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transfer function transfer functions transfer gear transfer ghetto transfer heat transfer his brain transfer hydrogenation transfer hydrogenations transfer information transfer list transfer listed transfer locomotive transfer market transfer matrices transfer matrix transfer mechanisms transfer mode transfer molding transfer money transfer more data transfer most of the weight of the breast transfer moulding transfer of a train between railroad lines transfer of development rights transfer of duties transfer of electronic data transfer of information transfer of its sovereignty transfer of learning transfer of mindstates transfer of power transfer of presidential duties transfer of prisoners transfer of risk transfer of sovereignty transfer of technology transfer of that former colony's sovereignty transfer of the papal see transfer of the sovereignty transfer of thermal energy transfer of weight transfer operator transfer operators transfer orbit transfer orbits transfer pak transfer paper transfer payment transfer payments transfer period transfer point transfer potential transfer prices transfer pricing transfer principle transfer print transfer printing transfer programs transfer rate transfer rates transfer ratio transfer request transfer roller transfer roubles transfer rules transfer standards transfer station transfer stations transfer stops transfer strips transfer student transfer students transfer switch transfer switches transfer table transfer tax transfer taxes transfer their minds transfer time transfer to another college transfer train transfer troops transfer wealth transfer weight transfer window transfer windows transfer with agreement transfer-based machine translation transfer-matrix method transfer-triggered architecture transferable belief model transferable property transferable rouble transferable share transferable utility transferable voting transferable voting system transferrability of commodities transferred artificially transferred epithet transferred his duties transferred his responsibilities transferred intent transferred malice transferred to county control by the state transferrin receptor transferrin receptor-2 transferrin saturation transferring a control transferring his duties transferring technology transferring the area transferring the population transferring their minds transfers an electron transfers of money transfinite cardinal numbers transfinite cardinals transfinite derived series transfinite diameter transfinite induction transfinite number transfinite numbers transfinite recursion transfinite recursions transfinite sequence transfinitely iterating transform plate boundaries conservative plate boundaries transform conservative plate boundaries or sliding transform boundary or sliding boundary transform or sliding boundary transform a given sequence transform and lighting transform audio encoder transform boundary transform coders transform coding transform data transform fault transform faults transform into transform into another flavor transform limit transform or strike-slip boundary transform plate boundary transform under this subgroup transform-limited pulse transformable men transformable mobile armor transformable mobile armour transformable mobile suit with respect to bacteria transformation chase transformation chases transformation fetish transformation fiction transformation figurines transformation formats transformation geometry transformation group transformation group theory transformation groups transformation into a constitutional monarchy transformation language transformation languages transformation laws transformation matrices transformation matrix transformation model transformation of impressions transformation of the economy transformation plan transformation playing card transformation problem transformation rule transformation rules transformation semigroup transformation semigroups transformation sequence transformation series transformation skills transformation theory transformation toughened ceramics transformation toughening transformation type transformation zone transformation-toughened ceramics transformational activism transformational approach transformational generative grammar transformational grammar transformational grammarian transformational grammars transformational languages transformational leadership transformational linguistics transformational refinement transformational rules transformational syntax transformational theories of syntax transformational theory transformational-generative grammar transformations of contact transformations of elementary particles transformative ecology transformative education transformative justice transformative learning transformative movement transformative one transformed by geological processes transformed cell transformed humans transformed section transformed select stores transformed social interaction transformer building transformer laminations transformer oil transformer oils transformer station transformer stations transformer stone transformers universes transforming freedom transforming growth factor transforming growth factor alpha transforming growth factor beta transforming growth factor beta TGF-β transforming growth factor beta superfamily TGF-β superfamily transforming growth factor beta TGF-β superfamily transforming growth factor beta receptor transforming growth factor beta receptors transforming growth factor beta superfamily transforming growth factor α transforming growth factor β TFG- β transforming growth factor β signaling TFG- β signaling transforming growth factor β TFG- β signaling transforming growth factor-beta transforming growth factor-beta TGFβ transforming growth factor-beta superfamily TGFβ superfamily transforming growth factor-beta TGFβ superfamily transforming growth factor-α transforming growth factor-β transforming growth factor-β TGF-β transforming growth factor-β superfamily TGF-β superfamily transforming growth factor-β TGF-β superfamily transforming growth factor-β1 transforming homosexuals into heterosexuals transforming principle transforming the world to benefit humanity transforming virus transforms himself transfused blood transfusion chair transfusion medicine transfusion of blood derivates transfusion reaction transfusion reactions transfusion related acute lung injury transfusion-transmitted infection transgender girl transgender health priorities transgender lesbian transgender man transgender operations transgender people transgender pride transgender pride flags transgender surgery transgender symbols transgender transition transgender women transgendered groups transgendered people transgendered persons transgendered woman transgendered women transgenic animal transgenic animals transgenic bacteria transgenic bacterium transgenic flies transgenic food crop transgenic maize transgenic mice transgenic mouse transgenic mouse model transgenic organism transgenic organisms transgenic papaya transgenic pig transgenic plant transgenic plant production transgenic plants transgenic proteins transgenic rhabdovirus transgenic science transgranular corrosion transgranular fracture transgressional fiction transgressive art transgressive fiction transgressive literature transhepatic sphincterotomy tranship shed transhuman race transhumeral prosthesis transient analysis transient cerebral ischaemic attacks transient cerebral ischemia transient climate simulation transient climate simulations transient digitizer transient electromagnetic device transient electromagnetic devices transient events transient evidence transient expression transient fault transient flows transient global amnesia transient idiopathic arrhythmia transient ischaemic attack transient ischaemic attacks transient ischaemic episodes transient ischemic attack transient ischemic attacks transient juvenile hypoglycemia transient laborer transient lunar phenomena transient lunar phenomenon transient neonatal disorders of coagulation transient protein interactions transient receptor transient receptor potential transient recovery voltage transient regime transient response transient screen transient signals transient transfection transient voltage suppression diode transient voltage suppression diodes transient voltage suppressor transient-key cryptography transiently expressed transients and the homeless transimpedance amplifier transimpedance amplifiers transistor circuit transistor computer transistor count transistor density transistor electronics transistor laser transistor level transistor models transistor pocket radio transistor radio transistor radio battery transistor radios transistor saturation transistor tester transistor-transistor logic transistorised radio receivers transistorized pocket radio transit agency transit and peering links transit authorities transit authority transit bus transit buses transit camp transit camp for immigrants transit center transit centers transit circle transit coaches transit districts transit first transit house transit instrument transit lane transit lanes transit mall transit markers transit method transit methods transit networks transit nodes transit of military goods and soldiers on leave transit of venus transit oriented development transit oriented developments transit peptide transit poles transit police transit railways transit refugee transit room transit routers transit service transit services transit shed transit signal priority system transit station of the same name transit system transit systems transit technique transit telescope transit telescopes transit terminal transit time transit traffic transit tunnel transit van transit village transit villages transit visa transit visas transit workers transit workers went on strike transit-oriented community transit-oriented development transit-oriented developments transit-oriented redevelopment transit-proximate development transiting extrasolar planets transiting planet transiting planets literary journal transition 49 transition areas transition band transition critical temperature transition dipole moment transition economics transition economies transition economy transition elements transition from female to male transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy transition from the blues to rock 'n' roll transition function transition government transition hold transition level transition map transition maps transition matrices transition matrix transition matrixes transition metal transition metal carbene complex transition metal carbene complexes transition metal chemistry transition metal complex transition metal complexes transition metals transition monoid transition mutation transition nuclear protein transition of sovereignty transition period transition player transition point transition points transition probabilities transition probability transition probability matrix transition radiation transition radiation detector transition radiation detectors transition rates transition region transition regions transition rules transition soils transition span transition state transition state analogue transition state theory transition states transition strata transition structure transition structures transition system transition systems transition tag transition team transition temperature transition temperatures transition times transition to a democratic system transition to a market economy transition to democracy transition to democratic rule transition to independence transition to statehood transition to turbulence of a fluid transition to war transition towns transition year transition zone transition-metal ions transition-metal oxides transition-series metals transition-state theory transitional armour transitional ballistics transitional cell transitional cells transitional champions transitional class transitional community transitional deacon transitional deacons transitional demand transitional demands transitional diaconate transitional economy transitional elements transitional epithelium transitional experience transitional forest transitional form transitional forms transitional fossil transitional fossils transitional government transitional government of national unity transitional hold transitional homes transitional housing transitional housing shelter transitional justice transitional mires transitional object transitional objects transitional parliament transitional parliamentary republican government transitional period transitional program transitional programme transitional serif transitional shelter transitional species transitional stage transitional stages transitional youth transitionally reserved transitioning the rest of their computers to x86 transitions can be induced transitions to democracy transitions to market-based economies transitive action transitive case transitive class transitive closure transitive closures transitive functional dependencies transitive law transitive model transitive property transitive reduction transitive relation transitive relations transitive roles transitive set transitive sets transitive trust transitive verb transitive verbs transitively and faithfully transitively normal subgroup transitively normal subgroups transitivity of identity transitory dispositions transitory state phase transitway station transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunting translabyrinthine approach translate the name translate themselves translate to translated beings translated by fans translating alien languages translating literally translatio imperii translatio studii translatio stultitia rhetoric device translation and propagation of these texts translation controversy translation dictionaries translation dictionary translation fallacy translation functor translation functors translation group translation groupoid translation initiation translation initiation factor translation initiation sequence translation invariance translation invariant translation invariant metric translation joke translation lexicon translation lookaside buffer translation lookaside buffers translation memories translation memory translation model translation of the regular solid harmonic translation of their relics translation plane translation process translation processes translation relays translation software translation staff translation stage translation studies translation synthesis translation table translation theory translation unit translation units translation validity translation-invariant metric translational efficiency translational elongation translational energy translational force translational frameshift translational invariance translational invariant translational kinematics translational kinetic energy translational lift translational medicine translational motion translational periodicity translational repression translational research translational symmetries translational symmetry translationally invariant translations must be derived from translative case translator for the deaf translator microbes translator network translator station translator stations transliteration of transliteration of foreign words transliteration rules transliteration scheme transloading facility translocase of the inner membrane translocase of the outer membrane translocation events translunar injection transmarginal inhibition transmat beam transmedia storytelling transmembrane alpha helices transmembrane cell surface receptor transmembrane channels transmembrane channels specific for potassium transmembrane domain transmembrane domains transmembrane helices transmembrane helix transmembrane helixes transmembrane potential transmembrane potential difference transmembrane protein transmembrane proteins transmembrane proton gradient transmembrane receptor transmembrane receptors transmembrane region transmembrane segment transmembrane transport transmembrane transport proteins transmembrane voltage transmetal 2 transmethylation hypothesis transmigrated souls transmigration of souls transmigration of the human soul transmigration of the soul transmigration operation transmigration operations transmigration program transmigration programme transmigration programs transmissible spongiform encephalopathies transmissible spongiform encephalopathy transmissible venereal tumour transmission and distribution losses transmission and reception security transmission authorities transmission block transmission box transmission case transmission circuit transmission circuits transmission coefficient transmission control protocol transmission control unit transmission control units transmission controller transmission electron microscope transmission electron microscopes transmission electron microscopy transmission error transmission facilities transmission facility transmission facility for medium wave and shortwave transmission factors transmission fluid transmission frequency transmission gate transmission gates transmission gearing transmission gratings transmission grid transmission level transmission level point transmission lever transmission line transmission line measurement transmission line method transmission line modelling transmission line outage transmission line theory transmission lines transmission loss transmission losses transmission mechanism transmission media transmission medium transmission mode transmission network transmission networks transmission of disease transmission of electrical energy transmission of information transmission of power transmission power transmission power rating transmission quadrupole transmission rates transmission security transmission signals transmission site for long- and mediumwave transmission spectrum transmission speed transmission synchronizers transmission system transmission system operator transmission system operators transmission systems transmission time transmission tower transmission towers transmission tunnel transmission valve transmissions states transmit diversity transmit light transmit power transmit power and energy wirelessly transmit power control transmitted by transmitted faith transmitted orally transmitted vertically transmitted-light microscopy transmitter building transmitter buildings transmitter hunting transmitter location transmitter mast transmitter molecules transmitter plant transmitter power transmitter power output transmitter substance transmitter tower transmitter towers transmitter-studio link transmitting antenna transmitting information transmitting stations transmitting text over a wire to a printing device transmitting towers transmittors in the nerve terminals transmode virus transmogrification machine transmuation of metals transmural care transmutation circle transmutation circles transmutation of elements transmutation of metals transmutation of species transmutation of substances transmuter reactor transmuting base metals into gold transnational citizens movements transnational class analysis transnational company transnational corporation transnational corporations transnational crime transnational crimes transnational feminism transnational feminist transnational marriage transnational organised crime transnational organization transnational organized crime transnational women’s organizations transoceanic abort landing transoceanic capable transoceanic flight transoesophageal echocardiography transom bars transom stern transonic aerodynamics transonic wind tunnel transonic wings transorbital lobotomies transorbital lobotomy transovarial transmission transpalatal arch transparencies and slides data compression transparency buffers transparency effects transparency films transparency of the production process transparency photography transparency projector transparent address munging transparent alumina transparent aluminium transparent aluminum transparent and translucent transparent armor transparent armored windows transparent bridging transparent conductive oxides transparent conductor transparent context transparent decompression transparent latch transparent latches transparent manner transparent metaphor transparent networking transparent or translucent transparent overlay filesystem transparent proxy transparent rubber transparent society transperineal biopsy transpersonal anthropology transpersonal disciplines transpersonal experience transpersonal movement transpersonal perspective transpersonal psychologist transpersonal psychology transpersonal therapy transpiration heatshield transpiration pull transpiration stream transpirational pull transplacental transmission transplant between genetically non-identical patients transplant operation transplant rejection transplant rejections transplant shock transplant surgeon transplant surgeons transplant surgery transplant test transplantable human organs transplantation biology transplantation chimera transplantation immunology transplantation medicine transplantation operations transplantation surgery transplanted organ transplanted organs transplanting organs of condemned prisoners transplastomic plants transplatation biology transplutonium metals transponder chip timed transponder code transponder codes transponder device transponder timing transponding radar transponding radar beacon i.e., end-to-end transport aircraft transport amphibian transport analysis transport and illegal detention of prisoners transport association transport associations transport axes transport bag transport buses transport by air transport café transport cafés transport carrier transport category transport centre transport coefficients transport communication technology transport companies transport corridor transport economic model transport economics transport electrification transport engineering transport engineers transport equation transport equations transport equipment transport experiments transport flight transport fuel transport fuels transport games transport glider transport helicopters transport hub transport hubs transport industries transport industry transport infrastructure transport interchange transport interchanges transport joint transport layer transport layers transport lobby transport mechanism transport minister transport mode transport modelling transport modes transport network transport networks transport node transport number transport of structure transport oiler transport operators transport opium transport phenomena transport pictogram transport plane transport planes transport planner transport planners transport planning transport pod transport policy transport potassium and sodium transport processes transport protein transport protocol transport puzzle transport puzzles transport regions transport regulation transport ring transport rings transport routes transport ship transport ships transport signals transport skiers transport stream transport streams transport submarines transport system transport theory transport triggered architectures transport truck transport trucks transport vesicle transport vesicles transport water transport workers transport-level security transportation analysis zones transportation and logistic links transportation card transportation center transportation coils transportation corridor transportation corridors transportation department transportation design transportation economics transportation emissions transportation engineer transportation engineering transportation engineers transportation equipment transportation facilities transportation for life transportation forecast transportation forecasting transportation hub transportation hubs transportation industry transportation infrastructure transportation infrastructures transportation investment transportation law transportation logistics transportation management transportation minister transportation ministry transportation modalities transportation mode transportation museum transportation network transportation network analysis transportation networks transportation officers transportation planners transportation planners and engineers transportation planning transportation planning model transportation policy transportation problem transportation related lists transportation route transportation sector transportation structures transportation system transportation systems transported arms transported as prisoners transported back in time transported convict transported felons transported for life transported forwards in time transported in freight trains transported prisoners transported through time transporter "reuptake" proteins transporter associated with antigen processing transporter beam transporter beam-out transporter beams transporter bridge transporter bridges transporter cars transporter classification transporter duality paradox transporter erector launcher transporter erector launchers transporter proteins transporter psychosis transporter room transporter system transporter wagon transporter wagons transporter-type device transporters of small hydrophobic molecules transporting illegal drugs transporting mail by rocket transporting water transposable element transposable elements transpose graph transpose of a matrix transpose sequential search transposed house transposed linear map transposed matrix transposing instrument transposing instruments transposing parts transposing piano transposition cipher transposition ciphers transposition conventions transposition errors transposition of great vessels transposition of the great arteries transposition of the great vessels transposition table transposition tables transpositional equivalency transpositional puns transpositional set class transposons as a genetic tool transpulmonary pressure transpyloric line transpyloric plane transradial prosthesis transradial prosthetic transreal arithmetic transreal numbers transrectal biopsy transrectal ultrasound transscrotal piercing transsexual community transsexual girl transsexual identity transsexual man transsexual men transsexual sexuality transsexual woman transsexual women transshipment hub transsulfuration pathway transtentorial herniation transtibial prostheses transtibial prosthesis transtubercular line transuranic element transuranic elements transuranic waste transuranium element transuranium elements transurethral biopsy transurethral lithotripsy transurethral needle ablation transurethral needle ablation of the prostate transurethral prostatectomy transurethral resection transurethral resection of prostate transurethral resection of the prostate transvaginal ovum retrieval transvaginal ultrasound transvaluation of all values transvaluation of values transvenous pacing transversa colli transversal activities transversal construction transversal line transversal matroids transversal plane transversal poetics transversalis colli transversalis colli artery transversalis colli uteri transversalis fascia transversally mounted transverse abdominal muscle transverse acetabular transverse arch transverse arch of the foot transverse arches transverse arrowheads transverse artery of the face transverse atlantal ligament transverse axis transverse binary fission transverse carpal ligament transverse cervical transverse cervical artery transverse cervical nerve transverse cervical vessels transverse colon transverse cross transverse current transverse cut transverse diameter transverse electric and magnetic mode transverse electric magnetic transverse electric magnetic mode TEM mode transverse electric magnetic TEM mode transverse electric mode transverse electromagnetic mode transverse electromagnetic waves transverse engine transverse engined transverse engines transverse facial transverse facial artery transverse facial vein transverse fascia of leg transverse fission transverse fissure transverse fissure of brain transverse fissure of the brain transverse flute transverse flutes transverse fold transverse foramen transverse grand pyrg transverse helicopters transverse isotropy transverse knot transverse leaf spring transverse ligament transverse ligament of fingers transverse ligament of the atlas transverse ligament of the pelvis transverse line transverse link transverse links transverse magnetic transverse magnetic mode transverse measure transverse mesocolon transverse metatarsal ligament transverse mode transverse modes transverse mountain range transverse mountains transverse mounted engine transverse neovolcanic axis transverse occipital sulcus transverse orientation transverse pericardial sinus transverse perineal artery transverse plane transverse pressure gradient transverse process transverse process of the atlas transverse processes transverse range transverse ranges transverse relaxation transverse relaxation optimized spectroscopy transverse rib transverse ridges transverse scapular transverse scapular artery transverse scapular vessels transverse setup transverse sinus transverse sinus of transverse sinuses transverse suspension transverse tarsal joint transverse temporal gyri transverse temporal gyrus transverse thoracic muscles transverse torus transverse trumpet transverse tubule transverse tubules transverse vaginal septum transverse vertical plane transverse vibrations transverse wave transverse waves transverse-mounted engines transverse-mounted powerplants transverse-mounted rotor transversely isotropic transversely mounted transversely mounted engine transversely-mounted engine transversely-mounted engines epoöphoron transversum acetabuli transversus abdominis transversus abdominis muscle transversus abdominisaponeuroses transversus abdominus transversus abdominus muscle transversus muscle transversus perinei profundus transversus perinei superficialis transversus perinei superficialis muscle transversus perinæi transversus pollicis muscle transversus thoracis transversus thoracis muscle transvestic fetishes transvestic fetishism transvestic fetishist transvestic fetishists transwarp conduit transwarp drive transwarp hub transworld depravity transworld sport transylvanian hypothesis transylvanian stew trantelinium bromide trap a worm trap and trace trap and trace device trap and trace devices trap competition trap crop trap crops trap door trap doors trap drum trap drumming trap drums trap event trap for a worm trap for the worm trap kit trap of her own trap points trap primer trap primers trap rock trap room trap set trap sets trap shooter trap shooting trap shooting event trap shootist trap street trap streets trap to catch a worm trap-bath split trapbar deadlift trapdoor function trapdoor one-way function trapdoor one-way permutation trapdoor permutation trapdoor permutations trapdoor spider trapdoor spiders trapdoor springfields trapeze artist trapeze artists trapeze rings trapeze rule trapeze system trapezium bone trapezium rule trapezius and rhomboids trapezius muscle trapezius muscles trapezius muscles trapezo-rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron trapezoid body trapezoid bone trapezoid ligament trapezoid ligaments trapezoid line trapezoid nucleus trapezoid or oblique trapezoid ridge trapezoid rule trapezoidal decomposition trapezoidal method trapezoidal rule trapped fur trapped in the other's body trapped ions trapped null surface trapping heat trapping pit trapping pits trapping reagent trapping suplex trapping the opponent's leg for extra leverage trappist beer trappist beers traprock basalt traps of this sort trapzee artist tras trasera trascendental philosophy trash bag trash bags trash bin trash bins trash can trash can lid trash cans trash collector trash compactor trash culture trash dumps trash films trash metal trash pit trash rake trash rock trash talk trash talking trash-to-energy plant trashcan diagnosis