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  1. Anyone who brings up the SC conflict in a discussion about something else automatically loses.
  2. SB is allowed to do whatever he wants when it comes to patrolling, in order to prevent complete havoc.
  3. Nobody is allowed to take CFI completely seriously.
  4. By tradition, newbies must be exposed to either Vahag or Opi early on, making sure they lose whatever impression of professionalism they might have received.
  5. The French Wiktionary may not have more entries than enwikt.
  6. Nobody actually wants to permanently get rid of WF, partly because he actually doesn't do nearly as much harm editing as helpful editing, partly because he's everyone, and that leaves nobody who wants to get rid of him.
  7. Anyone who thinks that WP policies can influence Wiktionary is immediately "them" not "us".
  8. The Etymology scriptorium doesn't really exist.
  9. The transliterator bug is eternal.
  10. Nobody is allowed to mention the logo.