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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2009-03-21 issue of the Toronto Star (2009-03-21).

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  1. barnboard
    • 2009 March 21, Rita Zekas, “DECORITA: Wood I like? Absolutely”, Toronto Star:
      A dining room table made of barnboard on plywood with a circular glass top is priced at $2,400.
  2. barnboards
  3. brocolini
  4. civilianizes
  5. doelike
    • 2009 March 21, Debra Black, “Scoring pride at Jane-Finch”, Toronto Star:
      His take-no-prisoners manner is in sharp contrast to his boyish looks – his doelike eyes, sweet smile and four-foot-something frame.
  6. gouey
    • 2009 March 21, Greg Jorgensen, “Bangkok: bursting with fabulous food, great deals”, Toronto Star:
      It's no Yonge St., but it is a pretty lengthy stretch with everything from Chinese dumplings to secret recipe gouey jab (spicy pepper soup with a unique type of noodle).
  7. grippable
  8. howlingly
    • 2009 March 21, Rosie DiManno, “Unlike Stefanie, M.T. a girl with a future”, Toronto Star:
      How coarsely they mocked Stefanie, how howlingly funny the prospect of homicide, how detached and disaffected the plotters, slipping murder into the sexual crudeness – bait and blackmail.
  9. inadmissable
  10. intersquad
    • 2009 March 21, Debra Black, “Scoring pride at Jane-Finch”, Toronto Star:
      At the first intersquad game – where the kids play each other and get to show off their newly acquired skills – the enthusiasm for the sport and school generates a buzz.
  11. kole
    • 2009 March 21, Augusta Dwyer, “Paradise in the 'Devil's Land'”, Toronto Star:
      I'm thinking almost the same thing as I float in Mandina Lodge's blue-tiled swimming pool beneath a flock of red-beaked fire finches in the overhanging branches of a kole tree.
  12. lofters
    • 2009 March 21, Rita Zekas, “DECORITA: Wood I like? Absolutely”, Toronto Star:
      "We get a lot of lofters because of the scale of the pieces; we get designers; we get young couples from Forest Hill and we get people needing stuff for the cottage."
  13. mintiness
    • 2009 March 21, “Beware 'mojito number 3'”, Toronto Star:
      For starters, the mint, while often fresh-looking enough, seems drastically short on mintiness.
  14. molotov
    • 2009 March 21, Raju Mudhar, “Nintendo DS comes of age”, Toronto Star:
      The game also excels in the number of cute minigames sprinkled throughout, including hot-wiring cars, making molotov cocktails and digging through dumpsters for weapons.
  15. muang
  16. niaow
  17. nonanalytical
    • 2009 March 21, Gene Weingarten, “Baby deaths: Tragic failures of memory, not failures of love”, Toronto Star:
      What he has found is that, under some circumstances, the most sophisticated part of our thought-processing centre can be held hostage to a competing memory system, a primitive portion of the brain that is – by a design as old as the dinosaur's – inattentive, pigheaded, nonanalytical, stupid.
  18. recruitees
    • 2009 March 21, “More voices on nanny series”, Toronto Star:
      There seem to be some misunderstanding, however, from the reading public in that some opine that the recruitees are "illegals" who provide unnecessary service to mothers who should otherwise stay home to mind their kids.
  19. skytrain
    • 2009 March 21, Greg Jorgensen, “Bangkok: bursting with fabulous food, great deals”, Toronto Star:
      Sukhumvit soi 3/1, close to the Nana skytrain station, is the gateway to `Little Arabia,' where you'll find Thailand's Middle Eastern community whipping up meals so good you'll think you're in Morocco.
  20. slatey
  21. striploin
    • 2009 March 21, Corey Mintz, “There's a reason Weezie's is packed”, Toronto Star:
      Slices of medium-rare striploin rest on top of black beans spiced with chili powder, cilantro and cumin.
  22. tickertape
    • 2009 March 21, Mitch Potter, “A fresh approach in war on drugs”, Toronto Star:
      But when the Obama administration quietly announced this week it will halt federal raids against dispensers of medical marijuana, advocates of drug policy reform found themselves in a tickertape mood.
  23. triplexes
  24. ums *
    • 2009 March 21, Stephanie Dickison, “BEYOND THE BRICKS: Jane Renwick”, Toronto Star:
      She rarely ums or ahs, but simply restarts a sentence over in a more articulate fashion.
  25. unaired
    • 2009 March 21, ROB SALEM, “Geeks gone wild”, Toronto Star:
      The geek techno-wizards are also the first, foremost and most enthusiastic proponents of illegal downloads, from unaired episodes to first-draft screenplays (Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is currently making the rounds), thus snatching away the bread from the mouths of the very creators they claim to support.
  26. untasty
  27. washlets
    • 2009 March 21, Donna Laporte, “Architect draws global inspiration for universal design”, Toronto Star:
      The company, which is known for its eco-friendly "washlets" – the Japanese version of a bidet – is working with private researchers to make bathroom designs and products more age-friendly.
  28. waterbug
    • 2009 March 21, Dave Feschuk, “Proud papa Curry keeps an eye on college ball”, Toronto Star:
      And Dell's younger son, Seth – another true-shooting waterbug in the mould of Stephen – makes a decent case to watch the mostly unnecessary CIT – the Tournament, don't you know – a 16-team shindig for teams that didn't find a place in the field of the other two tourneys.


  1. facinated = fascinated
  2. lyonnaise
    • 2009 March 21, Corey Mintz, “There's a reason Weezie's is packed”, Toronto Star:
      But if anyone thinks they are cheating death by sneaking in a traditional salad lyonnaise, they are only cheating themselves.
  3. pffttt
  4. malecon
    • 2009 March 21, Allan Ryan, “The drinks are on Papa”, Toronto Star:
      On day three, though, the tide turns after a fine 30-minute walk along the malecon (seawall) to the district known as Vedado.