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I'm compiling information about the pronunciation, script, and transliteration templates which apply font styles here, in preparation for a clean-up.

The language subtag column is my best guess at the correct representation per RFC 4646. I've used “xx” to represent whichever primary language tag belongs in an instance, but per the standard, most languages with a default script (“suppress-script”) should not normally indicate it. Subtags following “x-” are correctly formed private-use subtags which I've formulated.

Please add and correct the data.

Pronunciation templates[edit]

template description incl. class tag comments
{{IPA}} IPA 500+ IPA xx-fonipa
{{IPA Rhymes}}  ? 0 IPA RFD'd
{{IPAchar}} IPA, with no link 500+ IPA xx-fonipa
{{IPAAusE}} Transwikid from Wikipedia 3 IPA en-AU RFD'd
{{ipac}} User:Keffy/IPAc 30 replace?
{{SAMPA}} SAMPA 500+ SAMPA xx-Latn-x-sampa
{{SAMPAchar}} SAMPA, with no link 15 xx-Latn-x-sampa
{{X-SAMPA}} X-SAMPA 250+ xx-Latn-fonxsampa
{{enPR}} ← {{AHD}} English Phonemic Representation (“AHD”) 500+ AHD enPR en-x-enpr
{{enPRchar}} ← {{AHDchar}} enPR, with no link 4 AHD enPR en-x-enpr
{{Stokoe}} w:Stokoe notation for American Sign Language (transcludes {{unicode}}) 16 sgn-x-stokoe

Script templates[edit]

template description incl. class tag comments
{{Lchar}}  ? 1  ? deleted
{{unicode}} general-purpose Unicode characters 500+ .Unicode
{{Arab}} Arabic 500+ .AR xx-Arab
{{fa-Arab}} Persian Arabic 500+ .FA fa-Arab
{{ks-Arab}} Kashmiri Arabic 1 .KS ks-Arab
{{ku-Arab}} Kurdish Arabic 500+ .KU ku-Arab
{{ota-Arab}} Ottoman Turkish Arabic 250+ .OTA ota-Arab
{{pa-Arab}} Punjabi Shahmukhi 4 .PA pa-Arab
{{ps-Arab}} Pashto Arabic 50+ .FA ps-Arab
{{sd-Arab}} Sindhi Arabic 100+ .SD sd-Arab
{{ug-Arab}} Uyghur Arabic 100+ .UG ug-Arab
{{ur-Arab}} Urdu Arabic 500+ .UR ur-Arab
{{Armn}} Armenian 500+ .HY xx-Armn
{{Avst}} Avestan 43 xx-Avst
{{Beng}} Bengali 100+ .BN xx-Beng
{{Brai}} Braille 11 xx-Brai
{{Bugi}} Buginese 0 xx-Bugi
{{Cans}} Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics 8 .Cans xx-Cans
{{Cari}} Carian 50+ xx-Cari
{{Cher}} Cherokee 2 xx-Cher
{{Cprt}} Cypriot 3 xx-Cprt
{{Cyrl}} Cyrillic 500+ .RU xx-Cyrl
{{Cyrs}} Cyrillic (Old Church Slavonic variant) 100+ .Cyrs xx-Cyrs
{{Deva}} Devanagari 500+ .Deva xx-Deva
{{Egyp}} Egyptian hieroglyphs 0 xx-Egyp
{{Ethi}} Ethiopic (Ge'ez) 250+ xx-Ethi
{{Geor}} Georgian 50+ script-Geor xx-Geor
{{Glag}} Glagolitic 250+ .Glag xx-Glag
{{Goth}} Gothic 250+ xx-Goth
{{Grek}} Greek 500+ .EL xx-Grek(-monoton)
{{polytonic}} Polytonic Greek 500+ .polytonic xx-Grek-polyton
{{Gujr}} Gujarati 3 .Gujr xx-Gujr
{{Hang}} Korean Hangul 500+ .KO xx-Hang
{{Hani}} Han 500+ xx-Hani
{{Hans}} Simplified Chinese 500+ xx-Hans
{{Hant}} Traditional Chinese 500+ xx-Hant
{{Hebr}} Hebrew 500+ .scHebr xx-Hebr
{{hebrew}} Hebrew 17 .scHebr xx-Hebr merging to {{Hebr}}
{{yi-Hebr}} Hebrew 1 .scHebr yi merging to {{Hebr}}
{{Ital}} Italic 26 xx-Ital
{{Jpan}} Japanese 500+ .JA xx-Jpan
{{JAruby}} Japanese ruby text 4 xx-Jpan
{{Khmr}} Khmer 500+ .KM xx-Khmr
{{Knda}} Kannada 3 .Knda xx-Knda
{{Kore}} Korean 500+ .KO xx-Hang
{{Laoo}} Lao 500+ .LO xx-Laoo
{{Latn}} Latin 500+ .mention-Latn xx-Latn
{{Latinx}} Latin Extended-B, including Old English 500+ .latinx ang-Latn, etc
{{Linb}} Linear B 100+ xx-Linb
{{Lyci}} Lycian 37 xx-Lyci
{{Lydi}} Lydian 40 xx-Lydi
{{Mlym}} Malayalam 8 .Mlym xx-Mlym
{{Mymr}} Myanmar (Burmese) 13 .Mymr xx-Mymr
{{Ogam}} Ogham 29 .Ogam xx-Ogam
{{Olck}} Ol Chiki 0 xx-Olck
{{Orya}} Oriya 1 .Orya xx-Orya
{{Phnx}} Phoenician 50+ .Phnx xx-Phnx
{{Runr}} Runic 23 .Runr xx-Runr
{{Sinh}} Sinhala 8 xx-Sinh
{{Syrc}} Syriac 50+ .Syrc xx-Syrc
{{Taml}} Tamil 12 xx-Taml
{{Telu}} Telugu 250+ .TE xx-Telu
{{Tfng}} Tifinagh 20 .Tfng xx-Tfng
{{Thai}} Thai 500+ .TH xx-Thai
{{Tibt}} Tibetan 6 xx-Tibt
{{Ugar}} Ugaritic 100+ xx-Ugar
{{Xpeo}} Old Persian 100+ xx-Xpeo
{{Xsux}} Cuneiform, Sumero-Akkadian 250+ xx-Xsux


template description incl. class tag comments
{{IAST}} w:International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration 5 IAST Unicode xx-Latn-x-iast Redirected to {{unicode}}
{{semxlit}} For scientific transliteration from Semitic languages, such as Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew. Tahoma handles the necessary letters, while Lucida Sans Unicode picks up ʼ and ʻ consonants. 3 semxlit xx-Latn Redirected to {{unicode}}

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