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Just trying to formulate a better, more widely acceptable version. The criteria set out at the beginning are just a starting point for discussion. Please debate desirable changes to this on the attached talk page.

Criteria for Inclusion of a word (or term) in a Wikisaurus or Wikisaurus/more page[edit]

Wikisaurus pages come in three varieties

  • The primary Wikisaurus page - for most non-controversial Wikisaurus compilations.
  • The semi-protected and split form of Wikisaurus page, for more controversial compilations.
    • The main page of this type is the same as the primary page, except that it is semi-protected, ie: locked to some less "qualified" users, to try to cut down vandalism and rampant protologism addition.
    • The controversial Wikisaurus page will also have an addendum page, in the form of a /more page, which is unprotected. In this page open editing is allowed, and various not fully attested words may be entered.

The criteria for inclusion in these three types of Wikisaurus page - primary, semi-protected and addendum (/more) - are different.

Criteria for inclusion of a word on a primary Wikisaurus page.[edit]

Should meet one or more of the following criteria

  • The word should be wiki-linked to an existing main namespace entry/word.
    • The general criteria for inclusion WT:CFI should apply to that word entry, and thus indirectly to the word in the Wikisaurus primary page.
  • The word should be a word found in a recognised Dictionary publication (being not just an entry in a published compilation of words which otherwise would not meet CFI). In time, the main namespace entry should be created, and the word in the Wikisaurus primary page should be linked to it.
    • Such an interim, unsupported word in the Wikisaurus primary page may be challenged, after a reasonable time, as not meeting standard CFI. If the main namespace word entry is not made and allowed within a reasonable time, then the word in the Wikisaurus primary page may be relegated to the addendum /more page, subject to the less stringent criteria for that type of page.

Criteria for inclusion of a word in a semi-protected primary Wikisaurus page[edit]

Essentially has the same criteria for inclusion as for the primary Wikisaurus page above. Plus also requiring the support of a "more qualified" user to get past the semi-protection lock on the page.

Criteria for inclusion of a word in a /more (addendum) Wikisaurus page[edit]

The word must meet some (less stringent) criteria for inclusion in the addendum /more page, being any one or more of

  • a large number of google hits (currently suggested at >1,000 hits of independent sites), with a spread of over 6 months in usage.
    We should recognise neologisms early, but not too early. Blatant, unsupported protologisms should not be included, and will be generally moved to the Protologisms page.
  • at least one hit on Google books, or some other comparable source of recognised publications. (being not just an entry in published compilation of words which otherwise would not meet CFI).
  • demonstrated (and uncontested) use or definition in any official website of government, established institutions or public company, or similar.

With each word, where possbile, please list the justification for adding the word, listing how it meets these criteria, and perhaps some of the CFI criteria it meets for future possible inclusion in the primary page.

In time, if enough supporting justifications are given to meet standard CFI, then the main namespace entry for the word should be created, and the word should be promoted to the primary Wikisaurus page. This can be requested via the WT:RFC process.