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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-03-20 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-03-20).

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  1. amigohood
    • 2009 March 20, Peter Howell, “I Love You, Man: Rudd and Segel a great match”, Toronto Star:
      Speaking as the only man in history who lost money in his bachelor party poker game, I can say "Amen, bro!" to the complications of male amigohood.
  2. aquafit
    • 2009 March 20, Robert Crew, “Minimalist with an artful message”, Toronto Star:
      She is hilarious as she describes the leader of the aquafit classes or Claudia's unfortunate laugh.
  3. bromance
  4. cogmakers
    • 2009 March 20, Peter Howell, “24 City: China's changing times”, Toronto Star:
      The boom-and-bust cycle that afflicts company towns in capitalist countries also dogs the state-run cogmakers, as Chinese auteur Jia Zhang-ke lyrically depicts in 24 City , an ode to changing times.
  5. defenced
    • 2009 March 20, “Stallworth drunk, two news outlets reporting”, Toronto Star:
      The 32-year-old McKenzie played five seasons with the Saints after the team acquired him in a 2004 trade with Green Bay. The 11-year veteran started 62 of 63 games, with 225 tackles (167 solo), 58 passes defenced, 12 interceptions and one forced fumble.
  6. ditherings
    • 2009 March 20, Jim Coyle, “Resurrection of Harrisites boggles mind”, Toronto Star:
      To revisit some of the highlights ??or more properly lowlights ??of the Harris era is to be struck by the suspicion that this unholy renaissance of an ideology and its cast of adherents might well keep the Liberal government of Premier Dalton McGuinty in power for perpetuity, irrespective of his dreamy ditherings or the havoc global economic chaos inflicts on Ontario.
  7. gallumph
    • 2009 March 20, Rosie DiManno, “A defendant both venomous and vulgar”, Toronto Star:
      It's for the jury to decide whether M.T. coerced her gallumph of a boyfriend into killing Stefanie, over perceived jealousies and relationship insecurities and purported rumour-mongering ??though the jury did not hear any evidence that Stefanie had, in fact, passed on any tittle-tattle about M.T. giving oral sex to boys, as alleged somewhere in that mountain of infantile cyber discourse.
  8. jiff
  9. lifecos
  10. peaker
    • 2009 March 20, Gail Swainson, “Green group vows fight over King power plant”, Toronto Star:
      In December, Ontario Power Authority chose Pristine Power of Calgary to build the 393-megawatt, $365 million peaker plant, intended to handle peak periods and emergencies, and slated to be in operation by the end of 2011.
  11. reletting
  12. supplexing
    • 2009 March 20, Dave Feschuk, “Raps show some fight but it's all just in jest”, Toronto Star:
      No, it wasn't somebody supplexing Joey Graham for watching slack-jawed as Pops Mensah-Bonsu has demonstrated the way to maximize a contract year.
  13. trenchcoat *
    • 2009 March 20, Linda Barnard, “Knowing: Everything but the kitchen sink”, Toronto Star:
      And who is that weird guy who looks like Rutger Hauer in a trenchcoat who keeps hanging around in the misty shadows, staring at the kids?
  14. turtled
    • 2009 March 20, Dave Feschuk, “Raps show some fight but it's all just in jest”, Toronto Star:
      And it's interesting, too, that now that Mensah-Bonsu has arrived to demonstrate the way an off-the-bench energy player is supposed to perform, Graham has turtled while Mensah-Bonsu, too late an aberration, has been the rare Raptor to do more than pretend to fight.
  15. unholstering
    • 2009 March 20, “Firing Tasers in Toronto”, Toronto Star:
      In the vast majority of cases, police deployed the stun guns ??defined as everything from unholstering and aiming the weapon to firing the probes ??on people who were violent or likely to cause serious bodily harm or death to themselves, an officer or someone else.
  16. windbaggery


  1. durty
  2. durty
  3. sumaq
    • 2009 March 20, Kristin Rushowy, “Did you know that it's Nowruz?”, Toronto Star:
      SEER AND SUMAQ: Garlic (seer) symbolizes health/medicine while sumaq (red powder) stands for vibrancy/colour of the sun.
  4. sabzeh
    • 2009 March 20, Kristin Rushowy, “Did you know that it's Nowruz?”, Toronto Star:
      SABZEH: Wheat or lentil sprouts, or sabzeh, germinated in pots represent rebirth/renewal.
  5. seeb
    • 2009 March 20, Kristin Rushowy, “Did you know that it's Nowruz?”, Toronto Star:
      EGGS AND SEEB: Painted by family members, eggs indicate fertility while apples, or seeb, mean good health, beauty.
  6. serkeh
    • 2009 March 20, Kristin Rushowy, “Did you know that it's Nowruz?”, Toronto Star:
      SERKEH AND COOKIES: Vinegar (serkeh, in goblet) represents age, patience; some believe it also symbolizes energy.