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This is not Aramaic- It's English derived from Biblical Hebrew. Aramaic שיול is different from Hebrew שְׁאוֹל, and neither of them is relevant to the pronunciation of English. Not only that, but you copied the IPA template from the Aramaic entry without changing the language code, so it put the English entry in Category:Aramaic terms with IPA pronunciation. Granted, the etymology had the wrong word, but etymology doesn't dictate pronunciation, anyway. Chuck Entz (talk) 13:55, 27 October 2016 (UTC)

Where are you getting this stuff?[edit]

First you add Persian الله, a very well-known Arabic loanword derived from Proto-Semitic, to the "Derived terms" section of an unrelated Persian term that isn't even that close in form, then you replace the etymology for condom with derivation from either of two non-existent Latin words, one of which doesn't look even vaguely Latin to anyone who's actually studied the language. Either you're deliberately planting misinformation, or you're working in languages you know so little about that you don't realize how jaw-droppingly bad your information is. Either way, it has to stop. If I see you putting more obvious nonsense like this in etymologies. I will block you. Chuck Entz (talk) 07:06, 11 November 2016 (UTC)