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At time of user name mergers with other WikiMedia projects, my user name became richardb43 (Richardb43 (talk) 00:17, 21 January 2019 (UTC))

Sydney, Australia - born and raised UK West Midlands

Most interested in - colourful use of language - terms and usage that confuse the foreign students who live with us - intriguing words, phrases, terms

Then :Becoming a Wikiphile - Correction: Already a Wikiphile, fast becoming a Wiki Addict ! Correction: Totally Addicted to improving Wiktionary in my own peculiar ways - improving processes. Contributed a lot of policy, quite a lot of content, kickstarted WikiSaurus.

Now: Still love Wikipedia. Think English Wiktionary is sadly a waste of time, going nowhere. A small group of egos, pedants, puritans and deletionists actively discourage contributions, contributors. Too easy to be an exclusionist, deletionist.
There should be a very simple CFI - does an entry, a contribution, add value ? Add to the sum of knowledge ?

Not "is it neat and tidy", "Is it supported by a million references". As it is, the CFI are very randomly, arbitrarily applied. There are many, many archaic or obscure words in this Wiktionary that are rarely if ever used, and have no citations etc to support them. Yet others are constantly rejected despite easily demonstrated widespread current usage. It really comes down to the personal taste of the particular exclusionist/deletionist/censor on at the time you make a contribution.

Think one citieria for an Admin should be that they rarely do deletions.

In Wikipedia terms, would describe myself as a WikiDragon, sliding towards WikiSloth, too often beset by misguided WikiKnights

User Short Cuts

Connel MacKenzie T [[1]]

User:richardb/Wikisaurus criteria bookmarks, color, fap, danger, common practice, etc

Most Current Watchlist

Things I that I might turn my attention to in the future

[[2]] New Words of 2005


  • User:TheDaveRoss/to saurus/cleanup

Policy (Development) discussion - Once discussion identifies an issue as a matter of discussing policy ideas, further discussion is to be taken out of Beer Parlour to the talk page / committee room of the relevant Policy page, be it a Policy Think-Tank page, DraftPolicy, Semi-Official Policy, Official Policy or Rejected Policy. SeeCategory:Policies - Wiktionary Top Level for a list of the sub-categories and identified Policy (Development) pages. All that will be left in the Beer Parlour will be pointers to the Policy (Development) pages, and a very brief statement of the topic and progress.

The truth is, that, until very recently, there were no written or publicised policies/ standards / conventions etc at all, of any type, in Wiktionary. Only a few people who believed they had great insight and just knew what the policy should be! Please support the fledgling Policy Development process.--Richardb 05:51, 22 May 2005 (UTC)