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fluff +‎ -ery


fluffery (countable and uncountable, plural flufferies)

  1. Anything lightweight and overly ornamental or superfluous; fluff; froth.
    • 1964, James Reichley, States in Crisis: Politics in Ten American States, 1950-1962 (page 5)
      The Valley, as it has always been known in Virginia, became the site of a relatively democratic society based on a small-farm economy, with few slaves and little aristocratic fluffery.
    • 1969, Robert Hunter, Erebus (page 179)
      The room is small, the walls smothered with fluffy pink and blue towels, the floor ankle deep with more pink fluffery. The air is perfumed, the sink is spotless, bathtub shiny. The toilet paper is pale baby blue.