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User:Qehath/צרפתיתCategory:Requests for example sentences in English
À Â É È Ê Î Ô Ç Œ Û Ù — ‿ ː
à â é è ê î ô ç œ û ù — « »
á é í ó ú ñ ü —
Á É Í Ó Ú Ñ — ¿ ¡

    • 2022, Megan John, 30 Adult Erotic Sex Stories: Uncensored Erotic Compilation
      Precum, thick and slimy, oozed from the flared tip, the blond happily smearing it along the shaft even as he dutifully cleaned the oversized spermtanks that were producing it, his other hand clearly very busy with his own arousal, rubbing the length of it through his trousers.
    • 2013, James L. Riedy, The Pleasures of Testicle: A Celebration and Exploration of All Things Ballss, p. 90
      [...] (S) sack o' nuts, saddle bags, satchel full of yarbles, scalloped potatoes, scrote, seals, seedcase, self adjustment dials, scum bag, seed factory, seeds, sex glands, slabs, slashers, sperm tanks, spuds, spunk holders [...]