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You did not add Derived terms (which is a section in its own right--see below). What you added in your edit was additional items to the inflection line. There is absolutely no reson to list other terms on the inflection line unless they are other forms of the same term, such as the plural on an English noun, or the third-person singular present form of an English verb. The inflection line is not the place to plist other terms.

The Derived terms section is reserved for words in the same language as the language on the entry. So, English sirenian is not a "Derived term" from the Translingual Sirenia because it does not fall under the same language. It would be listed in a Descendants section, with the language of the term identified. Please review basic format of entries at WT:ELE. --EncycloPetey 21:55, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

I agree that the written policies at WT:ELE can be very hard to figure out. There are two alternatives I can point you to: (1) I have been maintaining the entries for parrot and listen as model pages for English entry layout. You can usually find an example of how to do basic format on one of those two pages. (2) I have been slowly writing Wiktionary:About Latin, and although it is geared principally for Latin entries (and incomplete), you may find it helps to clarify format and standards better than WT:ELE in some cases.
There are quite a few people around who can help monitor your first edits, but most serious users here are regular contributors who spend the majority of their time writing entries. Most "helpful" comments come in the form of terse statements. This shouldn't be taken the wrong way; the fact that someone here takes the time to communiate with you at all means they believe you have some promise as a useful and productive member of the community. You might try reading Help:Interacting with humans to understand something of how Wiktionary operates differently from other MW communities. There are also only four major discussion areas, and if you watch those, you can keep tabs on all the major discussion here. We tend to restrict discussion to those fora rather than discussing words on individual pages, in most cases. These fora are: WT:TR (etymology & usage), WT:BP (policy & general discussion), WT:RFV (requests for verification), and WT:RFD (requests for deletion). There is also a WT:GP for technical issues. Again, most of the interaction occurs on one of these pages, or else between specific users pn their talk pages. --EncycloPetey 22:55, 7 August 2009 (UTC)