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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-01-17 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-01-19).

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  1. abilitations
    • 2009, Worst president ever? You betcha[1]:
      It be-proves anyone in power to seriously consider hiring speech writers or those whose abilitations would service the individual much more co-hairently.
  2. announceable
    • 2009, Jim Coyle, Even crisis can't kill political bickering[2]:
      But the absence of announceable details did leave time for the exercising of a few favourite hobby horses.
  3. babydom
    • 2009, Michele Henry, Pregnant Pause: He says he'll love me, even when I snarl[3]:
      It is impossible to predict my tides after pregnancy as we navigate the rocky straits of babydom, but I'm expecting the worst.
  4. cookwear
    • 2009, Corey Mintz, Just don't try to eat in the playpen[4]:
      Haman had a kid-in-a-candy-store excitement as he pored over cookwear catalogues.
  5. fluffery
    • 2009, Geoff Pevere, An Obama survival guide for that first Canadian trip[5]:
      That Canadians aren't asking for much by way of glory, flattery, fluffery or pomp.
  6. imprompture
    • 2009, Worst president ever? You betcha[6]:
      His imprompture style will go down in histrionics as self-edifacing.
  7. kitschmeister
    • 2009, Maryclaire Dale, Andrew Wyeth, 91: Artist stirred controversy[7]:
      "One critic has called Wyeth the greatest living kitschmeister, while others have compared him to Edward Hopper or the 'Abstract Expressionists,'" said Milton Esterow, the editor and publisher of Artnews , which lavishly praised Wyeth's work in the 1950s but has since stayed on the sidelines.
  8. pimenton
    • 2009, Mark Bittman, Stale spices, canned beans are no-nos for new year[8]:
      But some that you might think about using more frequently include cardamom (try a tiny bit in your next coffee cake, apple cake, spice cake or rice pilaf); ground cumin (a better starting place in chili – in fact, in many bean dishes – than chili powder); fennel seeds (these will give a Provençal flavour to any tomato sauce or soup; grind them first, or not); an assortment of dried chilies (I store them all together, because dried chipotles make the rest of them slightly smoky); fresh – or at least dried – ginger, which is lovely grated over most vegetables; pimenton, the smoked Spanish red pepper that is insanely popular in restaurants but still barely making inroads among home cooks; and good curry powder.
  9. scenesetters
    • 2009, Heather Greenwood Davis, Minigolf's a major obsession in Myrtle Beach[9]:
      You'll find two volcanoes, a fire-breathing dragon, crashed planes, pirate ships, jungle creatures and a pyramid among the scenesetters that rise high up into the sky.
  10. untweezed
    • 2009, Last-minute entertainment ideas for Saturday[10]:
      May no high brow be left untweezed.