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Congratulations on your first contribution to Wiktionary! You're right, pronunciation is woefully under-represented for English words here. Here is a summary of the changes that were made to your edit, for your future edification. (1) The Pronunciation section follows the Etymology section. (2) The Pronunciation header needs to be at level 3, not level 2 (i.e. it's ===Pronunciation=== with three equals signs on each side, not two). Only languages are at level 2. (3) Pronunciation lines start with an asterisk. (4) In cases where RP and General American pronunciations are different, please label the accent of the pronunciation given with {{a}}. (5) Unlike Wikipedia, and unlike virtually every IPA-using dictionary I've ever seen, Wiktionary uses /ɹ/ rather than /r/ for the English r-sound. Thanks, and welcome to Wiktionary! —Angr 09:40, 13 September 2012 (UTC)