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For this to work as a wiktionary page we need for it to meet WT:CFI. What that means for a newish, basically real, but possibly controversial word like this is that each definition have three citations. Since finding good citations is a bit tedious and has specific requirements that are intentionally hard to meet for new words, it is a good idea to concentrate one's efforts on one or two definitions that are consistent with valid citations. Valid citations have to be in durably archived media, which as a practical matter means something that we can find on Google books, scholar, news, or on usenet (Google groups). One definition should be built around the one book citation in hopes that we can find two other citations. It is unlikely that the word will be in News. That means that most of the support will have to come from usenet. If usage cannot be found outside of scientology-related groups and other material, then the definition should have a tag: {{context|scientology}}. Feel free to contact me on my talk page or by answering on this page. I'll also be looking at the RfV discussion. DCDuring TALK 03:14, 7 September 2008 (UTC)