadiums multi-use trail multi-use trails multi-user chat multi-user database multi-user dungeon multi-user dungeons multi-user online role-playing games multi-user orientation multi-user role playing games multi-user system multi-user systems multi-valued function multi-valued functions multi-valued logic multi-valued logic circuits multi-valued logics multi-valued mappings multi-vector assault mode multi-vehicle collisions multi-volume collection of interlinked novels multi-walled nanotubes multi-wavelength anomalous diffraction multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion multi-way projective space multi-windowed cupola multi-wire proportional counters multi-woodwind player multiagent systems multiband compression multiband processing multibeam echo sounder multibeam echosounder multibeam sonars multibyte character sets multicamera set up multicamera setup multicast address multicast addresses multicast routing multicast stream multicast streaming multicast traffic multicast transfer multicatalytic endopeptidase complex multicellular animals multicellular life multicellular lifeforms multicellular organism multicellular organisms multicellular thunderstorms multicenter clinical trial multicenter study multicenter trial multicenter trials multicentric breast cancer multichannel audio multichannel customer interaction hubs multichannel multipoint distribution service multichannel seismic multichannel television multichannel television sound multicistronic message multicolored iMacs multicolour graphics multicomplex numbers multicomponent model of working memory multicomponent reaction multicomponent reactions multicontour seat multicopper oxidase multicopy plasmid multicore cable multicore processors multicourse meal multicultural education multicultural issues multicultural literature multicultural mosaic multicultural policies multicultural society multicultural studies multiday festival multiday race multiday races multiday running multidenominational school multidetector computed tomography multidimensional analysis multidimensional arrays multidimensional cubes multidimensional data model multidimensional database multidimensional databases multidimensional distribution multidimensional hierarchical toolkit multidimensional integral multidimensional panel data multidimensional raster database system multidimensional scaling multidimensional scaling multidimensional scaling analysis multidimensional separation of concerns multidimensional space multidirectional shooter multidisciplinary approach multidisciplinary design multidisciplinary design optimization multidisciplinary opinion multidistrict litigation multidrug and toxin extrusion multidrug efflux pumps multidrug resistance multidrug resistance inhibition multidrug resistance protein multidrug resistance protein 4 multidrug resistance-associated protein multidrug resistant multidrug therapy multidrug-resistant tuberculosis multiethnic nation multiethnic population multiethnic society multifaceted eyes multifactor productivity multifactorial trait multifamily housing multifidus spinae multiflora rose multifocal atrial tachycardia multifocal breast cancer multifocal hemorrhagic contusion multifocal motor neuropathy multifoil arches multiform layer multiform neurons multifractal analysis multifractal properties multifrontal method multifunction or all-in-one printers multifunction peripheral multifunction printer multifunction printers multifunction radio multifunction steering wheel multifunctional anion exchanger multigene families multigene phylogenies multigenic control multigenic traits multigenomic organism multigenre convention multigenre conventions multigrade operator multigrid method multigrid methods multihead displays multihop propagation multijunction photovoltaics multilamellar liposomes multilaminar veneer multilane boulevard multilateral agreement multilateral comparison multilateral cooperation multilateral development banks multilateral institutions multilateral netting multilateral nuclear force multilateral organization multilateral organizations multilateral treaties multilateral treaty multilayer ceramic capacitor multilayer film multilayer grid file multilayer optic multilayer optics multilayer perceptron multilayer perceptrons multilayer switch multileaf collimator multileaf collimators multilevel analysis multilevel feedback queue multilevel marketing multilevel model multilevel modeling multilevel models multilevel precedence and preemption multilevel recording multilevel secure multilevel security multilevel selection multilevel selection theory multiline optical character reader multilineal evolution multilinear algebra multilinear algebras multilinear evolution multilinear form multilinear forms multilinear function multilinear functionals multilinear functions multilinear map multilinear maps multilinear operator multilingual education multilingual ethnic group multilingual internet population multilingual notations multilingual user interface multilinial views of cultural evolution multilink front suspension multilink suspension multilobe exhaust mixer multilobed teeth multilocular infection multimagic square multimammate rat multimammate rats multimedia applications multimedia art multimedia artist multimedia artists multimedia authoring multimedia codecs multimedia composition multimedia compression multimedia design multimedia development multimedia entertainment multimedia framework multimedia frameworks multimedia lab multimedia learning multimedia literacy multimedia messaging multimedia messaging service multimedia page multimedia pages multimedia player multimedia players multimedia presentation multimedia presentations multimedia search multimedia solution multimedia studio multimedia tour multimember district multimember districts multimeric complexes multimeric protein multimeric proteins multimillion dollar submarine contract multimodal authentication multimodal browser multimodal distribution multimodal integration multimodal interaction multimodal logic multimodality sportive association multimodality therapy multimodality treatment multimode distortion multimode fiber multimode fibers multimode optical fiber multimode optical fibers multimode step-index fiber multimode systems multinational business multinational coalition multinational coalition of forces multinational companies multinational company multinational corporate multinational corporation multinational corporations multinational corporations multinational firms multinational force multinational force multinational force's multinational forces multinational implementaion force multinational interests multinational military force multinational organization multinational peacekeeping force multinational state multinodular goiter multinodular goiters multinomial coefficient multinomial coefficients multinomial distribution multinomial expansion multinomial formula multinomial logit multinomial logit model multinomial probit multinomial test multinomial theorem multinomial-Dirichlet model multinucleate cell multinucleated giant cells multiobjective optimization multiorgan failure multipactor effect multiparadigm programming language multipart message multipartite virus multiparty computing multiparty democracy multiparty election multiparty elections multiparty republic multiparty system multipath effects multipath fading multipath interference multipath propagation multipath reception multipath time multiped tank multiphase flow multiphase flows multiphase system multiphasic liquid multiphoton fluorescence microscope multiphoton intrapulse interference phase scan multiphoton processes multiphoton spectroscopy multiplane camera multiplane cameras multiplane effect multiplayer browser game multiplayer browser games multiplayer computer games multiplayer game multiplayer gamers multiplayer games multiplayer gaming multiplayer link cable multiplayer mode multiplayer modes multiplayer online multiplayer online casual multiplayer online casual game multiplayer online computer games multiplayer online game multiplayer online games multiplayer online video games multiplayer role playing online game multiplayer role-playing game multiplayer section multiplayer up to 8 players multiplayer video game multiple abstractions multiple access multiple access channel multiple access dialler multiple access method multiple access methods multiple access protocols multiple acquired abilities multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency multiple agent system multiple alleles multiple allelism multiple alternatives multiple anagramming multiple antagonists multiple antenna multiple antenna research multiple antenna technologies multiple aperture telescope multiple arch design multiple artist multiple artists multiple attestation multiple attestations multiple author support multiple ballot system multiple barrels multiple birth multiple births multiple body regions multiple bombing raids multiple bond multiple bonds multiple careers multiple case-study multiple channel per carrier multiple characters multiple chemical sensitivities multiple chemical sensitivity multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome multiple choice multiple choice exam multiple choice knapsack problem multiple choice question multiple choice questions multiple choice test multiple choice tests multiple choices multiple citizenship multiple cloning site multiple cloning sites multiple coil magnet multiple colonic angiodysplasiae multiple comparison multiple comparisons multiple complex developmental disorder multiple components model multiple conceivable states multiple concurrent relationships multiple conflicting names multiple constrained knapsack problem multiple continuous rod multiple cores multiple correlation multiple correspondence analysis multiple courses multiple cropping multiple daily injections multiple decrement life tables multiple deities multiple deprivation index multiple diesel-electric units multiple disc clutch multiple disciplines multiple discriminant analysis multiple dispatch multiple document interface multiple document interfaces multiple drafts multiple drafts principle multiple drug-resistant multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis multiple dysfunction multiple edges multiple effect evaporator multiple effect evaporators multiple effect humidification multiple ejection racks multiple empresses multiple enchondromatosis multiple endings multiple endocrine adenomatosis multiple endocrine neoplasia multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2b multiple entry horn multiple equilibria multiple estate multiple exciton generation multiple expansion multiple expansion steam engine multiple exposure multiple exposures multiple family housing multiple foot stomps multiple frequency-shift keying multiple fruit multiple fruits multiple generality multiple gestation multiple gestations multiple gods multiple gunshots multiple heads multiple hearth furnaces multiple histories multiple hits multiple human fetus multiple hypothesis testing multiple identity multiple identity disorder multiple images multiple imputation multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles multiple inheritance multiple inlet or exhaust valves multiple inositol-polyphosphate phosphatase multiple instruction multiple data multiple instruction, multiple data multiple instruction, single data multiple intake and exhaust valves multiple integral multiple integrals multiple intelligence multiple intelligences multiple interacting genes multiple inventors multiple keys are pressed multiple kingpost multiple knapsack problem multiple languages multiple launch rocket system multiple launch rocket systems multiple layer patterning multiple layers multiple levee failures multiple level multiple levels multiple licenses multiple linear regression multiple links multiple listing system multiple listings service multiple locations multiple master multiple master fonts multiple masters multiple masts multiple means by which a loop could terminate multiple measure rests multiple member electorate multiple monitors multiple murders multiple myeloma multiple names multiple native wives multiple negatives multiple nuclei model multiple of the median multiple or submultiple multiple orbitals of the same energy multiple organ disfunction multiple organ dysfunction multiple organ dysfunction syndrome multiple organ failure multiple organ system failure multiple organ systems multiple orgasm multiple orgasms multiple pairwise tests multiple paradigms multiple partners multiple pathology multiple paths multiple personalities multiple personality multiple personality controversy multiple personality disorder multiple personality syndrome multiple petechial hemorrhages multiple planes of reality multiple platforms multiple players multiple points of view multiple polynomial quadratic sieve multiple possible endings multiple possible universes multiple pregnancies multiple pregnancy multiple processing cores multiple processing units multiple processors multiple programs multiple proxy servers multiple publication multiple publications multiple quantum realities multiple quantum well multiple re-entry vehicles multiple real root multiple realizability multiple registrars multiple regression multiple regression model multiple rocket launcher multiple rocket launchers multiple roles multiple root multiple roots multiple roots of a polynomial multiple rounds simultaneous impact multiple scattering multiple schedule multiple sclerosis‎ multiple sequence alignment multiple sequence alignments multiple sequences multiple sharp force trauma multiple shooting multiple shotguns set on a tripwire multiple signals multiple sleep latency test multiple spouses multiple star multiple star system multiple star systems multiple stars multiple steering multiple stopping multiple stops multiple stories multiple subpial transection multiple subscriber numbers multiple suicide bomb attack multiple system atrophy multiple systems multiple testing multiple threads multiple tiers multiple time dimensions multiple tornadoes multiple undo multiple unit multiple unit connections multiple unit operation multiple units multiple units diesel-electric multiple universes multiple use design multiple users multiple vacancy multiple valued functions multiple valves multiple versions multiple viewpoints multiple vortex multiple vortex tornado multiple vortex tornadoes multiple vortices multiple votes multiple wedding multiple wives multiple working multiple workspaces multiple world theory multiple worlds multiple zeta functions multiple zeta values multiple-angle formula multiple-arch dam multiple-aspect signalling multiple-beam interference multiple-bit upset multiple-camera setup multiple-choice exams multiple-choice knapsack problem multiple-choice question multiple-choice questions multiple-choice test multiple-conclusion logic multiple-effect evaporation multiple-effect evaporator multiple-family homes multiple-input multiple-output multiple-launch artillery rocket multiple-launch rocket system multiple-launch rocket systems multiple-operation instructions multiple-personality disorder multiple-processor computer system multiple-relation theory multiple-star system multiple-unit cars multiple-unit control multiple-unit train control multiple-unit trains multiple-use name multiple-use names multiple-valued function multiple-valued functions multiple-vehicle collisions multiple-vortex tornadoes multiplex 2 multiplex board multiplex channels multiplex cinema multiplex cinemas multiplex developmental disorder multiplex movie theatres multiplex siteswap multiplex stereo multiplex theatres multiplex throws multiplex ties multiplexed display multiplexed displays multiplexed links multiplexed paraphilia multiplicatio specierum multiplication algorithm multiplication algorithms multiplication by f multiplication by x multiplication formula multiplication method multiplication modulo p multiplication of entities multiplication of ineffectual left-wing parties multiplication of large integers multiplication of matrices multiplication of self and lineage through having children multiplication operator multiplication operators multiplication sign multiplication table multiplication tables multiplication theorem multiplication theorems multiplicative arithmetic functions multiplicative constant multiplicative distance multiplicative function multiplicative functions multiplicative group multiplicative group of integers modulo n multiplicative group of integers modulo p multiplicative group of residues modulo n multiplicative identity multiplicative inverse multiplicative inverses multiplicative noise multiplicative notation multiplicative order multiplicative persistence multiplicative property of zero multiplicative quantum number multiplicative series multiplicative set multiplicative subgroup multiplicative subset multiplicative type multiplicative unitaries multiplicities of the roots multiplicity constraint multiplicity distribution multiplicity function multiplicity of a point multiplicity of a root of a polynomial multiplicity of infection multiplicity of the corresponding root multiplied by Fourier analysis multiplier algebra multiplier effect multiplier principle multiply add multiply at an extremely rapid rate multiply connected multiply or times multiply perfect number multiply realizable multiply realized multiply the bread and fishes multiply these matrices multiply transitive multiply transitively multiply ur bloodstone multiplying at an exponential rate multiplying billiard balls multiplying large integers multiplying large numbers multiplying matrices multiplying the two elements together multipoint conferencing multipoint fuel injected multipoint fuel injection multipoint injection multipolar cell multipolar cells multipole expansion multipole expansions multipole moment multipole moments multiport fuel injection multiport repeater multiprocessor model multiprocessor update multiprotocol instant messaging application multiprotocol label switching multiprotocol routers multipurpose community telecentres multipurpose facilities multipurpose facility multipurpose frigates multipurpose munition multipurpose plant multiquark states multiracial feminism multiracial people multireference configuration interaction multiregional evolution hypothesis multiregional hypothesis multiregional origin of modern humans multiresolution analysis multirobot systems multirole aircraft multirole combat aircraft multiscale autoregressive model multiscale mathematics multiscale modeling multisensory integration multiserial enamel multiservice access nodes multiset coefficient multisided record multisourced neologization multispectral images multispectral imaging multispectral photography multisport club multisports club multisports clubs multistable perception multistage amplifiers multistage area-probability sample multistage interconnection networks multistage rocket multistage rockets multistage sampling multistage testing multistate life tables multistatic radar multistation access unit multistep methods multistep synthesis multistorey car park multistory parking garage multisubunit protein multisyllabic rhyme multisyllabic rhymes multisystem locomotive multisystem organ failure multisystemic disease multithreaded compiler multithreaded programming multithreading in hardware multitier architecture multitier architectures multitrack audio recorders multitrack recorder multitrack recorders multitrack recording multitrack recordings multitrack system multitrack tape recorder multiunit auction multiuser detection multivalent vaccine multivalient vaccine multivalue database management system multivalued dependencies multivalued dependency multivalued function multivalued functions multivalued logic multivariable analysis multivariable calculus multivariable control multivariate analysis multivariate calculus multivariate curve resolution multivariate distribution multivariate division multivariate division algorithm multivariate gamma function multivariate interpolation multivariate normal multivariate normal distribution multivariate normal distributions multivariate optical computer multivariate polynomials multivariate probit multivariate random variable multivariate random variables multivariate regression multivariate regression model multivariate statistical multivariate statistical methods multivariate statistics multivariate testing multivariate tests multiversal crisis multiverse theory multiversion concurrency control multiversion concurrency control multivesicular bodies multiwavelength anomalous diffraction multiway decision multiway linking multiway merge multiway search tree multiway tree multiway trees multiwire proportional chamber multiwire proportional chambers multiword expression mumble attack mumbo jumbo mummer plays mummers play mummers plays mummified body mummified corpse mummified head mumming plays mummy alien mummy cache mummy masks mummy paintings mummy paper mummy portraits mumps encephalitis mumps vaccine munchausen syndrome by proxy munchhausen syndrome munching fish munching squares munchiro sayo munchkin cat munchkin dudleya munchkin skate muncipal council muncipal legislatures mundane ambitions mundane astrology mundane or political astrology mundane science fiction mundium regis mundum neriyathum mundum neryathum mundus imaginalis munerum indictio mung bean mung bean paste mung bean sheets mung bean sprouts mung bean vermicelli mung beans mung ungler mungbean nuclease municapally owned municaplly owned municipal law domestic law municipal domestic law municipal administration municipal agency municipal airport municipal airports municipal alderman municipal and county planning municipal and general elections municipal and state bonds municipal annexation municipal architect municipal area municipal arrondissements municipal assembly municipal association municipal authorities municipal authority municipal autonomy municipal ballots municipal band municipal board municipal bond municipal bond arbitrage municipal bonds municipal borough municipal boroughs municipal broadband municipal budget municipal building municipal bureaus municipal bus companies municipal bus company municipal bus network and subway system municipal bus operations municipal bus operator municipal center municipal chamber municipal chambers municipal charter municipal charters municipal chief municipal clerk's municipal coat of arms municipal code municipal codes municipal college municipal commission municipal commissioner municipal committee municipal community municipal consent municipal corporation municipal corporations municipal corruption municipal council municipal council election municipal councillor municipal councilor municipal councils municipal court municipal court clerk municipal court judge municipal court judges municipal courts municipal debt municipal district municipal district and cadastral area municipal districts municipal divisions municipal doctor municipal election municipal elections municipal emergency response municipal executive municipal executive board municipal executives municipal expressway municipal expressway network municipal expressway system municipal expressways municipal fire departments municipal formations municipal governance municipal government municipal governments municipal guard municipal hall municipal holiday municipal housing municipal housing estate municipal incorporation municipal independence municipal infrastructure municipal inspection municipal intendant municipal judge municipal judges municipal jurisdiction municipal law municipal laws municipal league municipal legislative municipal legislatives municipal legislatures municipal level municipal mayor municipal mayors municipal mergers municipal okrug municipal okrugs municipal operators municipal ordinance municipal ordinances municipal organization municipal owned municipal owned and operated electric utility system municipal ownership municipal palace municipal paper municipal park municipal parklands municipal parks municipal partnership municipal performance audits municipal planning area municipal planning department municipal police municipal police officer municipal police officers municipal politics municipal polls municipal presidency municipal president municipal presidents municipal privileges municipal property municipal railway municipal railways municipal rate municipal recycling programs municipal reform municipal reformism municipal regime municipal revenues municipal rights municipal road municipal roads municipal school municipal seal municipal seat municipal securities municipal services municipal settlement municipal sewage municipal should waste boilers municipal socialism municipal solid waste municipal sources municipal square municipal subdivision municipal subway municipal swimming bath complex municipal swimming baths municipal system municipal theatre municipal town municipal towns municipal trading municipal union municipal unit municipal university municipal urban area municipal utility municipal utility district municipal wards municipal waste municipal water municipal water supply municipal water system municipal water systems municipal welfare municipal wireless municipal wireless network municipal wireless networks municipal workers' buildings municipalities and communities municipalities in its metropolitan area municipalities near the language border municipalities of the constituent states municipalities or communes municipalities or communities municipalities with facilities municipalities with language facilities municipalities with linguistic facilities municipality council municipality directly controlled by the central government municipality meetings municipality of municipality of the same name municipality or community municipality reform municipality seat municipality status municipality system municipality with language facilities municipality with linguistic facilities municipality with special status municipalité régionale de comté municipally owned municipally owned bus companies municipally owned bus company municipio libre munincipal airport munitions disposal munitions factories munitions factory munitions filling munitions filling factories munitions maker munitions manufacturing munitions squadron munitions truck munshid al sharjah munter friction hitch munter hitch muntiacus vuquangensis muntjac deer muon capture muon decay muon neutrino muon neutrinos muon spectroscopy muon spin spectroscopy muon-catalyzed fusion muonic atom muonic atoms muonic fusion mural art mural circle mural crown mural crowns mural instrument mural instruments mural painting mural paintings mural quadrant mural quadrants mural sextant mural sextants mural tablets mural thrombus muralist movement muramoylpentapeptide carboxypeptidase muramyl dipeptide muramyl tri-peptite murano beads murder attempts murder bag murder boards murder capital murder case murder charges murder children at a school murder conspiracy murder contract murder conviction murder cross murder for hire murder her children murder hole murder holes murder in the first degree murder in the third degree murder investigation murder investigation team murder magazines murder music murder mysteries murder mystery murder mystery game murder mystery games murder mystery party game murder mystery storyline murder of 24 civilians murder of dozens of regime opponents murder of five women murder of liberal dissidents murder of pre-born children murder of secular intellectuals murder of three civil rights workers murder premeditated and carried out by the state was the worst kind murder rate murder rate had been steadily dropping murder scene murder scenes murder spree murder squad murder squads murder stable murder suicide murder suspect murder trial murder triangle murder weapon murder-suicide case murdered her children murdered her mother and then killed himself murdered or displaced murdered their parents murdered them all