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panda with Tabbed Languages, Editor.js, Adddefinition.js, and Targeted Translations enabled

Tabbed languages[edit]

Based on User:Atelaes/TabbedLanguages.js
  • Splits language sections into "tabs". Labels at the top of the page are used to switch between tabs.
  • Table of contents is hidden by default, can be made visible using the "Show TOC" button in the "Visibility" section of the sidebar. TOC appears under the tab bar, only shows subsections of currently selected tab.
  • Categories are sorted into each tab. "(+)" and "(−)" buttons allow adding and removing categories using the WT:EDIT method. Newly added categories are added to the bottom of the selected tab.
  • (Requires adddefinition.js and editor.js to be enabled.) "+" button at the end of the tab bar can be used to add new language sections.


  • Turned on by default.
  • Adds "Add definition" button to the sidebar.


  • Adds "Add image" button to the sidebar.


  • Causes expandable editing options side boxes next to definitions. Options include:
    • (If the definition has a senseid) "Link here". The button is simply a link to the definition.
    • "Edit definition".
    • "Add gloss". Used to add a {{senseid}} template to the beginning of a definition.
    • (If the definition has a senseid) "Edit gloss".
    • "Add example sentence".
    • "Add synonym". (Requires senseid. Not functioning correctly yet.)
  • (If Adddefinition.js is enabled) Adds "Add part of speech" button to the sidebar. Box containing input fields follow the cursor to be placed.


  • Adds "±" buttons to the beginning of example sentences, to allow editing the example sentence.

Rhymes editor[edit]

  • Turned on by default.
  • On pages in the "Rhymes:" namespace, adds input fields to the bottom of lists, that are used for adding words to the list. Also automatically adds {{rhymes}} (and pronunciation sections where necessary) to the entries of each the newly added rhymes upon clicking the save button.

Targeted Translations[edit]

Based on User:Atelaes/TargetedTranslations.js
  • Turned on by default.
  • "Targets" selected languages and brings their translations to the translations bar (the grey area at the top).
    • Translation tables have "Select targeted languages" buttons added to them. Upon being clicked, each translation has a star (with an appearance similar to the "watch" button) added next to it, used for "favoriting" specific languages. Preferences are saved in cookies.


  • For adding synonyms, antonyms, etc. to Wikisaurus entries. Also can edit glosses, add new 'nyms sections. Needs work.


  • Adds "[check]" buttons to the end of {{tbot entry}}s, to remove the template.


  • Adds remove buttons next to each translation to be checked.

Language name to ISO code converter[edit]

  • Adds "Find ISO code" button to the sidebar, for finding a language's ISO code.