transuranium element

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transuranium element (plural transuranium elements)

  1. (chemistry) Any synthetic element having an atomic number greater than that of uranium.
    • 1983 spring, Richard Hahn, “Life at the End of the Periodic Table”, in Carolyn Krause, editor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review, volume 16, number 2, Oak Ridge, Tenn.: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ISSN 0048-1262, OCLC 224131947, page 25, column 1:
      The main theme of TRL [Transuranium Research Laboratory] research with transuranium elements has been the exploration of a region of the periodic table that is relatively new and inaccessible to most scientists. [] Our research with the heavy elements has extended our knowledge considerably and tested our ideas concerning how the periodic table is constructed.