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(Work in progress. Edits to this page are welcome. The discussion is at Wiktionary:Beer parlour#Collaboration.)

Welcome to the English Wiktionary's (anyone have an idea for a name?). This project attempts to improve the quality of specific words to the level of what could be considered a "perfect" entry. Only one word is worked on at a time, and work continues until there is consensus that the entry is as close to "perfect" as it is going to get. This includes having clear and complete definitions, as many pronunciation guides as possible, audio files, synonyms and antonyms (and a Wikisaurus entry if possible), a good etymology section, pictures (if applicable), example sentences, citations, and large translation tables with as many de-redlinked and well-formatted translations as possible. All meanings of the word in other languages than English must also be raised to the highest quality possible.

During a collaboration, the entry's talk page is used for discussions rather than the Tea Room. A new word will not be started until there is a majority vote including at least five (More? Less? A different system entirely?) contributers that the entry is complete and a new word should be started. See poll below.

Be aware that the scope of this project, to a certain extent, also includes all pages that the entry links to, meaning that translations, rhyme lists, inflected forms, and Wikisaurus entries should also be complete and well-written.

Current Collaboration:
Started on xx-xx-xx


Enter {{subst:support}} or {{subst:oppose}} on next blank line to vote. You may change your vote from "oppose" to "support" by replacing your previous vote with {{subst:support}}. A new word will not be started until a majority including at least five users has voted "support".

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Past collaborations[edit]