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What I'm Doing[edit]

Hi there. I am testing AWB to make sure that everything is compatible with Wiktionary.

Please leave me a talk message if there are any problems with tests. A message to my talk page will show an alert inside AWB (if I am using it) and I'll check my messages.


In progress[edit]

No tests in progress at this time.


Spelling fixes[edit]

This test is finished. (Targeting and fixing common spelling errors). Please check list of pages changed if you would like to see the article fixes.

RESULT: 75 articles were reviewed and fixed.

Duplicate words[edit]

I am going to be testing AWB on Wiktionary to identify and fix bad repeated words like "that that". It will be done in a fast manner to show how quickly an editor can look at sections of articles and identify mistakes. This is not the speed at which editors should normally be editing at.

The test is done. The list of edit fixes I did can be found here for review.

I skipped 11 articles due to other reasons for the duplicate words such as them being part of a quote or the duplicate use of word was actually a typo like "and and" instead of "and an". Normally, I would have stopped and fixed those up but I'm listing them here for now.

The list of skipped articles: cazzo, Concordance:Foucault's Pendulum, crossgrade, Elina, screw, spade, sulfonic acid, the, topiary, vestibule, and greeny.

RESULT: 84 pages were reviewed and 73 were fixed in 8 minutes.