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If you need me to CheckUser something please click email this user, I check that email at least once a day and am around, just not around.

Republic of Vermont

Working on:

  • JavaBot for Citations population
  • Discussion page cleaning and archiving script for PWB.
  • Indexing of dump for faster searching, then uploading index with regex frontend.

  • List of English entries which lack usage examples.
  • List of English entries in order of commonality which lack translations into target language (to be divided by target language).
  • List of English entries which need translations sections to be created/divided properly.
  • Lists for each language of all terms used for that language in trans tables but for which the target page does not exist or exists without that language having a section. (Spanish first).
  • List of words which have language section but do not occur in any translation table, by language, and vice versa. (Where is Tbot!?)

  • (DONE) Han character entries which lack Vietnamese sections.
  • (DONE) Template:fro terms in etymologies which lack Old French sections.
  • (DONE) Template:frm terms in etymologies which lack Middle French sections.
  • (DONE) Template:xno terms in etymologies which lack Anglo-Norman sections.

Bot todo
  • Cleaning up related and derived sections.
  • New Tbot. (Cleaning up trans sections and creating FL entries from glossed trans tables.)