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Due to life circumstances, I will be inactive on Wikimedia projects indefinitely.
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Why I'm here[edit]

There were many resources that were essential in my ability to learn Finnish. Wiktionary was one of them, with its invaluable declension and conjugation tables that couldn't be found anywhere else on the internet. By now, my ability to continue absorbing Finnish is rapid and I want to give back to Wiktionary however I can as thanks. It also comes from years of being a fan of open source software in general, but not being a programmer and never having the skill to be able to contribute to any open source projects, but now I have found one that I can contribute to.

What I do[edit]

  • Clean up pages in both Finnish and English whenever I see the need.
  • Create new Wiktionary entries in both Finnish and English.
  • Create US English audio pronunciations.
  • Supply International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciations for English.
  • I also contribute all of the above to Simple English Wiktionary.


  • Wikis

File uploader, Commons, Meta-wiki global userpage, simple.wikt userpage, Wikisanakirja

  • Subpages

phonetics, sandbox, resources, to-do list, common.css


New words[edit]

Plurals, inflections, and alternate spelling forms will not be listed.

  • English

arm span, spruce cone

  • Finnish

kohokoukku, kuusenkäpy, käsipaino, levytanko, ovennuppi, tähtihyppy, yleisliike

Audio pronunciations[edit]