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peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors peroxisone proliferator-activated receptor gamma peroxy acid peroxy acids peroxy radical peroxyacetic acid peroxyacetyl nitrate peroxyacyl nitrate peroxyacyl nitrates peroxyacyl radicals peroxybenzoic acid peroxycarboxylic acid peroxydecanoic acid peroxydicarbonic acid dicyclohexyl ester peroxydisulfuric acid peroxydisulfuric acids peroxydisulfuryl difluoride peroxyformic acid peroxyl radical peroxymonophosphoric acid peroxymonosulfuric acid peroxymonosulfurous acid peroxytridecanoic acid peroxytrifluoroacetic acid perp walk perpendicular axes rule perpendicular bisector perpendicular component perpendicular fasciculus perpendicular gothic perpendicular line perpendicular magnetic recording perpendicular of the stern perpendicular part of the palatine bone perpendicular plate of perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone perpendicular plate of palatine bone perpendicular portion of mandible perpendicular projection perpendicular recording perpendicular style perpetual adoration perpetual allegiance perpetual beta perpetual betas perpetual bonds perpetual calendar perpetual canon perpetual chastity perpetual check perpetual copyright perpetual curacies perpetual curacy perpetual curate perpetual curates perpetual darkness perpetual daylight perpetual dictator perpetual energy perpetual fiefdom perpetual fire perpetual insurance perpetual inventory perpetual kiln perpetual motion perpetual motion machine perpetual motion machine of the second kind perpetual motion machines perpetual peace perpetual preferred shareholders equity perpetual privileges perpetual profession perpetual stew perpetual stews perpetual student perpetual students perpetual traveler perpetual travelers perpetual usufruct perpetual virgin perpetual virginity perpetual vows perpetual war perpetual-motion machine perpetually at war perpetually virgin perpetuity of spiritual gifts perpetuity period perpetuity periods perpetuum mobile perpetuum mobiles perrhenic acid perry spirit persea mite persecuted for their faith persecuted maidens persecution by authorities and others persecution complex persecution of atheists persecution of homosexual people persecution of homosexuals persecution of philosophers perseverance of the believer perseverance of the saints persevere in faith persian calendar persian cat persian fallow deer persian guitars persian indigo persian language persian languages persian literature persian music persian people persian rugs persian violets persilic acid persimmon pudding persimmon trees persimmon vinegar persist time persistant organic pollutants persistence hunt persistence hunting persistence layer persistence length persistence of a number persistence of vision persistence problem persistent betti numbers persistent carbene persistent carbenes persistent carbenic persistent cloaca persistent connection persistent connections persistent data persistent data structure persistent data structures persistent ductus arteriosus persistent free radicals persistent galaxy persistent generalized lymphadenopathy persistent homology persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy persistent identifier persistent importuning persistent infection persistent myth persistent müllerian duct syndrome persistent object store persistent objector persistent objects persistent online game persistent online games persistent organic chemicals persistent organic pollutant persistent organic pollutants persistent pain persistent programming language persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn persistent pupillary membrane persistent pupillary membranes persistent radical persistent sexual arousal syndrome persistent soliciting persistent storage persistent thyroglossal duct persistent universe persistent variables persistent vegetative state persistent vegetative states persistent world persistent worlds persisting infection persocom forum person centered therapy person having ordinary skill in the art person in charge person of color person of interest person of ordinary skill in the art person of the same name person of the year person skilled in the art person stage person that makes use of person who believes this person who computes person who creates recordings or broadcasts of music person who is fond of making jokes person with a disability person-affecting principles person-centered ethnography person-centered or client-centered therapy person-centered psychotherapy person-centered therapy person-first terminology person-to-person lending persona designata persona non grata personae non gratae personal (micro)computers personal accountant personal accounts personal achievement personal ad personal adornment personal ads personal advertisement personal advertisements personal aide personal alarm personal alarms personal and cultural values personal and social education personal and social identity personal anguish personal appearance personal area network personal area networking personal area networks personal armour personal arms personal aspect personal assessment personal assistant personal assistants personal attack personal attacks personal audio player personal autonomy personal avatars personal banking personal bankruptcy personal belongings personal best personal bests personal blog personal body armor personal bodyguards personal brand personal branding personal budget personal carbon trading personal care personal care products personal chair personal characters personal check personal checks personal choice personal climate quotas personal coach personal coaches personal coaching personal coat of arms personal combat personal communications personal communications service personal communications services personal computer personal computer cases personal computer firewall personal computer game personal computer games personal computer revolution personal computer systems personal computers personal computing personal conduct personal construct personal construct psychology personal consumption expenditure personal consumption expenditures personal continuity personal contract purchase personal damages personal data personal data assistants personal data protection personal debt personal defence personal defense personal defense weapon personal defense weapons personal deity personal development personal device personal devices personal devotions personal diary or journal personal differences analysis personal digital assistant personal digital assistant personal digital assistants personal digital assistants personal digital assistants personal digital audio and video players personal digital recorder personal disability personal discrimination personal distance personal distinguished citizenship personal dvoryans personal dynastic union personal effects personal empowerment personal enjoyment personal equation personal estate personal exemption personal exemption deductions personal exemptions personal expenses personal experience personal experiences personal factors personal finance personal finance manager personal finances personal financial planning personal firewall personal firewalls personal fitness personal fitness trainer personal fitness trainers personal flag personal flotation personal flotation device personal foul personal foul penalties personal foul penalty personal fouls personal freedom personal freedoms personal fulfillment personal genome personal genomes personal glory personal gnosis personal goal setting personal god personal grooming personal growth personal growth facilitators personal guidance personal habit personal health personal health information personal health records personal heights personal holding accounts personal homepage personal homepages personal honor personal hovercraft personal hygiene personal hygienic personal identification personal identification number personal identification numbers personal identities personal identity personal identity personal identity, personal income personal income levels personal income tax personal income taxes personal incomes personal independence personal information personal information management personal information manager personal information manager personal information managers personal information of individuals personal injuries personal injury personal injury attorney personal injury lawsuits personal injury lawyer personal injury lawyers personal injury litigation personal injury suit personal injury trial lawyer personal integrity personal interactions personal interest personal inviolability personal is the political personal jet personal journal personal journals personal jurisdiction personal knowledge personal knowledge management personal knowledge networking personal language personal liability personal liberties personal liberty personal liberty laws personal life personal lines personal lives personal loan personal loans personal locator beacon personal lubricant personal lubricants personal luxury personal luxury car personal luxury cars personal magnetism personal manager personal marketing orientation personal media personal media players personal medicine personal merit personal messages personal mobile suit personal mobility personal money judgement personal monitoring personal moral guidelines personal morality personal multimedia player personal music devices personal mythology personal name personal name and patronymic personal name characters personal names personal navigation device personal navigation devices personal oath personal offsetting personal or property search personal organiser personal organisers personal organizer personal organizers personal orientation personal ornaments personal pension personal pension plan personal pension scheme personal per capita income personal physician personal plates personal possessions personal possessives personal prelature personal prelatures personal printers personal privacy personal probability personal problems personal projects personal pronoun personal pronouns personal pronouns in the given case personal property personal property and casualty personal property law personal property tax personal protection personal protection equipment personal protective device personal protective equipment personal protective equipment personal radios personal rank personal rapid transit personal reality personal reasons personal record personal record disc player personal record label personal reference personal registration plates personal relationship personal relationships personal religion personal representative personal representatives personal response systems personal responsibility personal retirement accounts personal revelation personal rights personal rivalry personal robots personal rule personal safety personal salvation personal savings accounts personal savior personal seal personal searches personal seat licenses personal secretary personal security personal security detail personal selling personal servant personal service personal service sector personal services personal services contract personal setting personal shield personal shopper personal shopping personal shopping assistant personal site personal space personal spaceflight personal standard personal statement personal statistics personal status personal status law personal stereo personal stereos personal storage personal storage device personal subjects personal submarines personal suite personal supposition personal symbol personal taxes personal themes for their plate appearances personal title of archbishop personal titles personal trainer personal trainers personal training personal traits personal transformation personal transport personal transportation personal unconscious personal union personal union of the crowns personal unions personal use personal value personal vehicles personal video recorder personal video recorder personal video recorders personal video recorders personal vote personal water craft personal water crafts personal watercraft personal watercrafts personal wealth personal weapon personal weapons personal weather station personal web page personal web pages personal web server personal website personal welfare personal wiki personal word personal-injury law firms personal-injury lawyer personal-success literature personalised education personalised number plate personalised number plates personalised registration plate personalising learning personalistic dictatorship personality assessment personality assessment instrument personality changes personality characteristic personality characteristics personality cult personality cults personality defects personality development personality disorder personality disordered personality disorders personality downloads personality identification playing cards personality inventory personality pathology personality profiling personality psychologist personality psychology personality quiz personality quizzes personality right personality rights personality test personality testing personality tests personality theories personality theory personality trait personality traits personality type personality types personality typing personalization tools personalized books personalized clothing personalized learning personalized license plate personalized license plates personalized marketing personalized medicine personally attack personally attacking personally identifiable personally identifiable information personally identifying information personally involved personally responsible personally united personally-identifiable information personals section personhood begins at conception personhood theorists personhood theory personification characters personification of death personifications of death personified death personnel and administration personnel branch personnel branches personnel carrier personnel carriers personnel economics personnel file personnel management personnel officer personnel officers personnel protection armor personnel records personnel reliability program personnel security personnel selection personnel services persons missing persons off concern persons reasonably skilled in the art persons with disabilities perspectival art or azimuthal perspective projection or azimuthal projection perspective or azimuthal projection perspective angles perspective art perspective consciousness perspective control lenses perspective correction perspective correction lens perspective correction lenses perspective distortion perspective division perspective drawing perspective geometry perspective in painting perspective of the player perspective painting perspective pictures perspective projection perspective projections perspective simplex perspective speed of the human-visual system perspective taking perspective transform perspective transformation perspective transformations perspective view perspective views perspiratory responses persuasion in general persuasion technology persuasive argument theory persuasive authority persuasive definition persuasive minority persuasive precedent persuasive speaking persuasive speech persuasive writing pertechnetate ion pertechnetic acid perturbation analysis perturbation expansion perturbation method perturbation methods perturbation series perturbation theoretical perturbation theory perturbative calculations perturbative effects perturbative ejaculations perturbative expansion perturbative limit perturbative non-renormalization theorem perturbative string theory perturbative treatment perturbed angular correlation perturbed game pertussis toxin perumal mudaliar national pictures peruvian cuisine peruvian rock peruvian soldier pervading imitation pervalidus obduro pervasive computing pervasive language pervasive networks perverse conflict perverse effects perverse effects of vaccination perverse fractures perverse incentive perverse incentives perverse sexual behavior perverse sexuality perverse sheaf perverse sheaves perversion of the course of justice pervert the cource of justice pervert the course of justice perverting the course of justice pervious concrete perxenate ion perxenic acid perylene picric acid pes anserinus pes hippocampi pescado a la talla pescado frito pescetarian vegetarian peseta guineana pesh merga pesher technique pesia del cartel peso argentino peso boliviano peso crisis peso fuerte peso ley peso moneda corriente peso moneda nacional peso oro sellado peso uruguayo pesos fuertes pesos ley pesos moneda nacional pesos oro sellado pessimism and optimism pessimistic induction pessimistic locking pest animals pest control pest control of slugs pest controller pest exclusion fence pest house pest insects pest management pest organismss pest species pest zapper pest-exclusion fence pest-exclusion fences pesticide kills pesticide misuse pesticide poisoning pesticide registration pesticide residues pesticide resistance pesticide side effects pesticide toxicity to bees pestilential fever pestle and mortar pestle in a stone mortar pesto alla genovese pet adoption pet animal pet banks pet bed pet cemetery pet cloning pet crate pet dinosaur pet eyeball pet food pet food contamination incident pet food recalls pet foods pet form pet forms pet frog pet frogs pet goat pet grooming pet homes pet industry pet inoculation pet insurance pet loss pet marriage pet mortician pet name pet names pet of the week pet overpopulation pet owner pet passports pet peeve pet peeves pet products firm pet project pet projects pet rabbits pet rat pet rats pet rock pet shelters pet shop pet shops pet show pet simulation pet sitter pet sitters pet sitting pet skunk pet skunks pet store pet stores pet supplies pet supply stores pet swap pet therapy pet trade pet turtle pet-raising simulation petal fold petal-type lens hood petate funky pete gorgeous petechial hemorrhages petechial rash petechial rashes peter principle pethidinic acid petiole scale petit appartement du roi petit beurre petit bourgeois petit bourgeoisie petit corona petit four petit fours petit grain petit gran petit hameau petit jury petit levée petit point petit points petit seminaire petit treason petit verdot petite arvine petite bourgeois petite bourgeoisie petite model petite mutation petite sirah petite sizes petitio principii petition candidacy petition demanding the franchise petition for redress of grievances petition for rulemaking petition of right petition on bark petition service petition to deny petitioner or appellant petitions of course petitions on behalf petits bourgeois petits fours petrae casei petrale sole petri dish petri dishes petri net petri nets petrified forest petrified monkeys petrified palmwood petrified trees petrified wood petrifying well petro loa petro-occipital fissure petrochemical gases petrochemical industry petrochemical plants petrochemical processes petrochemical storage petrodollar recycling petrodollar warfare petrographic microscope petrographical science petrogypsic horizon petrol barrel petrol bomb petrol bombed petrol bombing petrol bombs petrol coke petrol crisis petrol depots petrol drums petrol dumps petrol duty petrol engine petrol engined petrol engines petrol ether petrol filling station petrol filling stations petrol fuel petrol lamp petrol lamps petrol motor petrol port terminals petrol powered petrol prices petrol pump petrol pumps petrol rationing petrol sniffing petrol station petrol stations petrol tank petrol tanker petrol-driven cars petroleum asphalts petroleum basins petroleum cartel petroleum chemistry petroleum coke petroleum companies petroleum company petroleum cracking petroleum crisis petroleum crude oil petroleum dependence petroleum deposit petroleum diesel petroleum distillate petroleum distillates petroleum drilling petroleum electric hybrid vehicle petroleum engineer petroleum engineering petroleum engineers petroleum engines petroleum ether petroleum ethers petroleum exploration petroleum exporter petroleum extraction and refining petroleum field petroleum fueled petroleum gas petroleum geochemistry petroleum geologist petroleum geologists petroleum geology petroleum hydrocarbon petroleum hydrocarbons petroleum industry petroleum jelly petroleum maturation petroleum ministry petroleum nut petroleum oil petroleum phase-outs petroleum pipeline petroleum pipelines petroleum platform petroleum politics petroleum prices petroleum pricing petroleum pricing policies petroleum product petroleum production petroleum production company petroleum production would peak petroleum products petroleum refineries petroleum refinery petroleum refining petroleum refining industry petroleum rent petroleum research petroleum reserves petroleum reservoir petroleum reservoir modeling petroleum reservoirs petroleum revenue tax petroleum scarcity petroleum sector petroleum solvents petroleum storage petroleum system petroleum tanker petroleum tankers petroleum traps petroleum vehicle petroleum was discovered petroleum well petroleum wells petroleum-based fuels petrolingual ligament petrolium cracking petrologic class petromyzonol sulfotransferase petrosa of teeth petrosal branch petrosal bulla petrosal ganglion petrosal process petrosal ridge petrosal sinus petrosal sinus sampling petrosphenoidal fissure petrosquamous sinus petrosquamous suture petrosus profundus petrotympanic fissure petrous bone petrous ganglion petrous portion petrous portion of petrous portion of the internal carotid artery petrous portion of the temporal bone petrous portions of the temporal bones petrous pyramid petrous temporal bone petroöccipital fissure pets cemetery pets corner pets galore petticoat breeches petticoat discipline petticoat domination petticoat punishment petting farm petting zoo petting zoos petty authority petty bourgeois petty bourgeoisie petty canon petty cash petty commodity production petty crime petty crimes petty king petty kingdom petty kingdoms petty kings petty larceny petty nobility petty nobles petty offense petty officer petty officer 1st class petty officers petty rigid bourgeois petty sergeanty petty sessional petty sessional division petty sessional divisions petty sessions petty sessions area petty sessions areas petty theft petty thefts petty thief petty traders petty treason petty values petty whin pevchy dyak pevicalyceal deformity pew bulletin pew opener pew rents pew tax pewter plate péyotl peyote song peyote songs peyote stitch pez dispenser peñas flamencas peşte marinat pfiesteria piscicida phacomorphic glaucoma phaeomycotic abscess phage display phage displays phage ecology phage experimental adaptation phage experimental evolution phage group phage monographs phage resistance phage therapy phage types phage vector phage λ phage φ80 phage χ phagocytic cell phagocytic cells phagspa script phak kadao phalangeal formula phalangeal process phalangeal processes phalangeal whistles phalanges of phalanges of foot phalanges of hand phalanges of the foot phalanges of the hand phalanx bone phalanx bones phalanx formation phalanx formations phallic device phallic idol phallic imagery phallic mother phallic nature of his sword phallic portion phallic portion of phallic saints phallic signifier phallic stage phallic symbol phallic symbolism phallic symbols phallic urethra phallic worship phantom ballplayer phantom cat phantom cats phantom cave snail phantom center phantom circuit phantom cosmonaut phantom dark energy phantom dog phantom energy phantom eye syndrome phantom hitchhikers phantom limb phantom limb pain phantom limb syndrome phantom limbs phantom loop phantom object phantom pain phantom power phantom powered phantom pregnancies phantom pregnancy phantom punch phantom reads phantom ship phantom stock phantom time hypothesis phantom vehicle phantom vessel phantom voters phantom wild cat pharaoh ant pharaoic era pharaonic literature pharaonic records pharmacalogically active pharmaceutic chemistry pharmaceutical chemist pharmaceutical chemistry pharmaceutical chemists pharmaceutical college pharmaceutical companies pharmaceutical company pharmaceutical consultants pharmaceutical cream pharmaceutical distribution company pharmaceutical diversion pharmaceutical drug pharmaceutical drug and device safety system pharmaceutical drugs pharmaceutical facility pharmaceutical firm pharmaceutical fold pharmaceutical form pharmaceutical giant pharmaceutical glaze pharmaceutical goods pharmaceutical industries pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical ingredients pharmaceutical institution pharmaceutical litigation pharmaceutical manufacturer pharmaceutical manufacturing pharmaceutical marketing pharmaceutical medications pharmaceutical non-core business pharmaceutical pessary pharmaceutical policy pharmaceutical practice pharmaceutical processing pharmaceutical products pharmaceutical research pharmaceutical residency pharmaceutical science pharmaceutical sciences pharmaceutical societies pharmaceutical society pharmaceutical studies pharmaceutical syrup pharmaceutical tablets pharmaceutical technology pharmaceutical trusts pharmaceutically active pharmaceuticals industry pharmacist and physician drug action pharmacoeconomic perspective pharmacogenetic test pharmacokinetic compartment pharmacokinetic profile pharmacologic agents pharmacologic penalization pharmacological activity pharmacological agents pharmacological chaperoning pharmacological cults pharmacological extinction pharmacological intervention pharmacological receptors pharmacological therapy pharmacologically active pharmacologically assisted intubation pharmacologically-induced coma pharmacology and experimental therapueutics experts in pharmaceuticals pharmacophore mapping pharmacophore searching pharmacy benefit management pharmacy benefit manager pharmacy benefit managers pharmacy benefits management pharmacy benefits manager pharmacy education pharmacy guild pharmacy informatics pharmacy law pharmacy medicines pharmacy practice pharmacy residency pharmacy school pharmacy specialist pharmacy students pharmacy technicians pharmacy techs pharming parties pharyngea ascendens pharyngeal aponeurosis pharyngeal approximant pharyngeal arch pharyngeal arches pharyngeal artery pharyngeal articulation pharyngeal branch of the vagus nerve pharyngeal branch of vagus nerve pharyngeal branches of glossopharyngeal nerve pharyngeal branches of the vagus pharyngeal bursa pharyngeal canal pharyngeal canals pharyngeal cavity pharyngeal cleft pharyngeal consonant pharyngeal consonants pharyngeal constrictor muscles pharyngeal flap pharyngeal flap surgery pharyngeal fricative pharyngeal gill slits pharyngeal grooves pharyngeal jaws pharyngeal mill pharyngeal mucosa pharyngeal muscles pharyngeal nerve pharyngeal ostium pharyngeal part of the tongue pharyngeal plexus pharyngeal pouch pharyngeal pouches pharyngeal raphe pharyngeal recess pharyngeal slit pharyngeal slits pharyngeal spine pharyngeal teeth pharyngeal tonsil pharyngeal tubercle pharyngeal veins pharyngeal wall pharyngealised consonants pharyngis inferior muscle pharyngobasilar fascia pharyngopalatine arch pharyngotympanic tube phasa thai phase 1 metabolism phase 2 study phase 3 phase 3 studies phase 6 phase accumulator phase ambiguity phase angle phase angles phase behaviour phase between the envelope and the carrier of an optical pulse phase bias phase boundary phase cancellation phase center phase change phase change material phase change materials phase change memory phase changeover phase changes phase changing phase changing film phase colloid phase colloids phase comparator phase configurations phase conjugation phase constant phase contrast phase contrast imaging phase contrast microscope phase contrast microscopy phase contrast optical microscope phase control phase converter phase correlator phase cutting phase delay phase detecting autofocus phase detection autofocus phase detector phase detour phase diagram phase diagrams phase difference phase differences phase dispersion phase distortion phase distortion synthesis phase distribution phase encoding phase equilibria phase equilibrium phase error phase factor phase fired controllers phase formation phase gaps phase generator phase gratings phase hit phase inaccuracy phase integral phase interfaces phase interference fading phase interferometry phase inversion phase is measured directly phase jitter phase lag