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I'm compiling information about the pronunciation, script, and transliteration templates which apply font styles here, in preparation for a clean-up.

The language subtag column is my best guess at the correct representation per rfc:4646. I've used “xx” to represent whichever primary language tag belongs in an instance, but per the standard, most languages with a default script (“suppress-script”) should not normally indicate it. Subtags following “x-” are correctly formed private-use subtags which I've formulated.

Please add and correct the data.

Pronunciation templates[edit]

template description incl. class tag comments
{{IPA}} IPA 500+ IPA xx-fonipa
{{IPA Rhymes}}  ? 0 IPA RFD'd
{{IPAchar}} IPA, with no link 500+ IPA xx-fonipa
{{IPAAusE}} Transwikid from Wikipedia 3 IPA en-AU RFD'd
{{ipac}} User:Keffy/IPAc 30 replace?
{{SAMPA}} SAMPA 500+ SAMPA xx-Latn-x-sampa
{{SAMPAchar}} SAMPA, with no link 15 xx-Latn-x-sampa
{{X-SAMPA}} X-SAMPA 250+ xx-Latn-fonxsampa
{{enPR}} ← {{AHD}} English Phonemic Representation (“AHD”) 500+ AHD enPR en-x-enpr
{{enPRchar}} ← {{AHDchar}} enPR, with no link 4 AHD enPR en-x-enpr
{{Stokoe}} w:Stokoe notation for American Sign Language (transcludes {{unicode}}) 16 sgn-x-stokoe

Script templates[edit]

template description incl. class tag comments
{{Lchar}}  ? 1  ? deleted
{{unicode}} general-purpose Unicode characters 500+ .Unicode
{{Arab}} Arabic 500+ .AR xx-Arab
{{fa-Arab}} Persian Arabic 500+ .FA fa-Arab
{{ks-Arab}} Kashmiri Arabic 1 .KS ks-Arab
{{ku-Arab}} Kurdish Arabic 500+ .KU ku-Arab
{{ota-Arab}} Ottoman Turkish Arabic 250+ .OTA ota-Arab
{{pa-Arab}} Punjabi Shahmukhi 4 .PA pa-Arab
{{ps-Arab}} Pashto Arabic 50+ .FA ps-Arab
{{sd-Arab}} Sindhi Arabic 100+ .SD sd-Arab
{{ug-Arab}} Uyghur Arabic 100+ .UG ug-Arab
{{ur-Arab}} Urdu Arabic 500+ .UR ur-Arab
{{Armn}} Armenian 500+ .HY xx-Armn
{{Avst}} Avestan 43 xx-Avst
{{Beng}} Bengali 100+ .BN xx-Beng
{{Brai}} Braille 11 xx-Brai
{{Bugi}} Buginese 0 xx-Bugi
{{Cans}} Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics 8 .Cans xx-Cans
{{Cari}} Carian 50+ xx-Cari
{{Cher}} Cherokee 2 xx-Cher
{{Cprt}} Cypriot 3 xx-Cprt
{{Cyrl}} Cyrillic 500+ .RU xx-Cyrl
{{Cyrs}} Cyrillic (Old Church Slavonic variant) 100+ .Cyrs xx-Cyrs
{{Deva}} Devanagari 500+ .Deva xx-Deva
{{Egyp}} Egyptian hieroglyphs 0 xx-Egyp
{{Ethi}} Ethiopic (Ge'ez) 250+ xx-Ethi
{{Geor}} Georgian 50+ script-Geor xx-Geor
{{Glag}} Glagolitic 250+ .Glag xx-Glag
{{Goth}} Gothic 250+ xx-Goth
{{Grek}} Greek 500+ .EL xx-Grek(-monoton)
{{polytonic}} Polytonic Greek 500+ .polytonic xx-Grek-polyton
{{Gujr}} Gujarati 3 .Gujr xx-Gujr
{{Hang}} Korean Hangul 500+ .KO xx-Hang
{{Hani}} Han 500+ xx-Hani
{{Hans}} Simplified Chinese 500+ xx-Hans
{{Hant}} Traditional Chinese 500+ xx-Hant
{{Hebr}} Hebrew 500+ .scHebr xx-Hebr
{{hebrew}} Hebrew 17 .scHebr xx-Hebr merging to {{Hebr}}
{{yi-Hebr}} Hebrew 1 .scHebr yi merging to {{Hebr}}
{{Ital}} Italic 26 xx-Ital
{{Jpan}} Japanese 500+ .JA xx-Jpan
{{JAruby}} Japanese ruby text 4 xx-Jpan
{{Khmr}} Khmer 500+ .KM xx-Khmr
{{Knda}} Kannada 3 .Knda xx-Knda
{{Kore}} Korean 500+ .KO xx-Hang
{{Laoo}} Lao 500+ .LO xx-Laoo
{{Latn}} Latin 500+ .mention-Latn xx-Latn
{{Latinx}} Latin Extended-B, including Old English 500+ .latinx ang-Latn, etc
{{Linb}} Linear B 100+ xx-Linb
{{Lyci}} Lycian 37 xx-Lyci
{{Lydi}} Lydian 40 xx-Lydi
{{Mlym}} Malayalam 8 .Mlym xx-Mlym
{{Mymr}} Myanmar (Burmese) 13 .Mymr xx-Mymr
{{Ogam}} Ogham 29 .Ogam xx-Ogam
{{Olck}} Ol Chiki 0 xx-Olck
{{Orya}} Oriya 1 .Orya xx-Orya
{{Phnx}} Phoenician 50+ .Phnx xx-Phnx
{{Runr}} Runic 23 .Runr xx-Runr
{{Sinh}} Sinhala 8 xx-Sinh
{{Syrc}} Syriac 50+ .Syrc xx-Syrc
{{Taml}} Tamil 12 xx-Taml
{{Telu}} Telugu 250+ .TE xx-Telu
{{Tfng}} Tifinagh 20 .Tfng xx-Tfng
{{Thai}} Thai 500+ .TH xx-Thai
{{Tibt}} Tibetan 6 xx-Tibt
{{Ugar}} Ugaritic 100+ xx-Ugar
{{Xpeo}} Old Persian 100+ xx-Xpeo
{{Xsux}} Cuneiform, Sumero-Akkadian 250+ xx-Xsux


template description incl. class tag comments
{{IAST}} w:International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration 5 IAST Unicode xx-Latn-x-iast Redirected to {{unicode}}
{{semxlit}} For scientific transliteration from Semitic languages, such as Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew. Tahoma handles the necessary letters, while Lucida Sans Unicode picks up ʼ and ʻ consonants. 3 semxlit xx-Latn Redirected to {{unicode}}

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