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urban designers urban developers urban development urban developments urban dictionaries urban dictionary urban district urban district and later municipal borough urban district council urban district councils urban districts urban division urban drift urban ecology urban economics urban economists urban education urban engineering urban environment urban exodus urban expansion urban exploration urban explorer urban explorers urban fantasy urban farm urban farming urban farms urban fashion urban field urban fighting urban flight urban folk urban folklore urban forest urban forestry urban forests urban form urban format urban freeflow urban fringe urban gaming urban gardening urban gardens urban gentrification urban geography urban ghetto urban ghettoisation urban gospel urban governance urban government urban governor urban grant urban grid urban grooves urban growth urban growth area urban growth boundaries urban growth boundary urban guerilla urban guerrilla urban guerrilla group urban guerrilla warfare urban guerrillas urban habitats urban heat island urban heat island effect urban heat islands urban heating effect urban hen movement urban heritage site urban hierarchy urban historian urban historic districts urban history urban homesteading urban horticulture urban identity urban improvement urban industrialization urban infill urban infrastructure urban intervention urban jazz urban jungle urban land use urban land use plan urban land uses urban landscape urban landscaping urban legend urban legend about his death urban legends urban life urban lifestyle urban lifestyle and culture urban light rail system urban local body urban localities urban locations urban lore urban mall urban management urban migration urban ministry urban model urban modeling of the capital urban municipalities urban music urban myth urban mythology urban myths urban nature of warfare urban neighborhoods urban neoliberalism urban network urban networks urban north urban oasis urban oldies urban open-spaces urban operations urban outdoorsman urban palace urban park urban park system urban park systems urban parks urban perimeter urban plan urban planner urban planners urban planning urban planning and design urban planning area urban planning areas urban poetry urban poets urban police urban policy urban policy and planning urban politics urban pollution urban pop urban population urban poverty urban praetor urban prairie urban prefect urban public park or open space urban radio urban rail urban rail and metro maps urban rail transit urban railways urban realism urban realist urban redevelopment urban regeneration urban regeneration consultancy urban regime urban region urban renaissance urban renewal urban renewal district urban renewal project urban renewal projects urban research urban reserve urban reserves urban respiratory problems urban reuse urban revitalization urban revolution urban rock urban rock climbing urban rumors urban rural fringe urban sanitary urban sanitary authority urban sanitary district urban sanitary districts urban search and rescue urban secession urban sector urban seismic risk urban setting urban settlement urban settlements urban shamanism urban slang urban slums urban sociologist urban sociologists urban sociology urban space urban spaces urban spatial structure urban spelunker urban spelunkers urban speologists urban sprawl urban spread urban stoop urban strategic planning urban strategies urban structure urban studies urban subsistence urban survival syndrome urban sustainability urban talk urban talk radio urban terrain urban terrorists urban theorist urban top 40 urban tournament urban town urban township urban townships urban train urban transformation urban transit urban transportation urban tree urban tribe urban tunélls klezmerband urban type settlement urban type settlements urban unit urban universities urban university urban village urban villages urban vinyl urban visual culture urban wanna-be urban warfare urban warming urban waste urban wild urban wilderness urban wildlife urban wilds urban word urban youth culture urban youth professionals urban zone urban-growth boundaries urban-rural fringe urban-rural split urban-suburban bus line urban-suburban bus lines urban-type settlement urban-type settlements urbanised areas urbanised re-planning urbanistic phenomenon urbanistic planning urbanistic project urbanization rate urbanized area urbanized areas urbi et orbi urchin barren urchin barrens urdhva mukha svanasana urdhva mukha svansana urdu poet urea breath test urea carboxylase urea cycle urea cycle and metabolism of amino groups urea cycle disorder urea cycle disorders urea ditbdms urea fertilizer urea formaldehyde urea formaldehyde foam insulation urea nitrate urea peroxide urea phosphate urea reduction ratio urea stibamate urea transporter 1 urea transporter 2 urea transporter 4 urea-formaldehyde resin urea-formaldehyde resins urea-treated rice straw ATP-hydrolysing ureidoglycolate dehydrogenase ureidoglycolate hydrolase ureidoglycolate lyase uremic gastritis uremic poisoning ureotelic metabolism ureteral orifices ureteral reflux ureteral stenosis ureteral stent ureteral stone ureteric bud ureteric stent uretero-pelvic junction ureterovaginal fistula urethane foam urethral artery urethral bulb urethral cancer urethral catheterization urethral crest urethral fistula urethral gland urethral glands urethral groove urethral meatus urethral opening urethral plate urethral play urethral self-instrumentation urethral sounding urethral sounds urethral sphincter urethral sponge urethral stenosis urethral stricture urethral strictures urethral syndrome urethral triangle urethræ membranaceæ urethræ membranaceæ muscle urethræ muscle ureum retention urfi marriage urge incontinence urge to breathe urgent action urgent actions urgent care urgent care center urgent telephone number urgent-care facilities uric acid uric acid oxidase uric acid particles uricothelic organisms uridine 5'-diphospho-glucuronic acid uridine 5'-triphosphate uridine diphosphate uridine diphosphate glucoronosyltransferase 1A1 uridine diphosphate glucose uridine diphosphate glucuronic acid uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase uridine kinase uridine monophosphate uridine nucleosidase uridine phosphorylase uridine triphosphate uridine-diphosphate uridine-triphosphate uridylic acid urinal cake urinal cakes urinal pucks urinary bladder urinary bladder cancer urinary bladder stones urinary bladders urinary casts urinary catheter urinary catheterization urinary catheters urinary collecting ducts urinary control urinary diseases urinary diversion urinary excretion urinary fistula urinary force urinary frequency urinary functions urinary incontinence urinary meatus urinary obstruction urinary organs urinary pole urinary retention urinary schistosomiasis urinary sphincter urinary stones urinary stream urinary system urinary systems urinary tract urinary tract catheterisation urinary tract disease urinary tract disorders urinary tract obstruction urinary tracts urinary tubes urinary urgency urinary-genital system urine amino acids urine analysis urine drug screen urine fetishism urine flow urine organic acids urine pH urine retention urine samples urine tax urine test urine tested urine testing urine testing for drugs urine tests urine therapy urine was taxed uriniferous tubule urmi lake urn burials urn model urn models urn problem urn processes urnfield culture urocanate hydratase urocanic acid urocanic aciduria urogenital apparatus urogenital diaphragm urogenital fold urogenital folds urogenital groove urogenital membrane urogenital opening urogenital organs urogenital ostium urogenital papilla urogenital region urogenital ridge urogenital sinus urogenital sinuses urogenital system urogenital tract urogenital tracts urogenital triangle urogenital tubercle urokinase alfa urokinase plasminogen urokinase receptor urologic surgeons urological pathology uronate dehydrogenase uronic acid uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase URO decarboxylase uroporphyrinogen URO decarboxylase uroporphyrinogen synthase URO synthase uroporphyrinogen URO synthase uroporphyrinogen cosynthetase uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase uroporphyrinogen-III synthase uropygial gland urorectal septum urosaurus ornatus urotensin-II receptor ursid hybrid ursine shapeshifters ursodeoxycholic acid ursolic acid ursonic acid ursulcholic acid ursus californicus urtext edition urtica dioica urticaria pigmentosa urticated plaques urticating hair urticating hairs uruguayan football usability engineering usability inspection method usability interface usability lab usability pattern usability research usability studies usability testing usability tests usable energy usable in building and fueling usable water usage analysis usage monitor usage of head-gear usage of the terms railroad and railway usage rights usage share usage statistics usage-based approach usage-based linguistic theories usage-based model usage-centered design usangu lampeye use a trademark nominatively use and mention use as a naval jack use as treatment use button to enlarge or cursor to identify use button to expand image use by date use by demon mad scientists use by terrorists use case use case diagram use case diagrams use case model use case survey use cases use classes use drugs use drugs recreationally use illegal drugs use immunity use in chattels use in formal logic use in sporting culture use in the classroom use local materials use name use nuclear weapons first use of an auxiliary international language use of biotechnology in pharmaceutical manufacturing use of captive animals in research use of chemical weapons use of child soldiers use of controlled substances use of copyrighted material use of drugs use of drugs and alcohol use of extremely loud music to break the will use of force use of force by states use of force continuum use of gravity use of heavy bombers in direct support of friendly troops use of horses use of human bodies in medical training use of iron use of land use of litigation use of magic use of obsidian use of opioids use of performance-enhancing drugs use of poison gas use of referendums use of saline water use of skis use of stories use of symmetry in integration use of terrain use of the land use of the word "Day" use of tobacco use of torture use of two bass drums use or interest use performance-enhancing drugs use substances use tax use taxes use the diaeresis use the full lane use the same initials use the tide use the toilet use theory of meaning use value use values use viruses to attack the cancer use-after-free bugs use-by date use-def chains use-define chains use-mention distinction use-wear analysis useable water used a false birth used again used against used anciently with numbers used as a musical instrument used as a weapon used as a weapon in professional wrestling used as food used as the name of a city used book used books used car used car salesman used cars used clothing used clothings used for cooking used for tool making used generically used goods used his hand to punch the ball used imports used in accordance used in architecture used in court used in literature or film used in medicine used in music used in physics used in the off-hand to parry used interchangeably used it in their religious festivals used least recently used medicinally used nuclear fuel used nuclear weapons in combat used once used phonetically used reactor fuel used schoolgirl panties used somewhat arbitrarily used stamps used to used to be called used to bind an account of the murder used to detect used to determine used to enforce on their systems used to kill bacterial pathogens used to locate used up used vehicle used vehicles used vehicles exported used wine in their religious rites used-book sale used-car dealer used-car salesman used-car salespeople useful arts useful bitrate useful energy useful fiction useful idiot useful idiots useful life useful lift useful load useful man useful space principle useful work useless eaters useless rules usenet cabal usenet hierarchy user acceptance user acceptance testing user account user accounts user action user actions user agent user agent string user agents user agreement user and search engine friendly user assistance user authentication user authentication and authorization, auditing and accounting user behavior user cases user centered user centered design user charges user community user control user coordinate system user datagram protocol user decision analysis user defined functions user directory user documentation user domain user environment user equilibrium user error user errors user events user expectations user experience user experience design user experience designer user fee user fees user forum user forums user friendliness user friendly user gaming user generated user generated content user groups user guide user guides user id user identifier user ids user in telecommunications user information user information transfer user innovation user input user interaction user interaction software platforms user interactions user interface user interface architect user interface builder user interface components user interface control user interface creation user interface design user interface design principles user interface design tool user interface designers user interface engineering user interface language user interface markup language user interface markup languages user interface(UI) user interfaces user intervention user level user logon scripts user lookup user management user manual user manuals user mode user modeling user name user names user operation prohibition user operation prohibitions user page user panel user pays user privacy user profile user profiles user program state user programs user provisioning user rate user requirements user requirements specification user review user reviews user revolt user session user space user stories user story user styles user support user testing user tolls user warrant user-agent spoofing user-agent string user-centered design user-centered design process user-centered web design user-defined functions user-defined operators user-defined types user-generated content user-generated contents user-generated mobile service user-generated review sites user-generated software content user-generated video user-interface modifications user-led group user-level security user-level shell user-space kernel users privileges uses a wrist torsion action uses and gratifications uses city streets uses his or her fingers uses in agriculture and research uses of this zone uses the dark side to choke uses the dark side to choke her uses underage boys ushanka hat ushiro geri using a computer to prove a mathematical theorem using arsenic instead of phosphorus using cars using chairs using children under the age of fifteen years to participate actively in hostilities using commutativity using different terms using drugs using drugs recreationally using either hand using force using monads in functional programming using nuclear reactors for energy generation using off-Earth resources using puppets in battle using straw boats to borrow arrows using suits using the fingers using the full lane using the lavatory using the methods of stochastic analysis using their kids as accident victims in order to collect insurance money using their own intelligence using them themselves using vocal language usmetal records usnic acid usool al-fiqh usotuki yumichan usual administrative usual channels usual conditions usual criteria usual diet in industrial countries usual dimension usual dual usual interstitial pneumonia usual meaning usual meaning of color usual medium usual methods usual speed limits usual twelve usual way usually grooved usually lower usually make an effort to tone down or eliminate distinctive pronunciations that would sound dissonant to non-natives usually named usuba bocho usul al-fiqh usurers branch usurpation of authority usurpation of powers usury laws usus marriage usus modernus ut pictura poesis uta karuta utah roundmouth snail utalitarian bioethicist ute muster uterine abscess uterine arteries uterine artery uterine artery embolization uterine atony uterine blood flow uterine cancer uterine cavity uterine cervical uterine contractions uterine decidua uterine displacement uterine endometrial cancer uterine fibroid uterine fibroids uterine fibroma uterine glands uterine horn uterine horns uterine leiomyoma uterine leiomyomata uterine ligaments uterine lining uterine malformation uterine malformations uterine orgasm uterine plexuses uterine pore uterine replicated uterine replicator uterine replicators uterine rupture uterine sarcoma uterine septum uterine sound uterine tube uterine tubes uterine tumors uterine vein uterine veins uterine venous plexus uterine wall uterosacral ligament uterosacral ligaments uterovaginal plexus uterus didelphys uterus duplex uterus masculinus uterus or womb utha jazz uti possidetis uti possidetis juris utilised extensive utilitarian designs utilitarian ethic utilitarian ethics utilitarian philosophy utilitarian pragmatism utilitarian principle utilitarian viewpoint utility aircraft utility back utility back row forward utility belt utility belts utility bicycle utility bicycles utility bikes utility bills utility boat utility boats utility bodies utility boilers utility certificates utility class utility color code utility companies utility companies' utility company utility computing utility cooperative utility cooperatives utility coupé utility cover utility curve utility cycling utility cyclists utility facilities utility fog utility forward utility frequency utility function utility functions utility furniture utility gas turbines utility grid utility helicopters utility independent utility infielder utility knife utility knives utility line utility line surveys utility lineman utility location utility main utility man utility maximisation utility maximization utility maximization problem utility maximization problems utility model utility models utility monopolies utility patent utility patents utility player utility players utility players in baseball utility pole utility poles utility possibility frontier utility program utility programs utility role utility room utility rooms utility sectors utility services utility software utility sound technician utility theory utility trailers utility trench utility trucks utility tunnel utility tunnels utility uniform utility uniforms utility value utility values utility vault utility vaults utility vehicle utility vehicles utility workers utility-sized generators utilityman role utilization distribution utilization management utilization problem utilization review utilization reviews utilized local populations utilties companies utimate tensile strength utlility grids utm theorem utopian anarchism utopian and dystopian fiction utopian and dystopian literature utopian communist utopian communities utopian community utopian experiment utopian fantasy utopian fiction utopian genre utopian ideal utopian literature utopian novel utopian politics utopian realism utopian social experiments utopian socialism utopian socialisms utopian socialist utopian socialists utopian societies utopian society utopian thought utraquist schools utricular macula utriusque iuris utriusque juris utrocular discrimination utroque iure utroque iuris utskushii kaze uttara mimamsa utter barristers uttered this uttering a forged document utterly destroying the world uucico daemon uv rays uv-curable inks uveal layer uveal prolapse uveal tract uveoparotid fever uvula cut uvula of the bladder uvula piercings uvula vesicae uvular approximant uvular consonant uvular consonants uvular ejective uvular ejective affricate uvular ejective fricative uvular fricative uvular lobe uvular nasal uvular nasals uvular r uvular stop uvular trill uvular trills uvular-epiglottal consonant uvulæ muscle uyoku dantai uzi submachine guns uzun hava uña de gato v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1 v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 2 v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog vCard 3.0 vDVZ discontinuity vWF antigen vaca toposa vacancy in the papacy vacant lot vacant lots vacant niches vacant seat vacant see vacant town site vacate the property vacated its colony vacated the decision vacated the judgment vacation exchanges vacation goo vacation homes vacation houses vacation properties vacation property vacation rental vacation rentals vaccenic acid vaccina virus vaccination administration vaccination critic vaccination laws vaccination programs vaccination schedule vaccination schedules vaccine adjuvant vaccine boosters vaccine controversy vaccine failures vaccine for cervical cancer vaccine for dental caries vaccine for the organism vaccine guidelines vaccine injured vaccine injuries vaccine injury vaccine preservative thiomersal controversy vaccine safety vaccine schedules vaccine therapy vaccine trial vaccine trials vaccine-associated sarcoma vaccine-associated sarcomas vaccinia immune globulin vaccum tube vacuous truth vacuously true vacuum tubes electron tubes vacuum electron tubes vacuum advance vacuum arc vacuum aspirated vacuum aspiration vacuum bag vacuum balance vacuum bed vacuum beds vacuum bomb vacuum brake vacuum brakes vacuum braking vacuum breaker vacuum brewer vacuum casting vacuum chairs vacuum chamber vacuum chambers vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaners vacuum cleaning vacuum columns vacuum condensate vacuum condenstates vacuum configuration vacuum decay vacuum delay valve vacuum deposited vacuum deposition vacuum diode vacuum discharge tube vacuum distillation column vacuum ejector vacuum electronics vacuum energy vacuum evaporation vacuum evaporators vacuum exercise vacuum expectation vacuum expectation value vacuum expectation values vacuum exposure vacuum extraction vacuum extractor vacuum field equations vacuum fire vacuum flange vacuum flanges vacuum flask vacuum flasks vacuum fluctuation vacuum fluctuations vacuum fluorescent vacuum formed vacuum forming vacuum frame vacuum fryer vacuum frying vacuum furnace vacuum furnaces vacuum gauge vacuum gauges vacuum impedance vacuum instability vacuum jar vacuum leaks vacuum level vacuum mattress vacuum metalising vacuum metalized vacuum metastability event vacuum modulator vacuum motors vacuum of power vacuum of space vacuum operated vacuum packaged vacuum packed vacuum packing vacuum pan vacuum pan technique vacuum permitivity vacuum permittivity vacuum phase transition vacuum phototubes vacuum pipes vacuum plane toilet vacuum plasmaspraying vacuum polarization vacuum possessing infinite energy vacuum pouches vacuum pump vacuum pumps vacuum pyrolysis vacuum regions vacuum reservoirs vacuum sewerage vacuum solution vacuum solution general relativity vacuum solutions vacuum state vacuum states vacuum sweeper vacuum swing adsorption vacuum switches vacuum toilets vacuum tube vacuum tube amplifiers vacuum tube audio amplifiers vacuum tube diode vacuum tube socket vacuum tubes vacuum ultraviolet vacuum valve vacuum valves vacuum variable capacitors vacuum wavelength vacuum-assisted closure vacuum-fluorescent displays vacuum-tube amplifiers vada pav vade mecum vade retro satana vadose zone vae victis vafva vadna vagabond laws vagal inhibition vagal maneuvers vagal response vagal tone vagal trigone vagant bishop vagaram choudhary vaghaye al etefaghiyeh vagina dentata vagina envy vagina fibrosa vagina masculina vagina mucosa vaginal agenesis vaginal air vaginal area vaginal arteries vaginal artery vaginal atresia vaginal balls vaginal barbell vaginal birth vaginal branches vaginal branches of uterine artery vaginal bulb vaginal canal vaginal cancer vaginal cancers vaginal candidiasis vaginal cavity vaginal childbirth vaginal contraction vaginal delivery vaginal deodorant vaginal dilation vaginal dilator vaginal douche vaginal dryness vaginal dysplasia vaginal examination vaginal examinations vaginal fisting vaginal flatulence vaginal flora vaginal fluid vaginal fluids vaginal foam vaginal fornices vaginal fornix vaginal grip vaginal hyperplasia vaginal hysterectomy vaginal intercourse vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia vaginal introitus vaginal jewellery vaginal ligaments vaginal lubricant vaginal lubrication vaginal mucus vaginal opening vaginal orgasm vaginal orifice vaginal photoplethysmographs vaginal photoplethysmography vaginal plane vaginal plexuses vaginal plug vaginal portion vaginal process vaginal process of the tympanic portion vaginal reconstruction vaginal ring vaginal rings vaginal secretion vaginal secretions vaginal sex vaginal smear vaginal smears vaginal speculum vaginal surgery vaginal swab vaginal swabs vaginal tightening vaginal vault vaginal vault prolapse vaginal veins vaginal venous plexus vaginal wall vaginal yeast vaginal yeast infections vaginæ muscle vagrancy act vagrancy life vagrant birds vagrant lifestyle vagrant shrew vague language is used vague objects vague prior vague prior distribution vagus ganglia vagus n. vagus nerve vagus nerve stimulation vagus nerve stimulator vagus nerves vaikanasa aagama vaivautuva vajroli mudra val d'Orcia vale of tears vale tudo valence band valence bands valence bond valence bond approximation valence bond model valence bond theory valence bonds valence charge valence effect valence electron valence electrons valence number valence numbers valence quark valence quark mass valence quarks valence shell valence shell atom valence shell electron pair repulsion theory valence shell electron-pair repulsion valence shell electron-pair repulsion theory VSEPR theory valence shell electron-pair repulsion VSEPR theory valence shells valence tautomer valence tautomerism